Week Seven: Clemson vs. Miami Preview

David Roy · April 30, 2020

It’s a very crucial SEC matchup, and if you look at the records, you may be confused by that statement. After all, Clemson has been eliminated from the playoffs. And there’s the rub. While Clemson is out, Miami is not. Not yet anyways. But a loss tonight would absolutely guarantee that’s the case for the Hurricanes. Here’s our panelists discussing tonight’s action.

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

Clemson 31, Miami 28

Clemson is coming off a tough loss and Miami just pulled off a big win against Alabama. This could be the closest game this week of a pickem, and with that I like the Tigers odds to pull it out.

Jimbo Smithers Predictions:

Clemson 34, Miami 31

Miami’s Marcus Duncan has had a disappointing season ever since he tore up Notre Dame in week one. For Miami to win they need to involve him again. Isaac Krout will say no however, as Clemson rolls with over the Canes with a huge performance the offensive trio of Slay, Jones, and Blazer.

Houston Freeman’s Predictions:

Clemson 41, Miami 40

I see Clemson being just a *slight* underdog here, this game is so close I’m not sure we can even assign the spread on this one. That being said Clemson just seems to be in every close game this season and I think they’re finally gonna get one to fall their way again.

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

Clemson 35, Miami 27

In the grand scheme of things, it’s impossible for either of these squads to make the playoff. Still, there are more things to fight for than a playoff shot. These are the games you can use to learn schemes and re-evaluate your roster. There is no such thing as a wasted game. Both sides have talent on them that can surprise you from time to time. Keep an eye on that Clemson D-line getting solid pressure against Miami’s passing attack. For Miami, watch their secondary play and how they recognize plays right off the bat. I’m giving an edge to Clemson in this game due to their all around offensive competency.

BMillz’s Predictions:

Clemson 24, Miami 27

This is a must win game for the Hurricanes. While they still need a lot to make the playoffs they absolutely have to win this one. That and some matchups against Clemson’s defense puts them over the edge on this one.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:

Clemson 31, Miami 28

A big game in the SEC, Clemson has looked really good this year especially late with their new quarterback. Miami has taken a step back in the SEC but their defense is still something that can stop a train. Will Slay and Company get it done tonight with a close win.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

Clemson 28, Miami 35

Both teams come into this contest with one conference victory on their name. Miami, who many picked to make the playoff, need to win this to keep whatever hopes they had alive. Clemson looking to win this game after many rode them off this season. A weird stat, Clemson has only one takeaway this season. I still like Miami and that vaunted defense.



I’m not willing to bet against the Clemson Tigers. They managed to knock off Alabama on the road, and while Miami did the same last week, Clemson is far more unpredictable. Will Slay is dynamic and his tailback, Dane Jones, is a stud. Miami has the same thing in Jose Bueno and Marcus Duncan, except that Duncan has disappeared from this offense, or been shut down. Unfortunately, the pressure’s been on Bueno and against Clemson, I’m not so sure that’s wise.


Tonight, our panelists are riding with the road team to pull off an upset, much like what Ohio State did to the Seminoles of Florida State. The Clemson Tigers are favored 6-2 by our analysts tonight.


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