Five Takeaways from Week Six

Grinch311 · April 25, 2020

Week six was an amazing week of games with the underdogs coming up with wins in a lot of the matchups. Here are five takeaways from the action from week six.

1. the undisputed champions

The Auburn Tigers came into a matchup with Florida State as what seemed to have playoff buzz. The SEC title was at stake in this one also to make things even more exciting. Florida State fought back to take a three point lead early and then extended it to 17. Not a problem though for the unbeaten Tigers, as they reeled off an amazing comeback to win on a go ahead final drive and continue not only a perfect season, but a all but stranglehold on their first SEC crown.


The Cornhuskers have been on a roll as of late and continued with the dismantling of Texas. The score of 48-21 could have been even worse, had Texas not score a couple of late touchdowns. They tried to get back in this one, but the Blackshirts of Nebraska’s defense was just too much. Combine the combo of quarterback Scott Fountain and tailback Dowdy Dowell who have just been juggernauts and Nebraska is on the verge of winning the BIG 10 and a number one seed of their own. If you don’t believe in this team then you need to start.

3. continue to be upset

I hate to use this word, because everyone in this league can beat anyone else on any given game, but the favorites in most of our games went down this week. The ones that didn’t for the most part got a very big scare in their wins also. If you think you have a cakewalk and penciled in win forget about it, you’re going to have to earn every W you get. This has lead to the playoff races becoming even more cloudy and the last two weeks a must watch for every game.


This week three gunslingers continued their insane pace as passing monsters. Leo Asiata lead the way with 450 yards passing as Notre Dame handled Michigan in the final game of the week. Followed by Griffin Jelkic in his come from behind win against Florida State with 415 yards and Clayton Denny and his assault on the passing season with 411. At this pace all three quarterbacks along with Gage Youngblood, Kingston Fox, Jefferson Allen, and Will Slay may pass for over 3,000 yards by the end of season. Secondaries if you haven’t noticed its only going to get harder as we wrap up the next two weeks.


It only took us almost six complete weeks and the last day of games to get one, but we finally have a kickoff returned for a touchdown. Tom Pence of Florida State returned one 99 yards for our first and one of the longest in league history. With that being said the pressure is off and I fully expect a few more before the end of this season.


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