Week Five: Texas A&M vs. Nebraska Preview

Itzz_AoS · February 9, 2021


Texas A&M

The Aggies have been on a roll and have won two straight games.  They have their offense rolling and looking like they can score against any defense in the league.  With all the talent that the Aggies have it is scary to see them performing so well.  Several teams have started 0-2 and still made the playoffs, and the Aggies can be the next team to complete the accomplishment.  In the last two wins the Aggies have averaged 509 yards of offense compared to the 367 in the two losses.  The problem for the Aggies this week is they are playing against the best defense in the CFSL, who only gives up 355 yards a game.  Will the Aggies be able to find a way to move the ball against this very stingy defense. The Aggies defense should be able to limit the Nebraska offense who has struggled and only averages 406 yards a game. 


As I already mentioned the Cornhuskers have the best defensive team in the league this season.  They have only given up more than 20 points in one game and they have lead the league in takeaways with ten on the season already.  The Nebraska offense has been efficient but not explosive.  It is a very balanced offense with 197 yards rushing per game and 210 passing yards.  The good thing about the offense is that they only have turned the ball over four times.  Nebraska did have an offensive explosion this past week against conference rival Texas and scored a season high 41 points.  Can they repeat that this week against the Aggies?


This game has the potential to be a defensive battle.  It will be fun to watch these defenses work to shut the other team down.  Nebraska has to find a way to score over 30 points and continue to force turnovers.  The Aggies quarterback Jimi Germaine will make mistakes when under a lot of pressure.  For the Aggies to win, they have to find a way to wear down the Nebraska defense.  If they can wear them down and eat up the clock, then they have a shot to win

Score Predictions

David Ware: Texas A&M 28, Nebraska 24

Houston Freeman: Texas A&M 24, Nebraska 27

Squidy: Texas A&M 34, Nebraska 27


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