Week Seven: Ohio State vs. Florida State Previews

David Roy · April 29, 2020

Alright, a break from the conference matchups and it’s between Ohio State and Florida State tonight. There’s a playoff scenario where the win helps Florida State tonight, but it’s REALLY complicated. So instead, here’s what our analysts have got on tonight’s matchup.

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

Ohio State 24, Florida State 31

The ‘Noles are mad about blowing a golden opportunity to get closer to locking in a playoff spot against Auburn and will be looking to take it out on The Buckeyes. With that though Ohio State would like nothing more than to try to pull off another big win against an SEC team. Think the balance of Florida State defense will prove to be just too much.

Jimbo Smithers Predictions:

Ohio State A Lot, Florida state A Little

Well well well, I’m back again and here to drop some K N O W L E D G E on you dear reader. Now, Florida State loves their spear. I have inside knowledge that Ohio State has stolen the spear. Without it, FSU has no weapons and we can pelt them with our nuts. It’s all over Ohio State takes this one handily.

Houston Freeman’s Predictions:

Ohio State 28, Florida State 30

Florida state needs a moral win here after dropping a 17 point lead to Auburn last week. Ohio State needs a moral win just to get a momentum push for next season (by my calculations they’re out of the playoff push). I’m giving Florida State the edge in this one because a team that can get a 17 point lead on Auburn certainly has most of their game figured out, they just need to play a full 32 minutes and close.

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

Ohio state 30, Florida state 27

This is possibly my favorite game of the week purely based on the history between everyone involved in this game. Both coaches are part of the same coaching tree, as Jimbo was an assistant during my time at Texas, and Tom was my assistant coach at The Ohio State. I have a deep respect for both coaches and appreciate everything they accomplished, both during my tenures with them and afterward. As for this season, FSU has had a solid season thus far, but has been touch and go at times on the way to their 3-3 record. Ohio State has really struggled in conference, gaining a 2-4 record with a 1-4 conference record. Based on true talent, it’s hard to go against FSU when matched up against anyone. They’re absolutely loaded on both sides, which is rare in the current state of the CFSL. Despite that, I’m picking OSU to shock the world here. Do I have some awesome in-depth stat or some data model to prove this is likely? Not at all! I could actually show you that FSU has the best defense in the league instead, but that’s not where here for. We’re here to see those weird playoff scenarios get put into play. We’re here for chaos. I love the chaos. Go Bucks!

BMillz’s Predictions:

Ohio State 21, Florida State 31

The Seminoles are playing like one of the best teams in the league right now. They didn’t beat Auburn but they came close. Ohio State is coming off a win but they are stumbling.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:

Ohio State 17, florida state 28

FSU has been on a roll with their defense up until last week against Auburn where they fell late. Ohio State however has struggled this season and this FSU defense is nasty. Jefferson Allen throws three picks and FSU rolls at home.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

Ohio State 28, Florida state 31

The only out of conference game this week and Ohio State is in the game again, this time taking on FSU. FSU almost pulled off the upset against Auburn last week but fell in the final minute. Ohio State finally got their running game going with Adam Fuller. FSU allows only 25.5 pts/game while Ohio State allows 43.5. The key is can Allen manage the football, we haven’t seen that yet. I like FSU close.



Florida State has figured things out. I know, they lost last week, but it was to Auburn who they had dead to rights until Griffin Jelkic did his thing. All due respect to Ohio State and Jefferson Allen, but he is not Jelkic, and Ohio State may have pulled the rug out from under LSU, but don’t bank on them doing it twice.


Six to two, that’s the way our panelists have gone tonight, and Florida State’s the favorite. The question is, can they close the game out this week?


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