Week Seven: LSU vs. Auburn & Michigan vs. Nebraska Previews

David Roy · May 1, 2020

It’s the last night of week seven, but it’s a major night. A win by the Auburn Tigers guarantees that they are the SEC champions for season seven and have a first round bye for the playoffs, and would put LSU in a very difficult spot. Michigan and Nebraska on the other hand is a different nature. While Michigan is out of the playoff hunt, Nebraska needs to win out to win the Big Ten, and a single loss sends that hope to the wayside. Our panelists give their thoughts on both.

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

LSU 28, Auburn 34

I’d like to say Auburn is due for a loss and LSU is the team to do it. But after watching Auburn come back from down 17 to Florida State just looks like they are they team of destiny this season and that loss won’t come this week. Auburn clinches the one seed and the SEC crown for the first time.

Michigan 17, Nebraska 38

Nebraska is one of the hottest teams in the entire league matched up against a struggling Michigan team that is playing to be the spoiler in this game. Like I said last week, the Huskers are for real and until it happens can’t see them slowing down soon.

Jimbo Smithers Predictions:

LSU 37, Auburn 31

It’s that kind of week ladies and gentlemen. LSU is coming in playing for their playoff lives and will give everything to win this. Auburn will come in overconfident and LSU shocks the world. Oh and then Bama wins the SEC next week.

Michigan 45, Nebraska 37

WOAH! Look at this. Michigan is FINALLY going to play like they have the potential too. Dior Chapman goes for 175 and six touchdowns to cement himself in CFSL lore forever. Nebraska makes a late comeback but in line with the early game, the Wolverines shocks the world.

Houston Freeman’s Predictions:

LSU 24, Auburn 32

I’ve only picked against Auburn once this season and the Tigers left Florida in shambles… so I’m not going anywhere near an Auburn upset… until next week. Auburn will wrap up the #1 seed and the SEC with a win. Meanwhile, LSU needs a big win here to really pump up their playoffs odds, but it’s still slim. LSU has the talent to pull this off, but which LSU is going to show up, the one that beat Texas or the one that lost to Florida? If it’s the former then Auburn has got some trouble ahead.

Michigan 17, Nebraska 28

Nebraska seems too hot to handle right now for anyone. I’m interested to see what Nebraska does, now that they’ve got real pressure on them and have a real opportunity to remain in contention for the Big Ten crown. Look for a heavy dose of Dowdy Dowell once again.

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

LSU 24, Auburn 23

Wow. This is a tough one to write about with everything going on, along with the crazy impact this game has on the playoff slate. If there is any team in the league I respect in the league, it’s Auburn. Their continual ability to win over the last few seasons puts them in elite company. But we’re not going to roll over and die just because history says that’s what we should do. This LSU team can do it, and I’m confident that the abilities our core players possess can carry us to victory tonight.

Michigan 30, Nebraska 24

I’m sure that after last week’s drubbing of Texas people are going to flock to Nebraska for this game. It makes sense. That was a dominating performance and they really didn’t do anything special. That’s scary. But here me out for a second: Michigan has a great setup to stop this Nebraska team in its tracks. It’s unlikely, but I feel that Michigan will be able to pull an upset. The team has talent and prowess way above their record.

BMillz’s Predictions:

LSU 28, Auburn 24

LSU is gonna make a statement this game. They are here to make some noise and save Russell’s playoff record.

Michigan 35, Nebraska 31

Michigan can play spoiler this week and I think they will. Linebacker Cletus Castle needs to have a great game but if he can help limit Dowdy Dowell and Scott Fountain I like Michigan to win.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:

LSU 24, Auburn 28

Auburn’s defense is second to none. A hard working group, they nearly lead the league in almost every category or even in top five. LSU is coming off a shocking loss to Ohio State and still are trying to figure out what to do on offense. They need to get Colt involved by any means possible or this will be a long night. Auburn wins and clinches the SEC.

Michigan 28, Nebraska 38

Nebraska has a really good defense that is not often talked about. Blowing out Texas and USC the past couple weeks have given them the keys to the Big Ten title. Tonight can be a trap game for them. Michigan has struggled heavily this year but they did topple Texas early in the season. A solid game plan could catch Nebraska off guard. I don’t see that as Dowell and Fountain roll over the Wolverines.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

LSU 24, Auburn 35

Boy did Auburn have the horseshoe on their side last week. Now they get LSU who is looking to get off the skid they are currently on. Let’s not forget the last time Matt Pack went up against a Connor Russell led squad… I expect better preparation but it won’t matter, Auburn is the better team.

Michigan 27, Nebraska 34

One of the hottest teams in the last 3 weeks have been Nebraska. Beating Ohio State, USC, and Texas. The 3 straight wins moves them all the way up to leading the Big Ten. Now, can Nebraska seal the deal? Michigan is looking to bounce back after 3 straight losses now. The question for this game: Can Michigan shore up that defense? A lot of questions but I got to take the hot team in this one.



I want to be fair. LSU will give Auburn some fits early. After all, the Auburn brand Tigers struggled against Florida State through two and a half quarters. And then Griffin Jelkic happened and a 17 point deficit turned into a four point lead. I anticipate we’ll see a similar tale tonight.


Alright, before you balk hear me out. I love Nebraska, I’ve been one of the biggest supporters of Scott Fountain since the Army-Navy game. Here’s the downside. There’s tape now. There’s a body of work. And with the loss that the Wolverines suffered a week ago? Yeah, they’ll be looking for a big rebound. I think tonight is the night where Nebraska’s run for the conference title hits a wall.


The Auburn Tigers, who are a game away from clinching the SEC, are the 5-3 favorites among our panelists to do exactly that. On the Big Ten side of things, our panelists can’t agree. Half of them are anticipating an upset by the Wolverines, the other half anticipate the Cornhuskers maintaining the pace they’ve been on over the last three weeks.


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