Week One: Notre Dame vs. Auburn & Nebraska vs. Florida Previews

David Roy · June 18, 2020

Week one is nearing its conclusion, but not before we see two more exciting matchups. The oldest series in the history of the CFSL, and a rematch of the very first National Championship Game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the rebuilt Auburn Tigers.

The second game features Nebraska and Florida, which was a fantastic game last season and should promise to have similar results this season. It came down to the wire in quarterback Scott Fountain’s CFSL debut and should do so again tonight. Our analysts have got the picks for both games tonight.

Houston Freeman’s Picks:

Notre Dame 50, Auburn 62

Personally, this is the second best game of the week for me. Another Notre Dame-Auburn Classic. After a title game appearance, Notre Dame is looking to replace All-time great wide receiver Dijon Swann and kickstart the offense. Auburn on the other hand, has had all offseason to think about that loss in the semifinals last season. Auburn is still Auburn and for that reason I think the extra four minutes of game time will allow their offense to drop 60 for the first time this season.

Nebraska 32, Florida 42

Florida… they really did themselves dirty last season by going 3-0 and finishing 3-5. I think that locker room is going to be looking for vengeance. This is a team that looks scary to me on paper, and I can’t wait to see if they’re able to invert their record this season and make the playoffs. Nebraska still has quarterback Scott Fountain, and I’m predicting he will continue to be majestic to watch. I’m excited to see HexMafia in his first season as an AD as well.

Matt Pack’s Picks:

Notre Dame 28, Auburn 38

Who exactly did you think I was gonna pick here? Notre Dame returns Offensive Player of the Year, quarterback Leo Asiata, and a defense that’s made it to the National Championship game last season. Auburn has an almost entirely new team. I can’t go against my Tigers though.

Nebraska 27, Florida 28

First year AD HexMafia leads his Huskers into Gainesville to take on a Gator team that showed great improvement last season. I think these are two of the best defenses in the league, and the final score will attest to that. I give Florida a slight edge at home, but Big Red could easily steal this one.

Tom Pence’s Picks:

Notre Dame 35, Auburn 45

It seems like just yesterday that Notre Dame was playing and the National Championship. Some of the faces have changed, but quarterback Leo Asiata is still there, and that means the air attack should still put up points. Auburn, on the other hand just decided to reload from an already stacked team graduating. They hit gold in not only the transfer portal but had a great recruiting class. With that said I think The Irish hand in for a while, but will fade late as the Tigers pull away.

Nebraska 24, Florida 27

This is going to be a defensive slugfest. Nebraska has in my opinion the best defense in the league and Florida’s defensive line looks even better than last season. These are the kind of games I live for defense rules! I expect running back Bentley Jones to get going early, but quarterback Scott Fountain will be too. Second half belongs to the defense and comes down to a late Florida field goal.

Squidy’s Picks:

Notre Dame 21, Auburn 38

Auburn is a team that people expect to make the playoffs and have a shot at the championship. While they lost a lot of players they were able to replace them just fine. Notre Dame was a team that made it to the finals last season but ultimately fell short. For Notre Dame to return to glory they will need quarterback Leo Asiata to be better than last season as they are without all time great wide receiver Dijon Swann. Auburn will win this one by at least two scores because of huge defensive play by linebacker Isaiah Fowler and safety Peyton Miles.

Nebraska 21, Florida 24

Defense, Defense, Defense. Nebraska has one of the most talented defenses in the league and have the opportunity to have one of the best offenses in the league. We saw last season how quarterback Scott Fountain was able to completely dominate games alongside former running back Dowdy Dowell. This season they were able to replace him with running back Casey Bronco, and they were also able to get some talent at wide receiver. Florida while not getting a great class picked up a guy from Canada who can play tight end or defensive end, Casen Dinwoody. Dinwoody and Florida quarterback Mathias St. John will be the keys for them this season if they want a playoff spot. But in week one I think its a toss up. It will be a defensive battle and the team who has the ball last will likely win.

David Roy’s Predictions:

Notre Dame 24, Auburn 35

Replacing Dijon Swann isn’t easy. You can’t just bring anybody in. That said, Notre Dame believes they’ve found the guy in receiver Austin Gombas, who will look to have the same chemistry with now senior quarterback Leo Asiata. The problem is, Auburn rebuilt their offense and is determined to keep the reigning Offensive Player of the Year on the sideline. Give me the home team to even up this series.

Nebraska 21, Florida 27

I’ll be honest, I like what both teams have done in the offseason, but I have scheme fit concerns with the Cornhuskers. Regardless, quarterback Scott Fountain can make highlights appear out of thin air even against a good defensive line. I’m just not sure their offense can keep up with the firepower that Florida’s working with. I’ll take the Gators at home.

The Verdict:

Well, this is awkward and possibly worrying for some teams. Our analysts are in complete agreement all across the board other than the score. All five are riding with the Auburn Tigers and the Florida Gators to take care of business, and they’re either all going to look like geniuses or one of these games may make them look foolish tonight.


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