How The Playoffs Look Today: Week Six

Grinch311 · September 3, 2022


BY: Tom Pence (@Grin311)

Well Week Five is in the books and although we haven’t reveled the new rankings, this is how the playoff landscape looks from one person’s point of view. We all know this can change quickly over next three weeks and there will be updates each week. With that lets get on our way.


Right now, Florida State looks to be in the drivers seat. At 5-0 with 3-0 in conference they would be the automatic bid the represent the ACC. Heck they would in most eyes be the number one seed over all. They have a massive match up this week with Clemson, who currently sit right behind them in the standings. The Tigers would love nothing more than to upset the Noles to take the ACC title and the automatic bid that comes with it. The two teams sitting behind Clemson is Notre Damn and Miami, they aren’t out of a conference title running, but with both having head to head loses to Florida State it doesn’t look to promising. Pitt is another school who technically isn’t out of it, but their chances don’t look very promising. If the season ended today FSU is in and Clemson is the only team who might make it, if the polls are nice to them. However, I only see one team in the ACC making it to the dance.

The Big 10

Ohio State SS Brayden Taylor bringing Terrell Allen down for a sack.

Now if anyone outside of Columbus said Ohio State would still be undefeated and sitting at 3-0 in conference they would have been called a liar. But the Buckeyes have looked great and are winning big. They currently have a 100 point net margin, which is the third best in the CFSL. If the season ended today they would be in and could be voted the number 2 seed in the playoffs. Behind them is where the log jam backs up. The Badgers, Ducks, and Wolverines are all sitting at 3-2 and 2-1 in the Big 10. Anyone of these teams can still win the conference and it would not be surprising. This is where the polls are going to mean the most for the last two seeds. I can only see one of these teams joining Ohio State in the top eight. I’m picking Oregon, yes the Ducks, being that second team. So that’s Ohio State and Oregon making the big dance.

The Big XII

Texas CB Duke Stover taking an interception back for six.

Now this is a fun conference! Texas sits atop at 5-0 and 3-0 in league play, which puts them in and the likely 3 seed. However, Oklahoma State could be the most explosive team right now. The Cowboys are 4-1 and 3-0 in conference play. Right now they would be in the playoffs by the polls alone. I have them as the 5 seed and would have to play the 4 seeded team which I’ll get to soon enough. Last but not least is The Broncos from Boise. AD Clutch has done a wonderful job with this team and the Broncos would be in in my world. They will fall somewhere in that 6 through 8 seeding and would have Florid State, Texas, or Ohio State in the first round as a reward for making the playoffs. Yes, the Big XII gets three teams in and they deserve it.


Kentucky WR Willie Hardigan making the deep catch and taking it for the score.

Remember when this conference appeared to be the toughest in the country? Many thought the SEC would have three teams in the playoffs in the new system. Well something happened along the way. Alabama stumbled from the top of the conference and get to focus on playing in the PIT this season. Right now both LSU and Kentucky are 4-1 and both are undefeated in conference. Whoever wins the Week seven match up will take the SEC crown. Right now I have Kentucky ranked higher as the 4 seeded team and a first round showdown with Oklahoma State. Not taking anything from LSU has done in the first five games but Kentucky gets the poll love and a higher seed. Something tells me The Tigers like having a reason to be the team against the world.

So that’s my playoff look in through five weeks of football. Week six is coming up and this could look totally different in a few days time. Till then if I have you in the playoffs today smile and enjoy the moment.


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