Auburn/Florida State Sanctioned for Recruiting Violations

admin · July 18, 2020


NEW BRAUNFELS, Tex — The Collegiate Football Simulation League announced today that two teams have incurred penalties for in-season recruiting violations. Both Auburn and Florida State exceeded the recruiting cap this season and will receive point deductions for Season 9. In addition, the players who put the teams over the cap will have to be released and re-enter recruiting.

Auburn pierced the cap with the recruitment of both linebacker Hunter Fidler and tight end Kyle DeLuca. The oversight by the Tigers’ coaches will cost Auburn both players this season as well as 12 recruiting points in Season 9. Fidler had recently been filling in for the suspended Isaiah Fowler while DeLuca had just joined the team.

Florida State, meanwhile, exceeded the cap by signing linebacker Alvis Knotts. The Seminoles will lose Knotts this season and incur a six point recruiting penalty in Season 9.

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