Season 17 Award Winners

Ryan Moreland · July 26, 2023


By: Ryan Moreland (@ryanmoreland)

This season, perhaps more than any other, there weren’t any bad nominees for any award. The races were close and the margins were thin. Congrats to every nominee and winner.

Broadcaster of the Year

Nominees: BigMurph, ryanmoreland, ThatGingerMatt, VinnyTrill

Winner: ryanmoreland

This was Moreland’s third nomination for Broadcaster of the Year and his first time winning the award. Moreland’s win ended Cole Mantell’s streak of winning this award for four straight seasons.

Team Spirit Award

Nominees: Auburn, Boise State, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma State

Winner: Georgia

This was Georgia’s first win for Team Spirit Award. This win also ended Oklahoma State’s streak of winning the Team Spirit Award for two consecutive seasons.

Most Outstanding Senior

Nominees: LB Haden Grant, CB Lincoln Griffin, QB Moses King, WR Gunny McGuire, QB Helix Myers, DE Ben Sapp, WR Garrett Warner

Winner: CB Lincoln Griffin

This is yet another award to go on the trophy shelf for one of the most decorated players in the CFSL. Griffin is the second Florida Gator to ever win this Award. The first was Levi Temes in Season 12.

Freshman of the Year

Nominees: LB James Baker, QB Beau Dale, FS Carlos De Leon, LB Holly Jax, WR Gavin Lussier, DE Dior Washington

Winner: QB Beau Dale

This was a tough race, but Beau Dale’s incredible Freshman campaign secured him the award. Dale is the first Florida Gator to ever win this award.

Most Improved Player

Nominees: QB McKade Alber, DE Drew Brandt, DT Brett Brazelton, QB Loki Gunderson, WR Damian Jones, WR Nasir Kooper, WR Garrett Warner

Winner: QB McKade Alber

McKade Alber is not only the first Toledo player to win this award, but he is also the first MAC player to win.

Athletic Director of the Year

Nominees: Aaron Ike, Clutch, JGates, ThatGuy2420, tyree

Winner: Aaron Ike

After a fantastic season, Michigan’s Aaron Ike took home the award for AD of the Year. He is the first Michigan AD to win the award.

Fan of the Year

Nominees: AMK588, Cait9, DrakeOG, Frank15, Roggie, State

Winner: Frank15

After many nominations for this award, Frank finally wins Fan of the Year. Frank is the first Michigan Wolverine to win this award.

Defensive Player of the Year

Nominees: LB Tymundus Bell, CB Lincoln Griffin, LB Ryan Schultz, LB Jameson Weinrich, DT Laci White

Winner: LB Tymundus Bell

Bell had an insane season and took home the DPOTY award as a result. He is the first Florida Gator to win this award.

Offensive Player of the Year

Nominees: QB McKade Alber, WR JT Cass Jr, QB Loki Gunderson, QB Cece Range, HB John Paul Smith

Winner: QB McKade Alber

Alber earned himself some more hardware with this win. This was a monumental night for not only Alber and Toledo but the MAC as a whole. No MAC player had ever won this award.


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