Preseason Power Rankings

David Roy · September 21, 2020


We are pleased to announce that we have new power rankings this season. We wanted to add more value and information to these power rankings for each and everyone of you, with that being said we have a point system associated with the power rankings. Keep in mind, these rankings are unofficial.

We are doing a points system with each ranking spot. Each rank has a point value associated with it. We tally the total number of points each team earns and determine the rankings from that point value. In our very first power rankings of this season you will see Clemson is the unanimous number one with 112 points being the max. We hope you enjoy this and see the value in it. Good luck to each team this season.

1) Clemson Tigers (0-0) (112)

Last Week: CFSL champion season 8 (10-1)
This Week: Texas @ Georgia Dome 9/21/20 7pm cst

Your unanimous number 1 team start this season is the Clemson Tigers. Like the old saying “to be the man you have to beat the man”. The reigning champs with their senior led quarterback Will Slay are ready to stay the man and become the first ever Back to back CFSL champs. They will start their season with a Season Eight National championship rematch against the Texas Longhorns.

2) Texas Longhorns (0-0) (104)

Last Week: Season 8 (8-3)
This Week: At Clemson @ Georgia Dome 9/21/20 7pm cst

After finishing last season (8-3), losing in the National Champions to the Clemson Tigers, the Longhorns are seeking vengeance this year. With veteran quarterback Vito Pipino leading the way expect them to have another great year and be in the playoff picture come season’s end.

3) Ohio State Buckeyes (0-0) (80)

Last Week: Season 8 (5-4)
This Week: At USC @ Cowboys Stadium 9/21/20 8:30pm cst

Coming off a somewhat successful season Legion and Ohio State managed to improve their roster with an above average recruiting class. They will be in the hunt for the Big Ten title and will make a run into the playoffs. Hopefully their season doesn’t come down to a “win and in,” scenario again.

4) USC Trojans (0-0) (73)

Last Week: Season 8 (5-3)
This Week: Ohio State @ Cowboys Stadium 9/21/20 8:30pm cst

Coming in at number four is the USC Trojans. With a stout defense that will be a terror. On offense, the triple option will be used and with that much speed on that side of the ball. It should be exciting to watch. We will get our first watch as they battle in the Stern Bowl against Ohio State in week one.

5) Notre Dame Fighting Irish (0-0) (72)

Last Week: Season 8 (8-2)
This Week: Miami @ Reliant Stadium 9/22/20 7pm cst

After finishing last year (8-2) , and finishing short of their goal. They are definitely not happy with that, look for Notre Dame to continue to show the CFSL that they are one of the premier programs in the league. New quarterback in South Bend? No worries, its work as usual for the Irish.

6) Miami Hurricanes (0-0) (66)

Last Week: Season 8 (6-4)
This Week: At Notre Dame @ Reliant Stadium 9/22/20 7pm cst

Miami is looking to continue after last season’s playoff run. They made it to the semifinals and want to get retribution this season. Big time matchup against Notre Dame to show the league they are just as good this year. Defense took a hit with a loss of linebackers David Ware and Braxton Lee.

7) Auburn Tigers (0-0) (65)

Last Week: Season 8 (3-5)
This Week: At NIU 9/24/20 8:30pm cst

Auburn was a good team last season but they couldn’t get it all together when the time was right. They were able to beat the best teams in the SEC but couldn’t manage the middle of the road teams. I see Pack and company making a course correction. They will be a playoff bubble team once again.

T-8) Texas A&M (0-0) (56)

Last Week: All time (10-25)
This Week: At LSU 9/26/20 3pm cst

Welcome Texas A&M to the CFSL. In my opinion, they won this season’s recruiting class with transfers and new recruits. I graded their draft class at A+. Mears has a lot to prove as their AD, but I think he will have a strong first year showing. 

T-8) LSU Tigers (0-0) (56)

Last Week: Season 8 (2-6)
This Week: LSU 9/26/20 3pm cst

Tied at eighth is the LSU Tigers. With a great incoming recruiting class, LSU seems poised to do some great things this season. They have explosive talent all over the field. Prime example of that is their no fly zone secondary. They will start the season against the team they are tied with Texas A&M.

10) Florida State Seminoles (0-0) (52)

Last Week: Season 8 (4-5)
This Week: Toledo 9/22/20 8:30pm cst

Florida State had a slow start last season but really turned it up and made it to the playoffs. They are a veteran team and they expect to be eight back in the playoffs.

11) Alabama Crimson Tide (0-0) (51)

Last Week: Season 8 (2-6)
This Week: At Oregon 9/26/20 1:30pm CST

After finishing last season (2-6), Alabama has completely changed their offense moving away from their triple option attack. With a stellar recruiting class featuring Doug Day at quarterback, and the NWO boys at receiver, ‘Bama now has the tools to ball out on offense. Look forward to them utilizing all their new toys and having a great season.

12) Florida Gators (0-0) (41)

Last Week: Season 8 (4-4)

This Week: At Ball State 9/23/20 8:30pm CST

After finishing last season (4-4),  with a gut wrenching loss to FSU, Florida enters the season looking to show the CFSL that they are still a premiere program and the best in Florida. This is a very seasoned team, look for them to utilize senior quarterback Mathias St. John in many ways this year.

13) Oklahoma State Cowboys (0-0) (37)

Last Week: Inaugural season

This Week: At BGSU 9/24/20 7pm cst

At 13th is the newest team to the CFSL, Oklahoma State. Brand new to the league, the Cowboys mustard up a top five recruiting class. With all of those pieces we are sure Oklahoma State will make some noise this season. They will start week one against the MAC’s Bowling Green.

14) Oregon Ducks (0-0) (35)

Last Week: Season 8 (2-6)

This Week: Alabama 9/26/20  1:30pm cst

Oregon comes into the season ranked at number 14 and feeling some type of way. With a strong recruiting class, a change up in staff, the Ducks look rebound from last season’s (2-6) finish, They face Alabama and are eager to show the CFSL that the changes they made were the right ones.

15) Michigan Wolverines (0-0) (18)

Last Week: Season 8 (1-7)

This Week: Ohio 9/26/20 12pm cst

Not at the bottom of the barrel and I think they should be ranked closer to the number nine or number 10 spots. There are a handful of teams that Michigan will walk all over this year. Allan is going to make progress this year as AD as well. While I believe he will miss the playoffs due to a very strong Big Ten, I do know that there is a good chance they will be in the mix come season end.

16) Nebraska Cornhuskers (0-0) (15)

Last Week: Season 8 (3-5)

This Week: EMU 9/23/20 7pm cst

Cornhuskers come into the season welcoming new MAC team EMU and are looking to get off on the right foot. After going (3-5) last year, you know big red is ready to show the CFSL they belong higher then where they are currently ranked. Nebraska can use this as a stepping stone into a great season, especially under a new regime.


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