Playoff Scenarios for Week Eight

David Roy · May 4, 2020

Week eight is here, which means the playoffs are a week away. But, the conference titles, and the tied number one seed in each conference, is still up for grabs. And, honestly, there’s still a few playoff spots to be sorted out. Here’s what you need to know for the teams who are still in the hunt.



Nebraska has an opportunity to win the Big Ten after a historic comeback. Just win against Oregon and you’ve got glory forever. Lose, and well… things get muddy. Texas is the driving force, if they win, Huskers get the three seed. If the Longhorns lose, Huskers get the three seed thanks to Notre Dame. The good news is, Nebraska is in no matter what. Just make it easy on yourselves, and win that last game.


Seems like we’re always on the edge of our seats when Texas is mentioned. Crane your neck and listen closely, Texas can still win the Big Ten. We might have a riot if it happens, because the feel good Nebraska story is there, and the return of the Irish story is there, nobody wants a storied newcomer to get another conference title. It goes like this though, if Nebraska loses and Texas wins, then they get the one seed, which would push Nebraska down to the three seed. If both Nebraska and Texas win, they’re the one and two seeds respectively. If Texas loses… they miss out on the playoffs for the first time in a long time.


Notre Dame is back, and I’m not just saying that. They find themselves in a tight window, but they’ve still got a chance at the Big Ten championship. They need the proverbial Nebraska and Texas dominoes to fall their way and they get the one seed. Assuming this doesn’t happen, let’s all have a fun math class. If Nebraska loses and Texas wins we’ve got a three way tie based on conference record. They’ve all beaten each other, so head-to-head doesn’t help here. The next one comes down to overall record which would push Nebraska down to the three seed. So then we go back to head-to-head at which point Texas is the one seed and Notre Dame is the two seed. So, let’s flip it the other way. Nebraska wins and Texas loses. Notre Dame still gets in but as the two seed. Confused yet?


Due to all the tiebreakers, USC’s only chance to make it is if they win against Texas and even then it’s only for a three seed. However, anything can happen in the playoffs. USC showed they were going to be a contender last year when they made the title game, and they’re right back in the thick of things this year. Get the dub, and you’ve got your chance, lose and go home for the rest of the offseason.



The Iron Spoon Bowl is actually the biggest game for the SEC slate this week as the SEC championship is on the line. At 6-1 (4-1 SEC) Auburn is still the favorite to win the SEC and the top seed. With a win here, it’s still the most simple way to head into the playoffs, but also a necessary momentum gaining win for a chance to defend their Season Six title. Also, did we mention it would result in the culmination of Auburn winning their first ever SEC championship?


Alabama’s prayers have been answered. LSU did just enough to keep Alabama’s SEC championship hopes alive last week with a win against Auburn. The Crimson Tide now have an opportunity to flip their seeding from last team in to top dog and win the program’s first ever SEC championship. (Something they were only a win away from last year as well). The Tide will be looking to take Goldie home, and continue their quest to win a Natty.


LSU was on the outside looking in before their game last week, but with a tiebreaker over Auburn they will have earned a two seed if they beat FSU this week. Not to mention, if Alabama wins then Auburn will drop all the way to the three seed. It’s simple, win and you’re in. You know that no matter what else happens, you’re the two seed or you’re out. Which is the spot Auburn found themselves in last season. When’s the last time a team ran by RussellMania missed out on the playoffs? Exactly.

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Another Season Seven expansion team that has a “win and you’re in” mindset. This scenario is almost exactly the same as LSU’s, with one big difference. The ‘Noles lost to Auburn which means if Alabama wins, the ‘Noles get the three seed due to the head-to-head loss against Auburn. If Auburn wins, Alabama drops to 3-3 SEC and the Seminoles are the two seed, which makes Alabama the three seed. Basically, it’s a pick your poison situation for FSU right now because all the teams still in contention for not only the SEC side of the bracket but also the Big Ten all look like championship contenders.


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