From the Desk of the Editor: Season 18, Week 4

Ryan Moreland · September 25, 2023


By: Ryan Moreland (@ryanmoreland)

All Roads to Lead to the Playoffs

The road to the playoffs has changed. This season the CFSL Selection Committee is no more (I miss debating with you all). The top seven teams from each Power 2 conference will get an automatic bid. The last two spots will go to the MAC Champ and the best at-large (as voted on by the league).

At least five (and perhaps six) Power 2 teams will be left out of the playoffs. And there are some matchups this week that will have a major impact on who might be on the outside looking in.

Boise State at Michigan

Boise State has become known as the CFSL’s question mark. We never know what to expect from this team. While they have been good this year, they have had a tough schedule. They set 1-3 and 0-2 in the B1G. They know they need to start winning conference games if they want to make the playoffs.

They will have a chance to do that this week. Michigan is also 1-3 in the season. However, they are 1-1 in the conference, which puts them ahead of the Broncos. I understand that both of these teams will likely make it in, but both are in a precarious situation right now. One of these teams will pull themselves out of this bad spot tonight. One won’t.

Clemson at Ohio State

1-3 Ohio State has yet to win a conference game. They are in desperate need of a win this week. Just being honest, there are not a lot of opportunities for the Buckeyes to get the wins they will need to get in. After Clemson, they will play Oregon, Illinois, and Michigan. Oregon should be a win, but you aren’t making the playoffs with 1 conference win and a 2-6 record. They need to get this one and put Clemson in their rearview window. This will be easier said than done, but if the Buckeyes lose this week I don’t think they will make it to the playoffs.

Auburn at Florida State

Both Auburn and Florida State are 2-2 on the season right now. However, FSU holds the advantage as one of those wins is in the SEC. For Auburn, a win would go a long way into getting them a playoff birth. For the Seminoles, they need a decisive win to get back on track. I am not dumb enough to bet against Tom Pence when it matters, but they can’t overlook this Tiger team.

Toledo at Eastern Michigan

This one could be for the MAC Championship. I know, it is REALLY early to say that, but these two teams have been special. One of them will stay undefeated in the conference with a tiebreaker over the other. This is an absolute must-win for both teams. Rockets or Eagles: who wants to get into the Playoffs?

Don’t Call it a Comeback

Alabama started the season with back-to-back out-of-conference losses. The CFSL fanbase was already starting to count them out. A playbook change later and the Crimson Tide are one of the hottest teams in the CFSL. In Week Three the Tide outlasted the Florida Gators in an amazing 48-45 victory. They followed that up with a 34-13 shellacking of Kentucky.

They are looking forward to two easier games against Pittsburgh and West Virginia in the next two weeks. They absolutely can’t afford to overlook these two teams (especially a WVU squad they always seem to struggle with), but I expect them to win both. That will set up a Week Seven match-up with Miami. This could be the de facto SEC Championship game.

Either way, Alabama is back, they are red hot, and despite their record, they are one of the best teams in the CFSL. Watch out for the Tide.

What is Happening?

Look, I understand not all schedules are created equal and we have a lot of season left. I know a lot will change. But can we take a second to ask what the hell is going on? Notre Dame is undefeated and is the most pass-happy team in the CFSL. Illinois, North Carolina, and Georgia are all having breakout seasons. West Virginia is above Florida State and Kentucky in the SEC Standings. Clemson stands above Michigan and Boise State in the B1G Standings.

As I said, there is a lot of football left. This could all come crashing down. All of this could just be a mirage. But, and hear me out, what if it isn’t? What if Notre Dame makes a deep playoff run? What if the teams that joined in Season 15 are becoming powerhouses? What if the Mountaineers and Tigers make the playoffs over teams that we consider perennial contenders? We are on the brink of this season going from mildly confusing to outright baffling. And I, myself, am rooting for chaos. Good luck everyone.

Who Impressed Me This Week

Avery Ware, Texas QB

Ware threw for 454 yards this week in a win over Texas-rivalry Oklahoma. While he only scored one touchdown, this was still an amazing performance. Texas just chose to run the ball in the redzone. And you can’t blame them, because it worked.

Valentino Villareal, West Virginia DE

The Mountaineers came up with a much-needed win over Auburn this past week and Villareal is a big reason why they won. He had four sacks and five TFLs. This performance was unbelievable and it tied the WVU record for sacks in a single game.

Titus Price, Alabama WR

Titus Price had a huge game and came up big when they needed him most. Shocker, right? Price honestly could be on this list almost every single week and no one would bat an eye. This week he caught only 6 passes for 147 yards and two scores. Just another day in the office for Price.

Dustin Roller, Northern Illinois HB

Roller was solid as a rock this week. He had 35 carries, 184 total yards, and two touchdowns. The Huskies snagged a close victory over BGSU and they did it on the back of Roller. What a performance!

Toledo’s Rushing Attack

QB Sam Dobbins and HB Toby Kneer combined for 347 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns in a rout of Kent State. Those are unreal numbers. The running might finally be back and Toledo is the team that is bringing it back.

Arthur Wilson, Florida CB

Florida had a tough loss this week, but they did a great job of forcing turnovers from Miami. No one was better at this than Wilson. He had two interceptions in this game (which were the first of his season). Great game in a tough loss.

Cadbury Wellington, North Carolina TE

Wellington is doing things we have never seen a tight end do before. This week he had 10 catches for 181 yards. He is now second in the league in receiving yards. Only one wide receiver had been more productive than Beef. That is hard to believe. Keep it up, Beef!

The Adieu Haiku

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