Four Down, Four To Go: The Reasons Why Each Team Will And Will Not Win It All

Ryan Moreland · October 14, 2022

The opening round of the CFSL Playoffs has wrapped up and we are down the final four. Florida State, Kentucky, Oklahoma State, and Boise State all boast fearsome defenses, high-potent offenses, and knowledgable coaching staffs. However, there can only be one champion. So let’s see the reasons why each of these contenders will and will not win the CFSL National Championship.

#1 Florida State

Why they will win it all

Why wouldn’t they? The Seminoles have won their last 14 games, including last year’s championship. They did lose some very talented players last season (like Isaac Frost and Kiyoko Winter) but have filled those positions excellently (Laci White and Maverick Rivers). The offense is still largely intact, and they picked up right where they left off. Florida State has seen some adversity, but they always manage to pull out the win. The only undefeated team in the CFSL is the team to beat.

Why they won’t win it all

Sure, Florida State is undefeated, but they haven’t played any team in the top seven this season. The wins over Wisconsin are impressive, but they haven’t played a team as talented as the teams left in the playoffs. Also, the Seminoles have played some very close games against PIT teams. Teams like West Virginia and Notre Dame had Florida State fans nervous, and the Seminoles were lucky not to lose to Miami for the second straight season. Simply put, this team hasn’t seen the likes of Kentucky, Oklahoma State, and Boise State this season. We have all enjoyed putting the Seminoles on a pedestal, but these three teams are all capable of slaying Goliath.

#2 Kentucky

Kentucky WR Tucker Quirk sealed the game with a long touchdown.

Why they will win it all

Let’s keep this simple: great quarterbacks win big games. This season no QB has played better than Scott Pinesaw. Pinesaw has thrown for 36 touchdowns and only eight interceptions while earning the second-most passing yards. It helps to have perhaps the best deep threat in the game as your WR1. Pair that with the second-best passing defense in the CFSL and you have a recipe for a championship lineup. The Wildcats are just too good to fail.

Why they won’t win it all

The Wildcat offense is impressive, but double-teaming Tucker Quirk would all but cripple their offense. Also, they have allowed the most points of any of the remaining teams. A big reason behind that is they aren’t great at getting to the QB. The three other teams left have between 45 and 42 sacks this season. Kentucky has only managed 30. That is almost two sacks per game less. Giving Ryan Smith, Jim Carr, and Ryan Moreland time in the pocket is a recipe for disaster.

#4 Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State LB John Alstott broke on the pass for the interception.

Why they will win it all

The ADs of the highest-scoring offense, the defense that has given up the lowest amount of points, and the team with the fewest turnovers walk into a bar. Houston Freeman is the only guy in the bar. This team has been so well-rounded all season. They have a lethal passing attack and the two-headed monster of Ryan Moreland and Jordan Hammer is responsible for the fourth-best rushing attack in the league. And that isn’t even the best side of the ball in Stillwater. This Cowboy defense hasn’t allowed a team to score multiple touchdowns in four straight weeks. They are also tied for the third most takeaways this season. This team just doesn’t have a weakness that can safely be exploited.

Why they won’t win it all

It is easy to be the best scoring offense when you drop 94 on Texas A&M. Besides, this is a freshman QB we are talking about. Every other team has a senior at the helm and they have all playoff experience. To make matters worse, he is only one of the eight freshmen that are starters for the Pokes. We have seen it time and again, experience wins in the playoffs. It is nice that the Cowboys finally won a playoff game, but they don’t have the experience to win it all.

#6 Boise State

Boise State LB Tyler OCurran was able to wrestle Michigan’s Thor Savage down for the sack.

Why they will win it all

Boise State has been on fire ever since they won the PIT championship last year. They have only allowed 20 points per game this season while forcing an impressive 22 turnovers. And good luck trying to stop Ryan Smith and Matthew McCray. They have been slashing through every defense they have played. This pair has linked up over 100 times this season and still, no one has been able to slow them down. Throw the rankings out of the window, this is the champ right here!

Why they won’t win it all

This is the most one-dimensional offense left in the playoffs. They have the eighth worse rushing attack in the league. If one of these dominant defenses tee-off on the pass the Broncos are going to be in a bad position. To make matters worse, the Broncos turn the ball over more often than any of the final four teams. The defense looks impressive, but is it enough to keep up with the best offenses in the league? And last, but certainly not least, this is the only final-four team that has lost to one of the remaining teams. This is just not their year.  


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