Notre Dame Player Interviews

Grinch311 · May 17, 2020

I had the privilege of sitting down with three of Notre Dame’s defensive unit and their star quarterback. This is how they feel about the season, playing in the National Title game, and the team they will be facing.

I first sat down with Zeus Williams, safety of the Fighting Irish. First things first, thank you for sitting down with me, I know you have a game to get ready for. Question one what does this mean to you? ” It means a lot! Not just for me but for my team, my teammates, and our organization. After all that we’ve been through we can finally say we made it to the big stage, the National Championship.” How does this rank with all your other accomplishments? “Definitely number one, all other accomplishments that are individual achievements don’t hold the same weight as a team accomplishment like winning the Big Ten conference and the biggest on of them all the National Championship. So this would definitely have to be number one for sure. How do you feel about playing USC again? ” Simple, USC are our rivals and we want to beat them. Nothing less.” Do you think it will be more of the same as last time you played? ” Honestly, it’s usually harder when you play a team for the second time, they adapt to your tendencies so it should be closer.” Okay, last question, other than winning the game what be the perfect ending for you as a player? “Leaving a legacy behind for the next group of players/team to carry on throughout their career as Notre Dame players.#NDPride”

Up next was Jackson Stone: Okay, big question, what does playing in this game mean to you? “It means the world to me. Back in season four when I was a freshman, we were so close to getting to the Natty, but unfortunately we didn’t make it. All the work that we have been putting in has finally paid off. We just have one game left, and I believe that we can win it!” How do you feel about facing USC again? “I hate to count my chickens before they hatch, but I feel good about the game. We have a good game plan that we know works, give or take a few adjustments and I don’t see why we can’t do it again.” What would be the perfect ending to this game for you other than winning it? “I think the perfect ending for me would be the same way I started it, with a pick six. If I could somehow replicate that, that would be the perfect ending to both this game and my career.” Who is the one player for you that is the most dangerous on USC? “In terms of our defense, I would say Kingston Fox. He has been a legend on the field this season, and I expect him to bring is all to the Championship game.It is our goal as a defense to make sure he doesn’t get hot.”

I went on to speak with Shoto Pence, discussing with him what I’ve discussed with his teammates so far. What would it mean to you to be playing in this game? “It’s so cool, I never thought I’d be playing in one and to do it with these guys is even cooler.” How does this rank for you in your career? ” The tops, I thought being nominated for All American was amazing, but this is the highest of highs in our sport and it is always been a bout the team doing it together.” How do you feel about playing USC again? ” Respect them but feel like it will be the same result as last time. We know we are a total team” Ok, sure of your team aren’t you. ” Yes” How does it feel for this to be your last game in a Notre Dame uniform? ” Going to miss this team and hope I do well and help us to win it all.”

Last but not least is Leo Asiata himself. I know it has been a crazy season for you, but what does it mean to you to be playing in this game? “It’s everything I dream about. Everything we have been through lately and having the game we had against Alabama, I am elated beyond belief.” How do you feel about it being USC? “I think the CFSL and its fans are in for a big treat.” Pretty PC answer. Do you think it will be the same result? “For my heart rate yes, but I know they will be prepared for us this time.” Who is the one player that worries you as a Quarterback? “I’d have to say Kaye, he can disrupt a play and can turn momentum in a blink of an eye.” What would be your perfect ending? “Besides winning it, it would be finally seeing Dijon Swann reaching the mountain top. You see players going to different teams to try to get one, but to actually do it is crazy.” Anything else you would would like to add? “Yes, if we aren’t winning the Championship, it’s a lost season for me as a player. Plain and simple.”

Well there you have it folks, The Irish have a lot of respect for USC, but they are focused on winning this game and doing it as a unit of one.


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