The Best Case Playoff Scenario for Each Team in the CFSL

David Roy · April 27, 2020

The playoff race is in full swing, and with it, a ton of playoff scenarios. Don’t worry, we’ll give you the top scenario for each team, and if the right pieces fall for some of the…crazy playoff scenarios, we’ll cover them at such a time when they’re far more feasible.


The Big Ten Conference has got a lot of crazy stuff going on, but here’s what you need for the top teams.


Nebraska is the one team in the Big Ten that controls their own destiny. With head to head over USC, the only other 3-1 team. Unlike Auburn in the SEC, Nebraska is far away from being locked into the playoffs. While winning out locks them into the one seed, losing out is almost surely a death sentence for the current favorites. If you’re a Nebraska fan, just take care of business and go get that bread.


USC is in a similar spot to Nebraska. They have only one conference loss and have looked good. However, with two of their toughest games coming up with Notre Dame and Texas, the easiest way to win the Big Ten would require them to win out and Nebraska drop a game. However, if they win out and Nebraska wins out, they would finish second despite having a 5-1 conference record. Luckily for them, a win and they are locked into the playoffs. Expect some playoff football out of Southern Cal.


Texas has been one of the most successful teams in CFSL history. However this season, they are going to need some help to win the Big Ten. The best thing they can do for themselves is, of course, win out. To win the conference, they need Nebraska to really stumble. To just make the playoffs, though, their best bet is to just win this upcoming week against Oregon. Texas has two playoff caliber teams ahead of them, so let’s see if they can find a way.


Notre Dame has looked really good as of late, and is a true contender for the conference crown. Notre Dame is in a special spot where they only have one conference game left. Tonight they play for their conference crown lives against USC, and a win puts them in prime position for it, only needing a loss from Nebraska. Even if they lose, there’s a path to get in, but it’s crazy complex that requires a lot of things to fall just right. Best to just take care of business tonight.


Oregon is in a great spot despite being 2-2 in conference. With games against Texas and Nebraska, winning out gives them huge tiebreakers if they need them down the stretch. While they’re out of the race to win the conference, getting into the playoffs is still at hand. So, Oregon fans, take care of business and everything will work out.



Just win baby. There’s a lot of potential scenarios, but a win over LSU on Friday effectively solidifies the Auburn Tigers as the SEC Champion at 8-0 (6-0) and a 1 seed heading into the playoffs. To be quite honest, the SEC really becomes much clearer if Auburn wins their next two games because it effectively eliminates Alabama and LSU from having much of a chance.


You didn’t think you’d get through an article in which OKST had a hand in writing without Alabama being mentioned did you? Let’s stick to the easy route on this one… Alabama not only gets into the playoffs, but wins the SEC. that’s right… they could go full on Season 6 Texas and come out of nowhere to win the SEC because they’d own all the right head to head tiebreakers. Let that sink in for a hot minute. Truth be told, they’d need a little help for that, but it’s still possible.


Unfortunately for the Gators… by my calculations, the SEC championship is out of reach due to all eventual head-to-head tiebreakers that come up in any favorable scenario. However, Florida is still in a fantastic position to make the playoffs and perhaps be the #2 seed if they get a couple dominoes to fall their way. I think the common theme you’ll notice is that several teams can really boost and help control their scenarios simply by just winning out. It’s so easy right…? Easier said than done in this league.


The Seminoles are out of the running for the SEC, but if they take care of business against LSU in week eight, it really doesn’t matter. After all, that win punches their ticket to the playoffs. There’s a scenario where a loss to Ohio State this week could hurt them, but that’s a long-winded one and requires a lot of things to work out just right or….wrong. Depends on your preference.


Win. Knock off Auburn, take care of business against Florida State and you can breathe easy, at least as far as making the playoffs is concerned. If you’re looking for LSU to win the SEC then, well, that’s a long story, but it’s still possible.


There’s a wild scenario where even Miami can still get in as the three seed. The situation requires a tie with a couple teams they beat head to head and laying it all out will get really messy right now. We can go in further depth on this one in the podcast or at a later time especially once we have a clearer picture next week. In the meantime, just focus on winning those games Hurricanes.


Look, I get the playoffs can be messy, and I understand there’s a lot of potential scenarios. But for each team we’ve listed, because they’re the ones who are still in play by the way, you’ve got your best case scenarios. Except Miami. Y’all need a ton of help on top of taking care of your business. Still, the bottom line is, win the games in front of you, and you should be in good shape.


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