Week Eight: USC vs. Texas & Miami vs. Florida Previews

David Roy · May 4, 2020

We’ve entered into the final week of the regular season. And every matchup is either critical or exciting, or both. No exception for tonight’s showdowns. USC and Texas are fighting for a playoff berth while Miami and Florida square off for pride. Here’s our panelists for tonight’s showdowns.

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

USC 28, Texas 35

This game is for a playoff spot in the Big Ten and neither one of these teams wants to be on the outside looking in. USC is coming off a loss to Notre Dame and Texas is coming off a win to Oregon, so momentum is with the Horns going into this battle. I’m going to have to go with the hotter of the two teams with Texas winning by a touchdown.

Miami 31, Florida 28

Here we go to the battle for the Natty Light Belt, and bragging rights over their in state rival. Both teams have had their ups and downs this season, and this game will not only help to end the season on a high note but go towards recruiting next season. Hurricanes edge out Florida in a back and forth rivalry.

Jimbo Smithers Predictions:

USC 24, Texas 38

Texas looked unreal last week and USC looked like a peewee team. But that doesn’t matter. This is rivalry week and nobody is holding back. That being said, Texas is just too good and Clayton Denny’s right arm will lead Texas to the playoffs for the first time in the Big Ten.

Miami 23, Florida 24

The Natty Light Bowl is perhaps one of the more underrated games of the week. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Ever since joining the league together BMillz and Hunkydory have battled every season since on week eight, and it’s been amazing each year. That being said, Hunky takes the belt away and goes home champions of one of the best CFSL rivalries.

Houston Freeman’s Predictions:

USC 31, Texas 45

After starting off red hot, USC has dropped 2 of their last 3 games and find themselves on the outside looking in for a playoff berth. Texas has a slight edge even with the same record as they’ve beaten Notre Dame earlier this season. Texas looks to get hot heading into the playoffs after a convincing win against Oregon last week. I see the Longhorns coming away with this one, especially after USC couldn’t seem to get off the bus last week against Notre Dame.

Miami 32, Florida 30

While both team’s playoff hopes are dashed, this is an incredibly important game to head into the off season with not only team momentum, but also the Natty Light Championship Belt. That’s right y’all it’s another Sunshine State Showdown. FSU has already won the Florida Cup in the Sunshine State Showdown Series, but whoever gets this win is deemed second best of the crappiest state in the union. I’m somewhat sad because it’s Jose Bueno’s last game in Miami before he’s surely to go on to a long professional career as a journeyman back up quarterback alternating between the three Florida teams forever. Happy senior night Cowboy! The Hurricanes can ou-tstyle the Gators on offense, so I think as long as they minimize turnovers they’ve got this one. I like BMillz, and Hunkydory is…well… go Canes I guess. #TheU

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

USC 35, Texas 38

Just when I thought things couldn’t get more exciting, team chaos has to make things get crazy in the final week. At the start of the season, both Texas and USC were looked at as potential playoff favorites due to their obvious talent and coaching prowess. Yet, here we are in week eight where only one can make it in. My biggest takeaway after looking through both teams is just how efficient on defense both sides are. Both rank in the top five in most defensive categories. It’s the offensive turnovers that seem to stop both sides in their tracks. Honestly, I see a ton of similarities between the two sides and call this one a pick em’. Texas has superior receiving talent, so I’m giving them the win in this one.

Miami 30, Florida 27

In the battle for Florida, FSU is already the champion. However, this battle for second place is always a fun rivalry to keep an eye on. After looking at both sides, I think that Florida is the more talented team on paper. However, Miami has a great scheme that they are working on figuring out, plus some guys in key spots. I’m going for Miami in this one.

BMillz’s Predictions:

USC 31, Texas 41

Texas has won three of their last four and all of the games were against likely playoff teams. They are hitting their stride right now. For as much as I like this Trojan team I gotta take the Hot Horns (Trademarked).

Miami 31, Florida 27

The Natty-Light bowl has everything. A quarterback recovering from drugs and excessive sacks, A phantom brother, someone named Barkivious Oswald, the Elusive Florida man, an Ibis, and the best beard in the CFSL. That being said Miami by a million or four.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:

USC 34, Texas 38

Two teams you would have never thought would be in a play in game at the beginning of the season are now here. Texas bounced back after the loss to Nebraska with a big statement win over Oregon. USC forgot to travel to South Bend and were rolled. I don’t see that happening again tonight. Instead we are getting an early playoff battle and a rematch of last season’s semifinal game. I like our chances here.

Miami 28, Florida 31

Natty Lite championship belt on the line for two teams that struggled this season. Florida looked great out of the gates but have since struggled in SEC play. Miami’s defense has done well but their offense has struggled this season. Florida wins this one in overtime by a close margin.


USC 31, TEXAS 38

USC has found themselves stumbling as of late and it’s quite concerning going into a matchup they need to win. At this point, I just feel more confident in Texas as of late and think they’ll take care of business tonight.

MIAMI 21, florida 23

This rivalry game is always played close, and tonight is no different. Both teams are looking to rebound from a loss last week, and the win gives them momentum for an off-season that will be crucial for both teams in order to make a playoff push in Season Eight. I’m banking on the Gators to find an edge tonight.


Unanimously, our panelists anticipate Texas taking care of business tonight. The second game tonight is a bit more…divided. Miami has given the edge, albeit slight. Of our seven panelists, four of them are riding with the Hurricanes and the other three are opting for the Gators tonight. Buckle up kids, week eight is here, and chaos isn’t far behind.


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