Hall of Fame Class of 2022

admin · May 18, 2022

The Collegiate Football Simulation League announced its Hall of Fame Class of 2022 on Monday. The class features seven inductees including one Athletic Director, three members and three former players. The seven members of the Hall of Fame Class of 2022 will be inducted on Saturday, August 13, 2022 at a ceremony during the league’s annual “Hangout”.

Here are the seven members who will be enshrined this summer:

Dakota Jorgensen (AD)
Houston Freeman (Member)
Austin Krogh (Member)
Joe Pantoja (Member)
Tom Pence (Player)
Ollie P Peters (Player)
Jimbo Smithers (Player)

The Hall of Fame voting is done via nine members of the league who are either in the Hall of Fame or were members since Season One. Each member of the voting committee was able to select 12 candidates for induction. Obtaining at least 75% of possible votes was necessary for induction this year. All other members of the 2022 Hall of Fame ballot will remain on the ballot for 2023. One player, Dowdy Dowell, will be removed after failing to receive a vote. Below are the total vote percentages for each nominee for the Class of 2022.

OKST56 (Member) 89%
Tom Pence (Player) 89%
Ollie P Peters (Player) 89%
Jimbo Smithers (Player) 89%
Clutch (Member) 78%
Frosty (Member) 78%
Jooby (Member) 78%

2022 cut off

Allie (Member) 67%
Grin311 (Member) 67%
Rick (Member) 67%
Robert Davis (Player) 67%
Leo Asiata (Player) 56%
Avery Jordan (Player) 56%
14rdavis (Member) 44%
HornsNation (AD) 33%
Jooby (AD) 33%
Wyrmreaver (Member) 33%
Barry Allen (Player) 33%
Tyler Jones-Drew (Player) 22%
Joe Pantoja (Player) 22%
Grin311 (AD) 11%

Dropping Off

Dowdy Dowell (Player) 0%


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