The Syrok Special: Season 16, Week 3

Ryan Moreland · January 16, 2023


By: Derek Hawkins (@Syrok)

MACtion Main Attraction

Bowling Green vs Eastern Michigan 

EMU has 18 elite and five-star players. Bowling Green has 16 elite and five stars. These are the two most stacked teams in the MAC by far. What a way to start the MAC season!?! I can see these two facing off in the MAC championship. Come playoff time these two could be looking to pull off an upset.

Syrok’s Thoughts: I am proud of both ADs to recruit the way they did. These future ADs have a championship mentality that will be fun to watch for seasons to come. 

Fight or Flight  

Florida State vs North Carolina  

FSU started this season at number 2 in the preseason ranking. Since then, they have had two double digits losses and are now 0-2. The interesting thing is they will be favored in their next 3 games. I cannot wait to see if they will show up and show out. 

Syrok’s Thoughts: IceTrey aka Trey Woodard is back… FSU by 20 

Man, I can or mannequin. 

Oregon vs Texas 

Oregon HB Jared Harter doing his best to set up the Duck offense with a big punt return.

No one other than Oregon players believed they would be 2-0. They played well. They have also played not a lower level of competition. Well, here comes Texas. Even though they lost to a great Miami team, Texas is a powerhouse and a 1st round-bye team. If Oregon wins, we must start believing in them. The thing is…. 

Syrok’s Thoughts: Sorry Oregon…. Avery Ware going to light y’all up like Christmas trees at the North Pole. 

A Champions Pride 

Oklahoma State vs Notre Dame 

Everyone believes the Cowboys are head and shoulders above every other team (except Kentucky; we want that smoke). They come into Monday facing Wookie and Notre Dame. Most people probably believe this will be a routine double-digit win. One thing I believe and know is Wookie is a champion and he looks at this matchup as something to conquer. He will have Notre Dame ready and fight with pride. 

Syrok’s Thoughts: Oklahoma State is just head and shoulders above ND. Oklahoma State wins big. 

Who are y’all really 

Michigan vs Illinois  

Alabama FS Rocko Britt jumped a pass intended for Michigan WR Blake Martel.

Michigan, who are you? The first two weeks are so opposite that I am still trying to figure out if they are a 1st round-bye team or a team that can get upset in the playoffs by inconsistent play. Michigan must win and win big to be back among upper-tier teams. 

Syrok’s Thoughts: Michigan wins. But do not sleep on Illinois. They have big play capabilities. 

Week 3 Picks

:florida: 14 vs :kentucky: 45 
:okst: 51 vs:notredame: 10 
:unc~1: 21vs :fsu: 42
:miami:41vs:georgia: 17 
 :boise: 34vs:ohiostate:20 
:auburn:24 vs :pittsburgh: 31 
:emu:38vs :bgsu:45 
:illinois:21 vs:michigan~1: 45 

Last Week Record 


Season record  



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