Season Eight Final Power Rankings

Itzz_AoS · August 18, 2020


1. (NC) Clemson Tigers (9-1)

Last Week – W 49-37 vs. Texas

This Week – National Champions.

Clemson pulled the impossible off and defeated Miami and Texas twice this season to win the Season Eight Championship and are the first team to win multiple championships. Don’t look now, but they have a great team and will be early preseason favorites to repeat!

2. (NC) Texas Longhorns (8-3)

Last Week – L 37-49 at Clemson

This Week – Season is Over

Texas made it to the championship game and fell just short, though they did take some hardware home during the awards ceremony. Texas will be ready for next year and will be a force.

3. (NC) Notre Dame Fighting Irish (7-1)

Last Week – L 20-37 vs. Texas

This Week – Season is Over

Notre Dame was not able to get retribution against Texas in the playoffs, but they definitely showed that they have a great team. Depending on who is at QB1 next season, ND will have a chance to make another playoff run.

4. (NC) Miami Hurricanes (5-3)

Last Week – L 20-34 at Clemson

This Week – Season is Over

Miami was able to get their first ever playoff win, but they were unable to get past Clemson again. Their roster is deep and only losing a few players with one being MLB David Ware to Alabama as an AD. I expect Miami to make another playoff run next season.

5. (NC) Ohio State Buckeyes (5-3)

Last Week – L 29-36 vs. Miami

This Week – Season is Over

Ohio State beat their rivals, which means their season wasn’t a failure, but they did fall short in the playoffs, failing to best Miami for the second time in three weeks. Still, this Buckeye team is young and in prime position to return to the playoffs next season with some tweaks.

6. (NC) Florida State Seminoles (4-4)

Last Week – L 30-40 vs. Notre Dame

This Week – Season is Over

Florida State struggled at times this season, but by turning things up at the right time, they managed to work themselves into the playoffs, but struggled keeping up with the Notre Dame offense. Their lack of firepower would be something that needs to be addressed in the offseason if they hope to keep pace with the more high-powered offenses in the league.

7. (NC Florida Gators (4-4)

Last Week – L 52-58 at Florida State

This Week – Season is Over

Heartbroken is a word I would use to describe Florida Gator players and fans after starting 4-0 only to lose the next four. Losing to rival FSU knocked them out of the playoffs, but they have plenty to look forward to in season 9. That defense is scary as it is, but they need more in the secondary, especially with corner Dakota Wolf graduating.

8. (NC) USC Trojans (5-3)

Last Week – L 24-26 at Notre Dame

This Week – Season is Over

USC was once in the driver seat of their playoff destiny. Had they beat Notre Dame, they would have been the two seed in the Big Ten and looking good for a shot at repeating as champions. They are a very young team who has a lot of promise, and should be ready to compete next season, but they need to resolve their offense.

9. (NC) Auburn Tigers (3-5)

Last Week – L 24-45 vs. Alabama

This Week – Season is Over

Not the way Auburn anticipated their season to go, and it was an insult to injury to lose to rival Alabama. Not all is lost for Auburn as they have plenty to look forward to going into next season! I look for Pack to have Auburn back in the playoffs next season.

10. (NC) Nebraska Cornhuskers (3-5)

Last Week – W 41-27 vs. Oregon

This Week – Season is Over

Nebraska ended their season on a high point and beat Oregon in a big time win. This win was a little too late to make a difference in their playoff hopes unfortunately. Nebraska is going into next season with some big holes to fill, especially at the quarterback position.

11. (NC) LSU Tigers (2-6)

Last Week – L 34-41 vs. Miami

This Week – Season is Over

LSU started the season 0-5 and almost made the playoffs. Had they beat Miami, they would have been in the first round this week. Voodoo is on the verge of something really big there at LSU. It will be exciting to watch.

12. (NC) Oregon Ducks (2-6)

Last Week – L 27-41 at Nebraska

This Week – Season is Over

Much like Auburn, this season has not been as Oregon envisioned. They end the season in a loss to Nebraska. They have a great AD and great talent, and I expect them to re-tool and be ready for next season. 

13. (NC Alabama Crimson Tide (2-6)

Last Week – W 45-24 at Auburn

This Week – Season is Over

Alabama finished the season strong after a rough start. It always helps when you are able to beat your rival school as they did on the road this week. Watch out for them next season as they continue to develop.

14. (NC) Michigan Wolverines (1-7)

Last Week – L 20-27 at Ohio State

This Week – Season is Over

Losing to a rival is never easy, and this year was even harder for Michigan. Their record does not do them justice as they easily could be 5-3 and in the playoffs. Alan is an experienced AD who will make adjustments and turn this program back around. 


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