Week Three: Alabama vs. Florida & Auburn vs. Miami Previews

David Roy · June 30, 2020


We take you to SEC for continued week three action with two fantastic games. Florida and Miami both are looking to remain among the ranks of the unbeatens. But with some changes being to made for both Auburn and Alabama’s offenses, will that be the case? The Tigers and the Crimson Tide are looking to shake up the SEC tonight.

Houston Freeman’s Predictions:

Alabama continues to demonstrate that the triple option can be deadly… as long as you’ve got the depth. The return of quarterback Balion Siege will improve the Tide’s depth and give them the spark they need to get their first win if the year. Florida sits at 2-0, but with two narrow one point victories they’ve got to figure out how to separate themselves from the pack. In my opinion, the edge goes to the Tide’s defense in this one, and will be the deciding factor.

Alabama 36, Florida 31

Miami is just heating up, and it looks as if their offense is locked in for the season. Auburn is still struggling to get things rolling even after a victory over Nebraska. Something tells me it’s Hurricane season.

Auburn 24, Miami 35

Matt Pack’s Predictions:

The return of Seige can’t be overstated in importance for this Bama flex bone attack. Barron Addams will also move back to his natural position at receiver. Florida has looked great on defense all season, but we are about to see what this Bama offense is really capable of.

Alabama 35, Florida 21

Yes, I’m partial. Miami is a fantastic team on both sides of the ball. Auburn finds a way to pull it off late.

Auburn 28, Miami 24

WorldClassMatt’s Predictions:

Alabama will do what it has done so far this season. It will get off to a hot start then fall off in the second half with their rusty quarterback. They don’t have an answer for Florida’s threats either. Florida stays undefeated.

Alabama 14, Florida 36

Miami comes into this crucial conference game riding a high note being undefeated. While Auburn will keep up, Miami will exploit the weaknesses of the Clemson defense. Miami looks to walk away from this one mostly unscathed.

Auburn 38, Miami 45

David Ware’s Predictions:

Im excited to see Alabama’s offense with their quarterback returning. Baron Adams will now play receiver and I believe that will add a new wrinkle to the game plan. I expect more points out of Alabama and I expect Moon to be beneficiary of Siege and Adams both being in the field. For Florida I expect Dinwoody and Mock to be ready for it. Florida’s defense and Mathias St. John’s effluence will lead Florida to the victory.

Alabama 28, Florida 35

After a defensive battle against Nebraska last week Auburn’s opens up conference play against the powerful defense of Miami. Ron Newman and Isiah Fowler have brought new energy to a storied CFSL program. Newman has struggled some, but has ice water in his veins and is clutch. Fowler has been a beast for Auburn with 19 tackles last week against Nebraska. On the other side of the ball Miami is stacked on offense and defense. Duncan and Richardson will both be candidates for Offensive Player of the Year as Isaac Krout is tearing it up on defense. Miami’s offense will be too much for Auburn’s defense as Miami will move to 2-0 in conference play.

Auburn 28, Miami 48

Squidy’s Predictions:

Balion is back baby! I think bama would have won last week if they had their quarterback Balion Siege. He is going to make a huge difference to this offense. Florida who barely missed the playoffs last season have started out 2-0 with both their wins being by one point. I think the Tide will jump out to an early lead but Florida will fight back and improve to 3-0.

Alabama, 21, Florida 31

Lord am I excited for this one. Both teams coming off of close games separated by one score. (Doma paid the refs) All jokes aside I think this game will be very similar. Auburn quarterback Ron Newman is going to have his break out game and the Hogs offense will take its full form. I got Auburn on the road.

Auburn 45, Miami 38

Dorian’s Predictions:

A classic rivalry as the past two meetings came down to the wire. Alabama looked good last week, getting USC into overtime but not able to claim victory. Meanwhile, Florida is coming off an impressive last second win of their own. The good news for Bama is the return of Balion Siege to add a dose of lethal to an already deadly triple option. While Florida’s Mathias St. John looks good running the ball himself. Expect Alabama to be hungry coming off a loss to USC, but I see Florida taking the game late thanks to big games from both St. John and linebacker Wyatt King.

Alabama 27, Florida 34

Both teams coming off with a win. Auburn came off a late victory against Nebraska. While on the other hand, Miami comes in with a controversial win against Florida State given the missed call on the late touchdown by the Seminoles. I expect this game to be a defensive battle as both team makes mistake, but I see Newman going down on the final drive of the game to win it in a low scoring affair.

Auburn 13, Miami 10

David Roy’s Predictions:

Alabama weathered the storm, and now the kid gloves come off. They’ve been in every game this season, but now, the true signal-caller in Balion Siege is back under center. As good as Florida’s defense is, the offense for Alabama has changed immensely with Siege’s return, and I’m not sure the Gators are ready for it.

Alabama 35, Florida 24

Auburn is making changes to the offense, in the hopes that they can actually start scoring points and capitalizing on turnovers. Miami, on the other hand, looks to the be champions of the SEC. While I believe Auburn, with their changes to the offense this week, will put up a good fight, I believe the Hurricanes take home the win by way of Axton Richardson and Blaze Gunner.

Auburn 35, Miami 38

The Verdict:

One of the last undefeated teams in Florida has been given the nod to remain that way, but our analysts are split. Florida was given the 4-3 favor of the win tonight over the triple option attack that sees Balion Siege take the helm for Baron Adams.

Our second game isn’t much different, as our analysts continue to ride with the unbeatens in a split decision. The Hurricanes are selected to win, but it’s 4-3 from our analysts, and the changes that Auburn has made under a veteran Athletic Director means we could see an upset in one if not both games tonight.


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