admin · March 5, 2021


NEW BRUANFELS, Texas — The Collegiate Football Simulation League announced today the formation of a new Hall of Fame committee. The committee will be comprised of seven long-time members of the league. The committee will be responsible for Hall of Fame ballot selection, voting and induction.

Entering it’s 11th season, the CFSL has seen hundreds of players grace their virtual gridiron. Now, a select few players, users and coaches will be enshrined forever as true legends of the game.

The inaugural Hall of Fame ballot will be announced during the pre-game for the CFSL’s 10th Championship Game on Monday, March 22. Voting will be conducted by the committee and league commissioners during the five week off-season between seasons 10 and 11. The inaugural CFSL Hall of Fame class will be announced during the Opening Night kickoff for Season 11 on April 26th. Induction for the inaugural class will take place during the league’s 3rd annual “Hangout” June 26-27.


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