Week Eight: Florida State vs. LSU Preview

David Roy · May 6, 2020

This showdown

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

Florida State 31, LSU 28

This game is going to be a back and for one. Both teams know each other too well with Grin learning us Russell at Ohio State. True, LSU looks better on offense but, I’d give the slight edge to Florida State on defense. Should be an instant classic.

Jimbo Smithers Predictions:

Florida state 34, LSU 31

This has the feel of an overtime game. Both have great defenses alongside offenses that are polar opposites between the two teams. LSU has been getting it done in the air and the Seminoles on the ground. While Marriott is great, Lund and Jackson just dominate that ground and lead them to the close win.

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

Florida state 27, LSU 30

This is quite possibly the biggest game of my career. What about the playoffs you ask? Sure, those were important. But this is to make it to the playoffs. Not only do I have the pressure of being in a win and in situation, I have to face a formidable opponent in Tom, whom I worked with at Ohio State. If I could have it my way, we would both be in the playoffs. Alas, that’s not how this works. If I have to be taken down by anyone, I’m glad it’s Tom. Unfortunately for him, though, that’s not what’s going to happen tonight. LSU has our swagger back. For too long this season I moped around and stayed complacent with our mediocre results. It’s time for the Tigers to come back in full force.

BMillz’s Predictions:

Florida State 14, LSU 28

A unit that hasn’t received a lot of praise is LSU’s defense. That’s changing right now. After holding Auburn to 21 points and giving them their first loss in more than a season’s length, the Tigers are going to be clicking on both sides of the ball.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:

Florida state 34, LSU 31

LSU showed last week that they do in fact have an offense around Colt and Gage. Can both of them repeat this week’s performance? Possibly. Beating Auburn is no joke, especially the way that they did it. Florida State, however, has been up and down this season and questions surround their offense, but Jackson looked very poised last week. If FSU can get a couple turnovers and create this game into a defensive battle, they will win. LSU will need to prevent turnovers and come out of the gate strong. I’ll pick the Seminoles here.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

Florida State 42, LSU 41

In the only meeting between these two programs, which was back in season two, Florida State got the win 41-34. LSU is scoring 36.1 pts/game while FSU is just averaging 27.7 pts/game. With both teams fighting for a playoff spot, I expect a rock em, sock em, type of game that is going to give these coaches a heart attack. Connor has the experience while first year AD Tom Pence looks to show that experience isn’t always needed.



Florida State had a slow start to the season and, despite their recent two game skid, have come on strong of late. My concern is, they’ve only had one game to show they’re capable of keeping up with an offense like LSU’s. Sure, they’ve got a great defense, and a secondary that boasts the home of Juan Cantu, Tom Pence, and Kevin Watts. Yes, the Seminoles managed to keep Auburn in check even if it wasn’t the outcome Florida State was hoping for, but LSU is different. They score points as easily as scrambling eggs, and with their offense, they usually leave defenses in a scrambled mess.


Our analysts are incredibly split on this one. How fitting when the final playoff berth in the entire CFSL will be decided upon the outcome of this game. Even so, Florida State has been given the 4-3 edge by our writers. And this game, between student and mentor, which sees the final playoff spot in the league hanging in the balance, there’s no better atmosphere.


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