Four Storylines for the Semifinals

David Roy · March 18, 2021


Then There Were Four

Tuesday night when the final whistle blew the Alabama Crimson Tide filled the fourth and final spot of the semi finals. Leaving only four teams remaining: Ohio State, Miami, Alabama, and Texas A&M. What’s crazy is that, regardless of who wins there, is an amazing story to follow. Let’s run them down.

Could This Be The One?

Ohio State has been in the CFSL since the beginning. Yet the CFSL Championship has eluded the Buckeyes since the beginning. With legendary CFSL names like: DJ Moss, Frost Carlson, Tom Pence, and Kevin Bracket, the Buckeyes have always had the squad to get there. This season, they have one of the most underrated defenses in the CFSL. How’s the old saying go? Defense wins championships? Well, if the Buckeyes can knock off the defending champions tonight then, they will be in prime position to make the push for the long overdue title that has eluded them from the beginning. Athletic Director Will Stern is heading to Washington next season to take over the Huskies and what better way to end his stint at Ohio State? Quarterback Zach Davis and halfback Manuel Silva could very well be the key to bringing a title to Columbus. Ohio State has proven time and time again this season that they can sling the rock and punch you in the mouth on the ground. After ten long seasons could it finally be time to crown the Buckeyes? We won’t have to wait long to find out. 


Back to Back

It’s no secret that if you have the Miami Hurricanes on your schedule you’re in for a fight. Athletic Director Anthony Richardson took the Canes all the way last season and after knocking off one of the most powerful offenses in the league on Monday night, it looks like they have a good chance of being the first ever back-to-back National Champions. Senior quarterback Axton Richardson and senior tailback Marcus Duncan have dominated the record books at Miami. It could be argued that they are the best one-two punch combination in the CFSL, and getting these two warmed up and rolling tonight could spell disaster for Ohio State. With AD Richardson leaving Miami at the end of the season to take over Missouri, winning back-to-back titles could carry huge momentum into the off season for recruiting! The ‘Canes only have two more wins to make their program legendary and would put Anthony Richardson in conversation as one of the greatest to ever do it. No pressure Canes, only the whole league is watching history unfold.


Roll Tide Roll

Alabama has, by far, one of the most prolific passing attacks in the CFSL. I mean, if you look at the weapons they have it’s really not fair. Led by stud sophomore receiver Joe Idol, these Bama wide receivers are scorching the ozone layer. You can’t stop it, you can only try to slow it down. The “Nasty Wide Outs” have proven time, and time again, that they can compete with the best defenses in the league. Joe Idol, Zach Stone, Tyrone Young, Matthew Ousley, Brogan Speraw, and Jake Moon all on the same side of the ball is just straight scary. Not to mention the strong arm of Doug Day who can throw a football through the center of a bagel from 50 yards out. They will have their hands full tonight as the face off against the “Wrecking Crew” but the Alabama offense is not intimidated! There is no one more suited to prepare them for the test like Athletic Director David Ware. After taking over in season eight, Ware turned around the program, that went 2-6 in season seven, and has taken them to the playoffs back-to-back years and we all know how tough of a gauntlet the SEC is. If Bama can find a way to get past A&M and be crowned champions, then David Ware will go down in as the savior of Alabama! If he can’t I’m willing to bet that he’ll be back. 


Hello There Cinderella

Texas A&M started the season off going 0-2. After taking a blowout loss to Notre Dame and losing a nail-biter to Eastern Michigan, Texas A&M Head Coach Ty Perry changed the whole offense to make sure that A&M would have a fighting chance the rest of the season. The Aggies would stun the league down the stretch going 5-1 in the last six games as they recorded three, top five wins. Just last season, Texas A&M finished 2-6 and was the bottom feeder of the CFSL. Ending the game Monday night against Oklahoma with a Hail Mary thriller going into the semifinals, A&M yet again is riding on the coattails of momentum. Quarterback Jimi Germaine and wide out Kellan Ervin will need to have a big night together to keep pace with Bama’s high scoring offense. The biggest key for A&M of course is the Wrecking Crew. The Wrecking Crew has the star power to stop the Bama offense but it’s not going to be easy. If you love the classic “defense versus offense” affair then you’re in for a treat tonight! Can Athletic Director Eric Mears continue to play Cindy? Or does the magic of the fairytale run out against the Tide? The Wrecking Crew of A&M versus Alabama’s Nasty Wide Outs is movie-like material.


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