North-South Newcomer All-American Recap

David Roy · April 7, 2021


The very first North-South Newcomer All-American game featured two of our new quarterbacks squaring off in Honolulu, Hawaii. Both squads put on quite the showcase and while the passing attack may have had its ups and downs, the ability to run the ball was an underrated part of the game. From South halfback Duane Sammons breaking off a 49 yard run to Justin Jackson scoring three times on the ground, it served to be the difference maker for the South. The North had some great plays too, as receiver Earl Flynt demonstrated just the kinds of fits he’ll cause defenses this season. Still, the South was just a bit too much and too versatile for the North, as they were able to orchestrate a 34-13 win over the North out in Hawaii. Here’s the stats, and my Player of the North and of the South.



Justin Jackson203322011


Justin Jackson1681357
Duane Sammons15109049
Rev LeBoucher1909
Tee Lowe1808
Brandon Thomas1606


Jackson Taylor429014
Duane Sammons418113
Anthony Delano330015
Tee Lowe360042
Brandon Thomas239032
Kevin Fielder21307
Bode Boxley231022


Colt Wetzel8310210
Buck Berg7200000
Rev LeBoucher5100000
Brock Hoskins4100000
Reese Becker4101200
Matthew Norris3320000
Ace Adams3100200
Alonzo Benjamin2110000
Jemel Chambers2001000
Tony D’Alfonso2220000

Player of the South: Matthew Norris

Norris was crucial to the South, and you can see Tony D’Alfonso pictured as well and the role he played. D’Alfonso and Norris were a big reason as to why the North was only able to score 13 points, as their pressure on Jim Carr led to poor decisions and some poor throws that prevented competions and points.



Jim Carr193827602


Jim Carr151115
Axel Riggs1134027
Brandon Novak2606


Earl Flynt7157062
Bobby Barrett545017
Sammy Styles453017
Jeff Brown112012
Doc Boone1303
Axel Riggs1606
Austin Nelson9100000
Adam Lester8100100
Martrell Wright7101100
Terrance Weary5100000
Isaiah Ellis4100000
Nick Scalabrino7100100
Travis Blaine4000000
Jamal Higgins4000000
Charles Montague3200000
Scott Bedford3210000
Chris Gargis3000000
Tyrone Hall2200000
Jack Lamb1100000

Player of the North: Earl Flynt

While the South may have come up with the win, a lot of the excitement came in the form of wide receiver Earl Flynt. Flynt. Flynt would make big play after big play, and did all he could to generate points and offense for the North. He easily showcased his ability to take a two yard pass, and turn it into a 50 yard gain for the North.


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