Top Three Stories for the Season Eight National Championship Game

David Roy · August 15, 2020


The culmination of an impressive season, a season spent proving that your team is the best, that your team deserves a seat at the table. A season spent facing your conference foes, running the gauntlet to make the postseason. Once in, your quest is not over. The two and three seeds of each conference have to try and run the gauntlet, which ultimately leads to conference champions who must be beaten just to make the National Championship Game. Well, except for this season.

1) Historic National Title

The game to determine the National Champions of season eight is a historic one for a myriad of reasons. First of all, it’s the very first time in CFSL history that the National Championship Game features the two conference champions of that season, at least during the playoff era. The two one seeds in each conference have made it to the National Championship game and face each other, the first time in the playoff era that this has happened. This game will also feature our first two-time National Champion. It is also the first National Championship game in the playoff era that does not have a team who made it to the National Championship game in the previous season.


2) The Rivaled Chapter

Texas and Clemson entered into the league together back in season three, with both teams changing the recruiting game that offseason, and it led to the two teams having the best recruiting classes of the season, led to two fantastic brands being built. They both brought in veteran quarterbacks, highly touted signal-callers who had impressive freshman seasons. Fast forward five seasons from their first meeting and you’ll find that things have changed. Texas has got a freshman under center, and the Tigers have the veteran Will Slay leading them. But, both offenses are explosive, as evidenced by their week eight showdown where they combined for 99 points. Texas is always saying they’re back, but this rivalry is back in the spotlight, and it’s better than ever.


3) Hero of the Hour

You’ve heard me say, “heroes are made in the playoffs” but it’s time we expand that a little further. Heroes are made in the playoffs, legends are born in the National Title. Going into Sunday, there’s some big names who can carve out a legend. Clemson quarterback Will Slay can build and add to his legend, adding to his repertoire. Texas quarterback Vito Pipino can cap off an already impressive season, installing the first chapter of his legend and legacy. Or, Clemson receiver Dorian Chase-Miller can build off his impressive semifinals performance and aim towards crafting his legacy, a name that can be cemented into the record books of the CFSL going forward.


In short, the CFSL National Championship game is going to be one of the biggest games of the season, potentially one of the biggest games of the last eight seasons. Season eight will officially come to a close, and we will crown a champion between the two rivals from season three.


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