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By: Matt Ousley

(PositivelyPrime#6714 on Discord)

Today I sat down with the Athletic Director from Texas to discuss his time as an AD and his thoughts on the different aspects of the CFSL. While Jooby had a part in the Prime Cut RapidFire sessions he is on the cusp of another playoff run. Texas is in a “win and you’re in,” scenario for the playoffs. It’s not the best place to be but with the way they are playing, Jooby must be feeling confident. Here is what Jooby had to say about his team and what he is looking forward to.

Prime: How long have you been the AD of Texas?

Jooby: “Six seasons”

Prime: What is your favorite thing about being a CFSL AD?

Jooby: “I love seeing players grow and develop in the league. Seeing someone come in and get their feet wet, and slowly grow into a major impact player is awesome.”

Prime: What would you say is your least favorite thing about being an AD?

Jooby: “Losing in the natty 🙁 Outside of that, I don’t really dislike anything… well, OU of course.”

Prime: In your time at Texas, what is your most memorable win?

Jooby: “This is really tough; they all feel like so great. I think it would be beating ND, to go to our first National Title game. After routing them earlier in the year, it felt like it was their chance to try and get one back…. But they didn’t.”

Prime: What has been your most heartbreaking loss?

Jooby: “Which championship loss hurts the most I guess. It can be any of the 3 in any given day.”

Prime: You are a perennial playoff contender. What is it going to take to send you over the top and win the CFSL National Championship?

Jooby: “This is tough, I feel every year we have all the pieces, and that we have the team to do it. In season 13 I felt we had the most complete team I have ever had as an AD, and we fell short. This season our team feels as if it is farther than last, and I think we have what it will take.”

Prime: How excited are you for this years playoffs?

Jooby: “Very, we’re not there yet so I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch, but once we get to the dance floor I know these boys can boogie.”

Prime: What has been the key to your continued success?

Jooby: “Finding the right pieces to replace what we lose. We have been very lucky to have guys who want to follow in the footsteps of the Texas greats.”

Prime: What are some of your favorite playbooks?

Jooby: “Top 2 easily are Fresno State (thanks ej ily) and Colorado. Gen spread was my first love but have fallen out of love with it recently.”

Prime: When you are recruiting, what are you promising players to pique their interest?

Jooby: “Look at what we have accomplished and who we have produced, Texas is a place where we elevate you to be the best player you can be.”

Prime: What characters or attributes do you look at when choosing team captains?

Jooby: “Activity, skill, and if they are a trash panda. But the team votes on who represents them, I just list the top choices”

Prime: What makes someone a locker room leader in your eyes?

Jooby: “How active they are in the locker room, and during game days. Or someone who picks up others when they have down days, or after a loss”

Prime: What are you looking forward to in the future seasons of the CFSL?

Jooby: “How far this league goes. Feels like we’re on one of Elons rockets and the sky is the limit.”

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