The CFSL’s Content Team Season 18 Predictions

Ryan Moreland · August 17, 2023


By: The CFSL Content Team

Season 18 is just around the corner. So here at the CFSL Content Team decided to do some predictions about the upcoming season. A survey was given out asking some questions about how this season might go. Here are the results.

Question One: Which Final Four Team from Season 17 will miss the playoffs?

TeamPercentage of Votes
Oklahoma State0%

Now, most likely all of these teams will be back in the hunt for a playoff run. However, the content team had to pick the team they felt most likely to not make it back. As you can see, Alabama and Florida tied for the top spot, with Michigan directly below them. No one felt the reigning champs would not make it back.

Question Two: Which team that missed the playoffs last year will make it this year?

TeamPercentage of Votes
West Virginia53.85%
Ohio State15.38%

As you can see by the table above, the Content Team is sold on what West Virginia AD Nate Murphy has been doing this off-season. Auburn falls just below them, with Ohio State not far behind. No one on the staff had much faith in Oregon or Clemson to make a playoff run (I am sure the Ducks and Tigers will screenshot this to use as ammunition later).

Question Three: Which team will win the MAC?

TeamPercentage of Votes
Eastern Michigan53.85%
Northern Illinois15.38%
Bowling Green7.69%
Kent State0%

The Eagles of Ypsilanti are the clear favorites in the CFSL’s third conference (at least the writers think so). A few had faith in Toledo and NIU (both getting two votes) and Ohio and BGSU both squeaked out a vote. Only the Flashes of Kent State did not receive a vote.

Question Four: Which team will win the B1G?

TeamPercentage of Votes
Oklahoma State69.23%
Notre Dame7.69%

The defending champs still have the target on their backs as the writers predict them to be the clear favorite for the conference title. Michigan, Notre Dame, and Texas also received some votes. Any team that isn’t listed (Clemson, Ohio State, Boise State, Oregon, and Illinois) did not receive a vote.

Question Five: Which team will win the SEC?

TeamPercentage of Votes
Florida State30.77%
North Carolina7.69%

The is a perception among the Content Team that the SEC is much more up for grabs than the B1G. Miami and Florida State tied for the lead (and I can’t wait for that game). The reigning SEC Champs come in third place, with only two votes. Florida, UNC, and Kentucky all got a single vote. Auburn, Pittsburgh, Georgia, and West Virginia all did not receive a vote.

Question Six: Who will win the National Championship in Season 18?

TeamPercentage of Votes
Florida State23.08%
Oklahoma State7.69%
*For this question voters were not allowed to vote for their own teams.

This question was far more divided than the others. Just like the vote for the SEC title, Florida State and Miami tied for the lead. Florida and Michigan came just a vote short of them. Georgia, Oklahoma State, and Texas all received a single vote. Interestingly enough, Georgia got a vote for the National Championship despite not getting a nod for the SEC title. Also worth noting, three of the top four vote-getters come from the SEC. All teams not listed did not receive a vote.


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