Week Six Power Rankings

Itzz_AoS · July 27, 2020


Week six has come and gone and that means we have new set of power rankings. Some of which should surprise you!

1. (NC) Texas Longhorns (5-1)

Last Week – L 21-31 vs. USC

This Week – Tuesday, July 28th 7:00 CST vs. Nebraska

Texas lost their first game of the season this past week against a 4-2 USC team. Even though they suffered this loss, they are still ranked the number one team in our Power Rankings. This week, Texas is at home against a Nebraska team who is hungry for wins to keep their playoff hopes alive.

2. +4 Clemson Tigers (5-1)

Last Week – W 31-15 vs. Miami

This Week – Monday, July 27th 7:30 CST @ Florida

Clemson had the biggest jump this week, up to the number two spot. This is a scary team, and they will be putting that to the test against a very tough Florida Gators team. Clemson has a half game advantage in conference play, however, this game has major implications for who might get the first round bye.

3. +1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (5-1)

Last Week – W 31-20 vs. Michigan

This Week – Thursday, July 30th 7:00 CST vs. Oregon

Notre Dame jumped 1 spot after they picked up a conference win against Michigan, but it was not easy. They are currently 2nd in the Big10 as they are set to face Oregon, who is coming in on fire after beating Florida.

4. -2 Miami Hurricanes (4-2)

Last Week – L 15-31 vs. Clemson

This Week – Thursday, July 30th 8:30 CST @ Ohio State

Miami lost two spots this week as it came off a tough loss against the Clemson Tigers. This week, they are on the road against Ohio State. Miami is clinging on to the third playoff spot in the SEC. They shouldn’t have to be worried (yet), with Auburn right behind them.

5. +2 USC Trojans (4-2)

Last Week – W 31-21 vs. Texas

This Week – Wednesday, July 29th 7:00 CST vs. Michigan

USC knocked off the number one rated team, the Texas Longhorns. USC jumps two spots this week to our number five spot. Burks unfortunately threw his first interception of the season in the loss. USC is sitting 3rd in the conference with a strong shot to control their own opportunity at a playoff appearance and to repeat as first ever back to back CFSL Champions. This week they face Michigan at home.

6. -3 Florida Gators (4-2)

Last Week – L 47-50 vs. Oregon

This Week – Monday, July 27th 7:30 CST vs. Clemson

The Florida Gators lose three spots this week because of a close loss to the Oregon Ducks. The Gators are in a decent spot sitting at number two in the SEC, and ready to avenge their loss heading into week five against a powerhouse team in Clemson.

7. +2 Florida State Seminoles (3-3)

Last Week – W 30-16 vs. Auburn

This Week – Wednesday, July 29th 8:30 CST vs. Alabama

The Seminoles rise two spots this week after a blowout win against the Auburn Tigers. Florida State will be looking to build on their two game win streak and find an easier opponent this week in Alabama.

8. -3 Auburn Tigers (3-3)

Last Week – L 16-30 vs. Florida State

This Week – Tuesday, July 28th 8:30 CST @ LSU

Auburn loses three spots in our rankings this week. They now see themselves on the outside looking in being half a game out of playoff contention. This week, Auburn is back on the road against an LSU team that is looking to turn their season around after their first win and try to salvage their season.

9. +1 Ohio State Buckeyes (3-3)

Last Week – W 33-24 vs. Nebraska

This Week – Thursday, July 30th 8:30 CST vs. Miami

Ohio State won a close game against Nebraska this week and gained a spot in the Power Rankings. Ohio State is half a game back on the playoff contention race, and are looking for a win against Miami this week to bolster their resume.

10. +1 Oregon Ducks (2-4)

Last Week – W 50-47 vs. Florida Gators

This Week – Thursday, July 30th 7:00 CST @ Notre Dame

Oregon gained a spot in another close game after beating Florida by three points. This has definitely not been the season Oregon was hoping for even though they are loaded with talent. They get to square off against the 5-1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Still trying to salvage their season, with a slight glimmer of playoff hopes, but the Ducks would need to win out.

11. -3 Nebraska Cornhuskers (2-4)

Last Week – L 24-32 vs. Ohio State

This Week – Tuesday, July 28th 7:00 CST @ Texas

Nebraska loses 3 spots this week in our rankings. The Cornhuskers are sitting at 2-4 and have some work cut out if they are going to make a playoff run. However, they are tied in their conference with USC (4-2 overall). Remember, it goes by conference record, not overall record!  This week they square off against Texas in a huge must win game!

12. (NC) Michigan Wolverines (1-5)

Last Week – L 20-31 vs. Notre Dame

This Week – Wednesday, July 29th 7:00 CST @ USC

Michigan is back in the losing column after a crushing defeat against Notre Dame. The story of the season for the Wolverines has been the offense’s struggles to put points on the board, and Tanner Jones turnovers. Michigan is almost guaranteed to be locked out of playoff contention, so they are playing for pride at this point.

13. (NC) LSU Tigers (1-5)

Last Week – W 55-45 vs. Alabama

This Week – Tuesday, July 28th 8:30 CST vs. Auburn

The LSU Tigers stay put at the number 13 spot in our rankings, coming off their first win of the season against the Alabama Crimson Tide. In the battle of the winless, the defenses were nowhere to be found, with the offenses racking up 100 points in total! This week, LSU takes on Auburn.

14. (NC) Alabama Crimson Tide (0-6)

Last Week – L 45-55 vs. LSU

This Week – Wednesday, July 29th 8:30 CST @ Florida State

Again finding themselves at the bottom this week is the Alabama Crimson Tide. They remain at the last spot on our rankings, and are also playing for pride at this point. This week, they are looking to ruin the playoff hopes of the Florida State Seminoles.


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