How to Play the Sportsbook.

HornsNation05 · April 28, 2020

Over the past couple weeks, questions have been asked on how to play the SportsBook every season. Well here is your guide to it!


The Sportsbook is a feature for the CFSL that allows you to use fake money to bet on CFSL games. At the end of the season the top winners are given a prize of packs or other things. You start every season off fresh with 5,000. If you lose all your money, it will be refreshed to 2,500.

Each day that there is a game, a SportsBook post is pasted in the Website Content channel around 2pm CST. From then until the game starts, you can place your bets. Ensure to read the lines correctly, ie 100/110. After a bet is placed, you cannot recall that bet. So ensure you pay attention to what you want to pick!

More information on lines can be found here:


1. Create or login into the PX1 Sports website.

2. Once logged in, go to the Sportsbook tab

3. Select the game you wish to bet on

4. Place your wager on betting lines that you think will happen. Here we selected an example. You can set the amount of money you wish to spend. Ensure to pay attention to how much money you have available to wager as well as the Outcome Wager Limits.

5. Place your wager and good luck! You can place a maximum of 2 wagers typically for each game odds. (So if the limit is 2,500 maximum to wager, you can make two bets of 2,500 each).

Sample Game Lines explained:

Team A (-2.5) at Team B

Team A is favored for this game based on a variety of factors. This means that if you select Team A to win this game, they will need to win by 2.5 points. If you select Team B to win this game with +2.5, you add 2.5 points to the score. So if Team B loses by 2 and you had +2.5, you would win. Some games can be a Pick ’em game where you pick either Team A or Team B to win. In the Pick ’em game, either team can win by any amount.

QB Joe Random OVER 324.5 passing yards;

QB Joe Random UNDER 324.5 passing yards

In order to win this bet, Joe Random will need to pass for over 324.5 yards if you select the top odds. If you select the UNDER 324.5 passing yards, he will need to pass for less than that.

WR Joe Example KR TD (5:1)

From time to time you will see an odd like this. This means that typically if you place 100 dollars into this odds, you will win 5x that amount if this odd succeeds. Joe Example will need to return a kickoff for a touchdown. The bookie places these bets at random based on how rare it is. The higher number on the left means how much you will be getting back based on the number on the right. Sometimes there are 50:1 odds, but those would require a minimum of 500 dollars to place that bet.

Team A WINS;


Usually every game will have this bet. You can take Team A to win outright or Team B to win outright. No spread is needed as the moneylines are entered into the odds. For example, if Team A is favored to win with (-2.5), the payout would be for Team A (100/120) and for Team B it would be (140/100)


1. Login into PX1 Sports website and select Sportsbook

2. Select Statistics

3. On the bottom right side you will see a list of logos with Richest Members. From there, find your profile picture and hover over it with your mouse. You should see a number. This is your current balance!

If you have any questions, please let myself, Hornsnation, or Majesty know. This post will be updated regularly for any changes that may occur!

Happy Betting!


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