A Power Rankings Index Filled With Surprises From Week 4

Travis Smith · September 20, 2021


Week 4 proved to be a great week of CFSL action. Some teams stumbled, some climbed, and two teams remain unchanged this week. How will week 5 change the PRI next week? Only time will tell, but first, let’s review how week 4 shook up the PRI in this week’s take of the Power Rankings Index.


20. Michigan (1-3) – Michigan moves down one spot from last week where they were ranked at #19. The Wolverines made a valiant effort this week in their loss to the Fight Irish (31-34). With a game like that it is no surprise why they fall only one spot in this week’s Power Rankings Index (PRI). Their offense remains nearly unchanged from the previous week, but their defense stepped up in a big way; coming away with three sacks and creating two turnovers. Michigan takes on the Oregon Ducks this week in what should be an exciting game. Can the Wolverines come away with the upset in Eugene? Or will the Oregon improve to 2-1 in conference play?

19. Texas A&M (1-3) –Texas A&M drops four spots from last week where they were ranked at #15. The Aggies took a thrashing at homes as they hosted the Boise State Broncos (10-51). It is often said that defense wins championships, but some form of an offense needs to come to life and the Aggies struggle to get things going in this department. TAMU hopes to rebound this week as they will travel to face off against the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Can the Aggies come away with their first in conference win? Can the Aggies offense step up to the challenge? Or will the Red Raiders defense be too much?

18. Nebraska (1-3) – Nebraska drops five spots from last week where they were ranked at #13. The Cornhuskers got to play host this past week and they took a mauling by the Missouri Tigers (10-42). Nebraska’s offense had its troubles this past week, but their defense was able to generate three sacks and create three turnovers. Nebraska travels to Oklahoma to face off against the Sooner in their next matchup. This will be an extremely tough test for Nebraska, but if they want any chance of making a playoff appearance, they must start their win streak amongst the Sooner Nation first. Which team bounces back this week? Tune in to find out.

17. LSU (2-2) – LSU claws their way on to the list this week where they were previously ranked at #25. These Tigers are quickly proving that the first two weeks wasn’t their true stripes and have gone on a two game winning streak while in conference play (2-0 in conference). However, this week they host the Gators from the Swamps of Gainesville. The interesting match-up here is that the Florida Gators come in as the best scorers in the league and averaging 66.3 points per game. But the Tigers from the Bayou tout the 8th best defense in the league against scoring; only giving up 28 points per game. Can the Tigers hold the Gators to their fewest points all season (currently Florida hasn’t scored less than 48 points in a game), or will the Florida Gators come away this match-up? Tiger… Gator… Who will come away with this battle in the Bayou? This is a game that has the potential to be the Game of the Week.

16.Texas Tech (2-2) – Texas Tech drops seven spots from last week where they were ranked at #9. Texas Tech drops to 2-2 overall as they lost in Stillwater to the Oklahoma State Cowboys (23-44). The Red Raiders will host the Texas A&M Aggies this week, and honestly, this is the best case scenario for Texas Tech. But this is no slight at the Aggies as they boast one of the best defenses in the league. This will be a great match-up between the Red Raiders offense and the Aggies defense. Can Andrews and company come away with a win this week? Or will Peters and this Aggie defense prove to be too much to handle? This also has potential to be the Game of the Week.



15. Alabama (2-2) – Alabama moves up three spots from last week where they were ranked at #18. The Crimson Tide came away with a win as they hosted the undefeated Miami Hurricanes this past week (45-33). Doug Day and the NOW was able to rack up 505 yards and four touchdowns through the air against the Hurricanes. Alabama will travel to Tallahassee to take on the current SEC leader, the Florida State Seminoles. The Crimson Tide currently sit with a top 10 offense and will face the Nole’s who is only giving up 30 points per game so far. This will be another matchup of offense versus defense this week. Doug Day has thrown 10 interceptions thus far and the Seminoles generate 2 turnovers on defense per week. Could this be the difference maker in this game? Does Day continue his 2:1 TD to INT ratio? Or does the Crimson Tide clean this up this week and walk away with another win?

14. USC (2-2) – USC drops three spots from last week where they were ranked at #11. The Trojans blasted through the gates in the first two weeks of the season but have since dropped two straight games. They are coming off a tough loss against Wisconsin (31-38). This loss can be primarily attributed to the fact that Pinesaw threw four interceptions and the Badgers simply capitalized on these errors. The Trojans remain a top 15 offense and are right on the cusp of being a top 10 defense. However, USC is on the road this week and takes on the Washington Huskies. Now, the Huskies are known for their defense this season, so Pinesaw and company will need to make sure they remain turnover free this week and this should be a game that the Trojans can bounce back from. Whoever can play the cleanest game while generate turnovers could very well be the team to win this matchup. Which team rises up to the occasion?

13. FSU (3-1) – FSU moves up four spots from last week where they were ranked at #17. The Florida State Seminoles sit atop the SEC throne as we head into week 5; 2-0 in conference play. The Seminoles hosted the Auburn Tigers and came away with a great in-conference win (38-30). However, they will host the Alabama Crimson Tide this week who dethroned the Miami Hurricanes last week. The Seminoles boast one of the more balanced teams in the league with both sides of the ball playing well. The biggest take away from the Noles last game was they were able to rack up nine sacks against the Auburn Tigers. Can the Noles continue to put pressure on Doug Day? Can the Noles remain atop the SEC throne heading into week 6? Or can the Crimson Tide crash the party in Tallahassee?

12. Iowa (2-2) – Iowa moves up two spots from last week where they were ranked at #14. The Iowa Hawkeyes hosted the Washington Huskies and came away with a great in-conference win (45-29). Lyle Fletcher posted up one of his best games of the season and reminded us all why he was named an Offensive Player of the Year in Season 9. Iowa will get one of their biggest tests of the season this week as they host the undefeated Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The Irish have yet to face a defense like that of the Hawkeyes; Iowa touts the number 3 defense in giving up the fewest yards and the number 2 defense in giving up the fewest points. If Iowa wants a chance at winning this game, their offense has to step up and Fletcher has to have another game like he did in week 4. Does Iowa’s defense stun Notre Dame? Or does Fletcher come away with disappointing performance? Can the Hawkeyes come away with a big time in-conference win? This has the makings of the Game of the Week written all over it.

11. Kent State (3-1) – Kent State moves up five spots from last week where they were ranked at #16. Kent State sits atop the MAC throne as they defeated NIU this week (30-21). Kent States only loss this season comes against the Missouri Tigers and held that game to a three score loss in week 1. Since then, Kent State took off the training wheels and hasn’t slowed down. Kent State will travel to face off against EMU this week. EMU boasts a top 10 offense themselves, but the Golden Flashes have a top 10 defense. So it would appear we will have another match-up of defense versus offense this week. Can EMU’s offense prove too much for Kent State? Or does Kent State stifle the EMU offense? This game is surely the Game of the Week for the MAC. You wont want to miss this marquee match-up.


10. Miami (3-1) – Miami makes one of the biggest drops this week as they fall from #3 last week. When Miami walked into Tuscaloosa, they sat atop the SEC throne; they did not walk out in the same manner. Miami lost to Alabama in their week 4 matchup (33-45). The Hurricanes will host the Auburn Tigers this week; who are 1-3 overall and 0-2 in conference play. Auburn is in a position that they aren’t really comfortable with being in. So this looks to be a great matchup between two really talented teams. Odie enters this matchup as the 4th best passer in the league and will surely do everything he can to ensure Miami doesn’t lose two games in a row. But this game will also require the likes of Mojo Rison who sits as the 6th best rusher in the league (Odie sits at the number 1 spot in this category). Can Auburn come into Miami and get the upset here? Or does Miami bounce back and count week 4 as just a bad week?

9. Wisconsin (3-1) – Wisconsin moves up three spots from last week where they were ranked at #12. The Badgers took down the Trojans (38-31) in their week 4 matchup. The Badger defense stepped up and was able to generate four interceptions against the Trojans, giving their offense plenty of momentum to help win this game. Wisconsin plays host to The Ohio State Buckeyes this week; the Buckeyes sit at 1-3 and 0-2 in conference play. The Badgers are an extremely talented team and boasts a top 10 defense and a top 12 offense. The Buckeyes have loads of talent as well, but their defense hasn’t really shown up when needed the most; Ohio State touts a top 12 offense as well. Can Wisconsin continue their winning streak? Or can the Buckeyes defense finally show up when it matters most?

8. Florida (3-1) – The Gators moves up two spots from last week where they were ranked at #10. The Gators hosted the Clemson Tigers (47-40) this past week and came away with the win. Florida must travel to another swamp this week and take on the LSU Tigers; who are beginning to really heat up in conference play. Blevins sits as the number 1 passer in the league and the number 1 total offense producer in the league. Blevins is only 15 passing touchdowns away from breaking a single season record and Levi Temes is only 5 reception touchdowns away from breaking that single season record. LSU’s defense is a stout one for sure as they only give up 357 passing yards on average and has created eight turnovers and generated nine sacks so far this season. Former OPOY Justin Morris Jr. is starting to get back to his former ways as he is attributed for four touchdowns against Tennessee last week. If Florida wants to come away with this win, their defense is going to have to play four full quarters. This should be a great game and has the potential to be the Game of the Week..

7. Texas (3-1) – The Texas Longhorns remain at the #7 rank spot as they were last week regardless of their big win over Oklahoma. Texas took down last week’s number 1 PRI team in Oklahoma (30-14). The Longhorns will travel to take on the Missouri Tigers in their week 5 match-up. Can the Longhorns do it yet again? Can they beat two undefeated teams’ back-to-back weeks? Pipino needs to make a little bit more of a splash this week as he was held to only a rushing touchdown against Oklahoma. Black on the other hand had a lights-out performance as he rushed 108 yards and two rushing touchdowns. This will be a tall order as the Missouri Tigers are the number 1 defense in the league right now and giving up only 332 yards per game and less than 19 points per game. The Longhorns also tout a top notch defense and allow less than 400 yards per game and less than 30 points per game. This will be a great defensive match-up between two very talented programs. Which offense steps up to the plate? Will the Pipino and company show up and show out? Or will it be Khoko and company rising to the occasion? There really isn’t much better of a game to tune in to this week than this match-up right here.

6.Oklahoma State (3-1) – The Cowboys drop a single spot from last week where they were ranked at #5. The Cowboys handled Texas Tech (44-23) this week. Although they had an impressive win this week, it wasn’t enough to keep them in the top 5 according to the PRI. The Cowboys will travel to take on the Boise State Broncos this week in what should be a great game to watch. Harrison Murray had a great game, but it was TE Brayton Allen with six receptions, 135 yards, and a touchdown that really stood out this week for the Cowboys. While Oklahoma State can say they have a top 10 offense, Boise State can say they have a top 10 defense to match them. This whole week is chalked with great defenses matching up against great offenses. Which team comes away with the better performance this week?. Much like the Texas/Missouri game this week, you won’t want to miss this one.


5. Oregon (3-1) – The Ducks splash their way into the top five this week, up one spot from last week at #6. The Oregon Ducks took down the Ohio State Buckeyes (54-31) in Eugene this past week. The Ducks will now host the Michigan Wolverines in their week 5 matchup. Philip Camit had an amazing game against the Buckeyes going 40/50 for 470 passing yards and three passing touchdowns. But that’s not all he did, he was able to rush for 26 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Oregon boasts a top 5 offense and a top 10 defense and will need every bit of their talent against the Wolverines; who nearly pulled off the upset against Notre Dame this past week. Can the Wolverines finally make an upset happen? Or will they fall short again? Does Camit continue his dominance in the league? Or does he fall short this week? This looks to be a great game, but the edge surely would be in the Ducks favor.

4. Notre Dame (4-0) – Notre Dame remains unchanged as well this week, even with their win over Michigan (34-31). The question here really is how we have one of the two undefeated teams left not in the final two spots? How is it possible that the 4-0 Fighting Irish aren’t ranked number 1 or number 2? Here is a breakdown; Notre Dame ranks as the 2nd hardest strength of schedule, 25th for total offense, 14th for points scored, 6th in total defense, and 6th in points allowed. Combine all that together, run some calculations and you get the number 4 team in the PRI. Now, this isn’t a knock at Notre Dame by any stretch of the imagination. This just proves that it takes more than winning to be a top the PRI. Now, the Irish must travel to take on the Iowa Hawkeyes this week. The Hawkeyes tout and a top 5 defense, but their offense really does leave for more to be desired. Notre Dame has had two straight narrow wins, can Iowa come in and finally knock off Notre Dame? Or does the Fighting Irish continue their dominating ways and edge out Iowa? I would bet that Notre Dame takes this one, but the thing about football is you never know.

3. Boise State (3-1) – Boise State moves up five spots from last week where they were ranked at #8. Boise State is coming off a huge win over the Texas A&M Aggies (51-10). The Broncos will host the Oklahoma State Cowboys for their week 5 match-up. Luke Hall stole the show for the Broncos this past week with his 177 rushing yards and three rushing touchdowns. Boise State boasts both a top 10 offense and a top 10 defense; this is another one of those very balanced teams that seem to be able to do it all on both sides of the ball. If Boise State wants to win this next match-up their defense is going to have to shut down the Oklahoma State offense which comes into this game as a likely top 10 offense. This is a big time in-conference match-up that could have huge impacts within the Big 12. Oklahoma State is 2-0 in conference and Boise State is 1-1 in-conference. Can the Broncos buck off the Cowboys this week? Or will the Cowboys tame this wild Bronco? This is another huge match-up that will be a must watch game.

2.Oklahoma (3-1) – The Oklahoma Sooners drop one spot after their loss to the Texas Longhorns. Oklahoma dropped a big loss to the Texas Longhorns (14-30) and put the Sooners in a position they likely aren’t pleased with. The Sooners are now 1-1 in-conference play and with three teams in the Big 12 sitting at 2-0 in-conference; it will be paramount that the Sooners bounce back this week. The Sooners will be on the road this week as they travel to take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers. If there was a team that the Sooners would want in order to bounce back against, it would be the Cornhuskers. Nebraska will come into this game with an offense and defense ranked in the upper half of the league. Jim Carr had one of the least productive games this past week by posting up only 222 passing yards, one passing touchdown, and throwing an interception. Carr will need to forget about this performance and focus on the getting the Sooners back on track as we head into the back half of the season. Does Carr let the last game keep him down? Or does he rebound with a great game?


Number 1……

1. Missouri (4-0) – The Missouri Tigers jump from number 2 to number 1 this week. The Tigers are coming off a huge win over Nebraska (42-10). This game was all about Kai Kohko and Tolany Velez. Kohko posted up 424 passing yards and a pair of passing touchdowns while also putting up a rushing touchdown while Velez did a ton of work on the ground laying down 166 rushing yards and 38 receiving yards. However, Missouri will have to face off against the Texas Longhorns; who was able to knock off last week’s number 1 PRI team in Oklahoma. Can the Longhorns do it again in week 5? This is going to be a slug-fest of two power house teams. You have Missouri coming into this game touting the ranks of 4th in total offense, 6th in points scored, 1st in total defense, and 1st in points allowed. Texas is coming into this match-up with the ranks of 20th in total offense, 10th in points scored, 5th in total defense, and 9th in points allowed. This should be one of the greatest games this week, and there are many great games to tune in for this week. Missouri versus Texas, it doesn’t get much bigger than this game right here folks. Do Pipino and Black come out on top? Or do Kohko and Velez steal the show? Personally, I think this game comes down to which defense makes the most stops and forces the most turnovers. This is a game you do not want to miss.


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