Oklahoma State: Loyal and True

David Roy · August 23, 2020


Loyal and True

On the southeast edge of Green Country, there’s a town that was built on the backs of pioneers who once endured the hardships of starting life over on the harsh plains in Oklahoma’s first landgrab. I imagine those pioneers would have done just about anything necessary to overcome the long odds of their vision for a successful family and future. Stillwater and Oklahoma State are synonymous because the truth is, you don’t have one without the other. Stillwater’s first residents helped instill the values that Oklahoma State empowers their student athletes with to this very day. They’re gritty, they work hard, overcome insurmountable odds, and stay loyal to their town, university, and their colors. America’s Brightest Orange isn’t just a color, it’s a mindset for Cowboys to always remain positive, and work towards the brightest future. Lastly, those student athletes remain true to their hearts and their values no matter what the situation presents.

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

As a child I attended several games to Boone Pickens Stadium, I’ve chanted OR-ANGE… POW-ER, cheered as Bullet and the Spirit Rider streaked across the field, hit the walls with the paddle people, and sang the Alma Mater after each victory. I bleed Orange. I have a cupboard full of Eskimo Joe’s cups, I wear orange on Fridays, and my literal discord name is OKST56. I’ve watched my dad (an alumni) grow his life with Oklahoma state values, listened to every Garth Brooks song, and witnessed Rickie Fowler blow far too many putts; and no matter how many times the Pokes may have lost they never let me down because they stayed loyal and true to Oklahoma State. They showed back up the next week, and began the pursuit of excellence once again. So, my heroes have always been Cowboys. I get to represent this team for the first time as Athletic Director in this league. I think that with this team I can bring the life, the values, and the gameday experience with it. I have

Go Pokes

Oklahoma State has a chance to start fresh in the CFSL as a Season 9 expansion team, and with them they bring one of the most electrifying gameday experiences. The uniform combinations alone will help increase excitement across the league. As fun as it is to hear the air suck out of the stadium each time the crowd chants Orange Power, and the excitement of the broadcasters as they proclaim Pistols Firing after a touchdown nothing compares to being able to throw guns up and cheer “Go Pokes!” to a fellow Cowboy. The opportunities are limitless for rivalries in the CFSL. The mentor-mentee relationship between Texas AD Jooby and current Oklahoma State AD OKST56 could spark something strong in the Big 10. Another potential unofficial rivalry could be with USC as current recruiting coordinator Dorian and OKST56 have history that goes back several seasons to their time at Alabama as freshman players. Texas A&M has been added as well to the SEC, and traditionally expansion teams tend to develop some bitterness towards each other as they fight for the limelight in their inaugural seasons. Lastly, there’s always OKST56’s previous school Alabama for potential rivalry. At the end of the day, OKST brings another element to the league that makes it more well-rounded, exciting, and helps with continued growth as we enter yet another successful season. Season 9 will prove to be a major hurdle as the Cowboys start anew, but if anyone is up to the challenge its an AD like OKST56 who lives, breathes, and eats being a cowboy. #GoPokes


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