Game Prediction Review: Week 6

BMillz · April 27, 2020

USC 37, Oregon 20

The battle between two, Big Ten heavy weights ended somewhat lopsided. USC took the win despite five of our panelists picking against them.

Florida 37, Clemson 36

Once again we were wrong. Six of the eight predictions where in Clemson’s favor. David got the point margin right with a guess of 28-27 Gators!

LSU 29, Ohio State 36

As David Roy wrote in this game’s verdict: “Perhaps with little to no surprise, the LSU Tigers are given a 7-1 advantage by our analysts for tonight’s contest. But, there’s always a chance, that Ohio State does the unthinkable.”

The 1 of course being Ohio State AD Jimbo Smithers who boldly predicted he would win “A lot to a little”

Alabama 34, Miami 38

Once again six of our eight panelists were wrong. The Hurricanes prevailed after a 4th quarter comeback.

Texas 21, NEBRASKA 48

I would like to take this time to apologize on behalf of myself and my fellow panelists. Over the last three weeks, I believe the Cornhuskers have had one supporter in any game and that was once again Jimbo. He picked the Cornhuskers to win 38-34 but they ended up winning in a much more dominate fashion.

Auburn 38, Florida State 24

For once this week we were right. Six of our eight writers made the bold choice of taking the Undefeated Defending National Champions and it payed off despite a strong start of the game from the Seminoles.

Michigan 24, Notre Dame 51

Only one person chose Michigan and once again Jimbo stood alone. This time it didn’t pan out for him and Notre Dame won by 27 though.

Standings through week 6

1. Horns, 26 (5/7)

2. David, 24 (4/7)

3. Grin, 24 (1/7)

4. OKST, 22 (4/7)

5. Jimbo, 22 (3/7)

6. Russell, 21 (2/7)

7. BMillz, 20 (2/2

8. Jeffmel, 15 (2/7)

9. Nighthawk, 15 (0/5)


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