The Syrok Special: Season 16, Week 5

Ryan Moreland · January 30, 2023


By: Derek Hawkins (@Syrok)

Thoroughbred or My Little Pony

Boise State vs Texas 

Boise State’s schedule is tough. For some, last week’s game was supposed to be an exhale game for them. Illinois begged to differ and beat them. So the question is who are they? Most thought they were a championship team. Now people are asking if they can even win their first-round playoff game. Texas is coming off a heartbreaking loss and is angry. The Longhorns are looking to remind people who they are. Both teams have something to prove so who wants it more? 

Syrok’s Thoughts: Josiah Henry has not scored a touchdown. Step it up. 

I want my Spot 

Notre Dame vs Ohio State 

This game has one important implication. They both play Michigan in the future if one of them beats them and wins this game they are a shoo-in for the conference championship game. The stakes are high, and this is my Game of the Week. 

Ohio State QB Logan Radloff took the carry to the outside for the touchdown.

Syrok’s Thoughts: Wookie likes to make championship games soooo good luck OSU. 

Cats out the Bag 

Ohio vs Bowling Green 

Want chaos? Wanna see a plot twist? Watch this game. If Ohio wins this game everyone who believes it would be a BGSU vs EMU MAC championship game will have to tuck their tail in. What a big game for the MAC!

Bowling Green WR Gunny McGuire hauled in the deep pass for the touchdown grab.

Syrok’s Thoughts: My mind tells me BGSU. My heart tells me Ohio… This week I will be heartless. 

Number 1 WR Play Pin 

Alabama vs Georgia 

To be honest, Bama will win this game. What is intriguing is The Tide’s secondary struggles with WR1 and they have to face freshman phenom, Tyson Steele. If he can have the game of his life looking for this to be closer than expected.  

Georgia WR Tyson Steele went up to make the catch down the sideline.

Syrok’s Thought: If you like big plays watch this game. It will be a NASCAR-type of game. 

Sneaky Goodie 

North Carolina vs West Virginia 

Both need a win. One will get a win. Look for a slugfest. I can see this game going to a couple of OTs.

North Carolina WR Tatiana Hoops toe-tapped for a touchdown catch.

Syrok’s Thoughts: I think this will be both QBs’ best performance. Hoops and Clementine both are going to try to show each other up. 

Week Five Picks

27Boise StatevsTexas38
38North CarolinavsWest Virginia45
41Oklahoma StatevsOregon21
24Notre DamevsOhio State21
34OhiovsBowling Green52
45Florida StatevsPittsburgh20
20ToledovsEastern Michigan35
27Northern IllinoisvsKent State35

Last Week’s Record: 11-2 

Season Record: 34-9 


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