How the Playoffs Look Today: Week Seven

Grinch311 · September 12, 2022


BY: Tom Pence (@grinch311)

Well, week six is in the books, and here is how things look today. The action was amazing with some excellent games and some dominant wins by others. Let’s take a dive and mix it up a little. Enjoy your reading and see if you are in or out.


Kentucky HB Taylor Copley put a defender through the turf with a truck stick.

Let’s start with the SEC. Both Kentucky and LSU are keeping pace with each other and no matter what happens I feel like they both could be playoff teams. It’s funny that while LSU sits at the top and would be the automatic bid, the Cats will be higher in the polls and would have a better seed come playoffs. This is right now, at least. We will know a lot more after the Wednesday night match-up between the two teams at the top of the SEC. Could Alabama creep in? It would be a long shot now, but they may get some luck and find a way.


The Big XII is a different story. Oklahoma State is running buckshot right now after wins of Boise State and Texas. In a lot of people’s minds, the Pokes could be one of the top three teams to win the title. That leaves the fight for 2nd place. Texas and Boise play each other in the first game of the week this week. They are both likely to make the playoffs, but Texas might need some love from the poll. Could they get their revenge with a first-round matchup with a team from the ACC? Yes, I’m calling it the Big XII gets three in the dance. Don’t hate it, their top teams are just that good.


Ohio State WR Jalen Thomas lept over the defender for the catch.

The BIG10 is currently Ohio State and the rest of the field. While The Buckeyes are in, there are three teams that would love to add their names to the big tourney. Well, let’s say two. Oregon you are out. This past weeks game was their shot to show they belong and Ohio State made them look like an average team. If they could have found a way to win that game it is a different story. Both Michigan and Wisconsin have an argument to be in and I think The Boys in Blue may just edge out Wisconsin in the polls. Such cruelty with the Badgers having the head to head over them. My thought is this Michigan beat Oklahoma State, they should be in.


Well that leaves one team to get in and brings me to the ACC. Florida State sits at the top alone and with a win this week they clinch the conference. They have done what needed to be done and handled their business. Notre Dame is making a late push but the 0-3 start is just too much to overcome. Sorry but the Irish will have to set their sights on the PIT and finish on a high note. The Noles are headed back to the playoffs to defend their crown. Could they win back-to-back? Time will only tell and this year’s playoff teams look like a murders row.

So that is it. The ACC gets one team in. Both the Big10 and SEC will throw in two teams. The Big XII gets three into the dance. Hey, bubble teams! Go handle your business over the next two weeks and your team might sneak in. Good luck to All.


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