Season 12 Playoff Scenarios

admin · October 12, 2021


by Nick Hopper

Hey y’all! So after doing all the calculations, consulting the star chart (is mercury in retrograde?!), adjusting for the earth’s rotation (Yes Tink, the earth is round), and checking the current moon phase. I’ve come up with all the different scenarios for the CFSL Power 3 conferences 1st and 2nd ranked teams. There is a lot riding on week 8 with a lot of teams one win away. While I don’t get a vote for the 2 wild card spots, I’ve thrown in my two cents for some controversy.

BIG 10

I’ll start with the easy one, the BIG 10. Even IF Notre Dame and Wisconsin drop their last game they still go in as 1 and 2. Oregon had some tough losses but is still one of the best teams in the CFSL, you would get my vote for the 1st WC spot.


Next up is the BIG 12. Ok state’s loss to A&M makes this conference very interesting. Texas has the #1 spot locked up but Boise, OK State, Oklahoma, and Mizzou ALL have chance at the #2 spot so here we go!

Scenario #1

Boise > Mizzou and OKST > Oklahoma

OKST would go in at #2. They would tie conference record with Boise and OKST has the H2H. Boise would have the 2nd best record in the BIG12 so I would vote them for the 2nd WC.

Scenario #2

Boise > Mizzou and Oklahoma > OKST

Boise would go in at #2. They would tie conference record with Oklahoma but Boise has the H2H. I would likely vote Oklahoma, if they knocked out OKST, for the 2nd WC spot.

Scenario #3

Mizzou > Boise and OKST > Oklahoma

Mizzou would go in at #2. They would tie with OKST but with no H2H between them, Mizzou would go in with the better overall record. (Sorry OKST you had to play ND in out of conference) I would vote in OKST in this one.

Scenario #4

Mizzou > Boise and Oklahoma > OKST

Oklahoma would go in at #2. They would tie with Mizzou but Oklahoma has the H2H. Not sure who I would vote for in this scenario… maybe a SEC team…


Goodness gracious, what happened here! I need a drink for this one. Auburn did Auburn things and randomly showed up for an upset win over LSU which makes things quite nutty. But here we go.

Scenario #1

FSU > Miami and LSU > Clem

#1 FSU followed by #2 LSU

FSU would go in at #1 with the best conference W/L. If Bama beat Auburn, they would tie with LSU but LSU owns the H2H.

Scenario #2

FSU > Miami and Clem > LSU and Bama > Auburn

#1 FSU followed by #2 Bama

FSU would go in at #1 with the best Conf W/L. If LSU lost but Bama won, Bama would have the 2nd best conf record at 4-2 and would take the #2 spot.

Scenario #3

Miami > FSU and Clem > LSU

#1 Miami followed by #2 FSU.

Here Miami, FSU, and Bama could all Conference tie if Bama wins. But Miami would have the H2H over FSU and Bama so they would be #1. FSU owns the H2H over Bama so they would #2. If Bama loses they would be eliminated.

Scenario # 4

This one gets tricky.

Miami > FSU and LSU > Clem and Bama > Auburn

We would have a 4-way tie! Amongst those four LSU went 2 – 0, they beat FSU and Bama but didn’t play Miami. Allowing LSU to go in at #1. Between the last 3 teams Miami, FSU, and Bama they are ALL 1 – 1 against each other! Miami > FSU > Bama > Miami, making a H2H decision impossible. Unfortunately, at that point we go to best overall record which is Miami at 6 – 2, sorry Bama…

#1 LSU and #2 Miami

Scenario # 5

If you thought THAT was bad, check this out…

FSU > Miami, and Clem > LSU, and Auburn > Bama

#1 would be FSU with the best conference record at 5 – 1.

At that point we would have six (?!) teams tied at 3 – 3 in Conference play. LSU, Miami, Alabama, Florida, Clemson, and Auburn! We then look at H2H. Amongst those 6 teams there would be only one team that would be 3 – 1 amongst the six, all other teams would 2 – 2 or 1 – 3. In that case… 

# 2 in the SEC would be…drumroll… AUBURN?! Yes, they would have beaten Clemson, LSU, and Alabama.  


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