Week Five Power Rankings

David Roy · July 20, 2020


Week five is down, and that means there’s only three weeks left in the regular season. Here’s our power rankings thus far.

1. (NC) Texas Longhorns (5-0)

Last Week – W 23-21 vs. Ohio State

This Week – Tuesday, July 21st 7:00 CST @ USC

Texas is the last of the undefeated teams in the CFSL. This week, Ohio State pushed Texas to the brink, but was unable to finish them off. Texas escaped with a 23-21 victory and remains on the top of the power rankings. Texas travels to USC in a huge Big Ten clash that has major playoff implications.

2. +2 Miami Hurricanes (4-1)

Last Week – W 33-30 vs. Florida

This Week – Monday, July 20th 7:30 CST @ Clemson

Miami jumped two spots this week as it came off an incredible and outstanding performance against the Florida Gators. This week, they are on the road against the Clemson Tigers, and are hoping Texas loses so they have a shot at the number one spot.

3. (NC) Florida Gators (4-1)

Last Week – L 30-33 vs. Miami

This Week – Wednesday, July 22nd 7:00 CST @ Oregon

The Florida Gators stay put at number three this week despite a close loss to the Miami Hurricanes. The Gators are in a great spot, and ready to avenge their loss heading into week five against a struggling Oregon team on Wednesday night.

4. +2 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (4-1)

Last Week – W 22-19 vs. Alabama

This Week – Tuesday, July 21st 8:30 CST @ Michigan

Notre Dame jumped two spots after they picked up a non conference win against Alabama, but it was not easy. At halftime they were up 16-6 and Alabama came storming back, but Notre Dame held them off 22-19 to pick up their 3rd straight win.  They are currently second in the Big Ten and they are set to face Michigan, who is coming in on fire after their first win of the season!

5. +2 Auburn Tigers (3-2)

Last Week – W 42-26 vs. Clemson

This Week – Wednesday, July 22nd 8:30 CST vs Florida State

Auburn gains two spots in our rankings this week after a 42-26 win against Clemson, pushing them higher up than Clemson in the rankings despite one extra loss. This week, Auburn is back at home against a Florida State team that is looking to turn their season around and get back to winning.

6. -4 Clemson Tigers (4-1)

Last Week – L 26-42 vs. Auburn

This Week – Monday, July 20th 7:30 CST vs Miami

Clemson took the biggest drop we’ve seen in a while after a staggering defeat against the Auburn Tigers. Clemson loses four spots, however still find themselves tied for the lead in SEC play. This week, the 4-1 Tigers are at home against the number two team, the Miami Hurricanes.

7. -2 USC Trojans (3-2)

Last Week – L 35-39 vs. Nebraska

This Week – Tuesday, July 21st 7:00 CST vs Texas

USC loses two spots in the rankings after giving up 26 points in the 4th quarter to Nebraska and allowing them to complete the comeback win 39-35 and Burks threw his first interception of the season in the loss. USC is sitting third in the conference with a strong shot to control their own opportunity at a playoff appearance and to repeat as first ever back to back CFSL Champions. This week they face a very strong Texas team at home.

8. +3 Nebraska Cornhuskers (2-3)

Last Week – W 39-35 vs. USC

This Week – Thursday, July 23rd 7:00 CST @ Ohio State

Nebraska climbs three spots and is feeling good coming into week six after a 26 point fourth quarter comeback to beat conference rival USC. The Cornhuskers are sitting at 2-3 and have some work cut out if they are going to make a playoff run. This week they square off against Ohio State in a huge must win game!

9. +1 Florida State Seminoles (2-3)

Last Week – W 38-35 vs. LSU

This Week – Wednesday, July 22nd 8:30 CST @ Auburn

The Seminoles rose one spot this week after a close win against the LSU Tigers. Florida State will be looking to build on that win and find another tough win against the number five team, the Auburn Tigers, this week in conference play.

10. -2 Ohio State Buckeyes (2-3)

Last Week – L 21-23 vs. Texas

This Week – Thursday, July 23rd 7:00 CST vs Nebraska

Ohio State lost a heartbreaker to Texas this week and fell two spots. They gave them a fight and lost 21-23 and are currently sitting at 2-3. This week, they face off against 2-3 Nebraska in a must win game. If they play like they did against Texas, they should be in good shape.

11. -2 Oregon Ducks (1-4)

Last Week – L 21-24 vs. Michigan

This Week – Wednesday, July 22nd 7:00 CST vs Florida

Oregon dropped two spots in another close game, losing to Michigan 21-24. This has definitely not been the season Oregon was hoping for even though they are loaded with talent. This week, they get to square off against the 4-1 Florida Gators. What better way to rebound then to knock off a top tier team.

12. (NC) Michigan Wolverines (1-4)

Last Week – W 24-21 vs. Oregon

This Week – Tuesday, July 21st 8:30 CST vs Notre Dame

Michigan got their first win this week as they beat Oregon in a close battle 24-21. Can they ride this wave of momentum as they face Notre Dame at home?  How exciting would it be to see if Michigan can play their way to a playoff spot after a slow start?  In this league anything is possible!

13. (NC) LSU Tigers (0-5)

Last Week – L 35-38 vs. Florida State

This Week – Thursday, July 23rd 8:30 CST @ Alabama

The LSU Tigers stay put at the number 13 spot in our rankings, coming off a three point loss to the Florida State Seminoles. LSU seems to be able to hang with the big guys, they just can’t seem to get that first win to help their season. This week, they are heading to battle the only other winless team, the Alabama Crimson Tide.

14. (NC) Alabama Crimson Tide (0-5)

Last Week – L 19-22 vs. Notre Dame

This Week – Thursday, July 23rd 8:30 CST vs LSU

Again finding themselves at the bottom this week is the Alabama Crimson Tide. They remain at the last spot on our rankings, and are extremely focused on their next game against the LSU Tigers. Whoever loses this game is out of playoff contention, so look for both of these teams to be fighting for that victory.


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