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By: Matt Ousley

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This semi-final matchup will help determine our Season 14 CFSL Champion. This matchup features the Dominator vs the Underdog. Per preseason thoughts of nearly all of the experts, neither of these teams was supposed to make the playoffs. If they did, they wouldn’t last. They both had wonderful seasons and are now being showcased in the semi-finals because of it.

The Wisconsin Badgers will try to invade Norman to attempt to decleat and defeat the Oklahoma Sooners. This is only their second meeting ever and the first meeting two seasons ago did not go well for Wisconsin, which was easily handled 48-24. The Badgers come into this meeting having owned nearly everyone all season. They boast the best defense and surprisingly they also own the best offense overall this season in the CFSL. Oklahoma hasn’t ranked well this season, but they don’t care about stats, they care about wins.

Wisconsin standouts are quarterback DeAnthony Jones, halfback Richard Fountain, DT Iman Porter, and DE Jody Gombas. We could list the entire team as dominant. I would keep an eye out for the TE set of Reece Donahoo and Michael Paul. They are going to match up well against Oklahoma’s linebacker core. It will take out-of-the-box thinking to win against Oklahoma.

Oklahoma names to watch for them to have a chance will be quarterback Vinny Mixon who is quietly trying to break Jim Carr’s season passing yards and touchdowns records for the school. Halfback Joey Zaza is looking to break 1,000 yards rushing as well. On the defensive side of the ball, we will keep an eye out for Scott Frank and Tyrone Hall who want nothing more than to knock off Wisconsin at home.

Oklahoma AD dthall79 said that preparation is the key to him. He said that sometimes you go in more prepared than you ever have been, and it doesn’t matter. He went on to say that having the team of players in Oklahoma that he does makes it a lot easier to plan. On being the underdog, he said, “We are the underdogs. I firmly believe that 5 powerhouses and 3 others entered this tournament. Those numbers are now at 3 and 1, now it’s up to us to have the drive and heart to get it done.”

Wisconsin AD leej17 said he feels good about the semi-final game. He says that playoffs are tough and there is always the unknown that you have to face. He feels excited and confident in what his team can do. He said, “As far as factors I would look at Jones and Porter. They always make plays when we need them too.”

No matter how right or wrong I may be with my picks I can tell you that we are in store for two of the best games the CFSL has ever had. These two schools represent the best talent in the country, and they will be there to put on a show. Tune in to watch all four unstoppable forces collide.

PRIME PICK – Wisconsin 44, Oklahoma 32

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