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Let’s take a look at week 4 from the SEC.

Auburn Vs. Clemson

Clemson’s offense as a whole really played great together, as the defense took care of business only allowing two FGs. OLB Nick Shultz was huge for the Clemson Tigers defense as he totaled 4 TCKs, 1 TFL, 1 SCK, and 1 INT. Clemson had a stronghold on this one from start to finish.


QB Dylan Tate 21-23 for 309 passing yards with 4 TDs and 11 rushes for 73 yards with a TD.

Final score

Auburn 6 – Clemson 41

Miami Vs. Kentucky

This was a very close game until the end. Both defense’s played great for most of the game but, the Kentucky run game couldn’t be contained as QB Scott Pinesaw and RB Taylor Copley combined for 30 rushes, 236 yards, and 1 TD.


RB Taylor Copley 20 rushes for 132 yards and 13 catches for 68 yards.

Final score

Miami 16 – Kentucky 17

FSU VS. Tennessee

This was a tight fought game until WR Aaron Ike took a 100-yard kick return to the house with 1:08 left in the 3rd to make it a two-score game. FSU’s defense, particularly MLB Kiyoko Winter, made plays when they were needed to secure the victory.


WR Aaron Ike 175 all-purpose yards and 2 TDs

Final score – FSU 41 – Tennessee 24

Alabama Vs. Florida

Florida came out strong and punched Alabama in the mouth hard. Florida WRs Fozzy Brown and Zak Kelso led the way with 21 catches, 380 yards, and 2 TDs combined. TOs were a theme in this one as both teams combined for 9. Alabama made a late push but, it wasn’t enough.


Florida’s defense

Final score

Alabama 30 – Florida 35

Offensive Spotlight

Clemson’s QB Dylan Tate 21-23 for 309 passing yards and 4 TDs. 11 rushes for 73 yards and 1 TD.

QB Dylan Tate pitched a near perfect game for the Clemson Tigers.

Defensive Spotlight

FSU’s MLB Kiyoko Winter 19 TCKs, 4 TFLs, 1 SCK

MLB Kiyoko Winter was all over the field making play after play.

Team of the week


Clemson really played a great team game this week with a dominating victory over Auburn.


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