Introducing the Season 19 Generational Talents

LightningDragon · November 16, 2023


By: Cole Mantell (@lightningdragon)

Tonight will be a historic night in CFSL history, as the first ever Generational Talent archetype auction will be held. A popular idea when first proposed, the Generational Talents are among many new changes starting in Season 19. To prepare readers (and potential bidders) on the basics of each new archetype, we’ve gone through all of the ten new builds here for you. The builds are listed in alphabetical order. Based on previous demand for both positions and archetypes in the league, each archetype has also been rated a number out of 10 based on how in demand they may be.

Hitman – Strong Safety

Previous CFSL Comparable – Marcus Perez

Likely Popularity – 6.5/10

Ask any Athletic Director, and they’ll tell you how important a ballhawk safety is in today’s CFSL. The only Safety Generation Talent promises to bring both great deep coverage and bone-crushing tackles. Safety is often a position with less demand in general, but in terms of recruiting demand? This might be the most heavily recruited Generation Talent depending on who wins the auction. An excellent all around safety, this player might not be as flashy as a generational QB or WR, but it will be just as effective in helping a team win. Put this build on a contender, and it will elevate a defense from good to awesome.

I’m Him Wide Receiver/Cornerback

Previous CFSL Comparable – Mark Cole

Likely Popularity – 9.5/10

The only problem coaches of this build are going to have is that the player might take a game or two off to participate in the Summer Olympics. This build will be the fastest receiver in the next era of the CFSL, and it won’t be particularly close. The versatility of this build is what makes it so fascinating. Will a team dedicate this player to both sides of the ball, especially if it is an expansion team trying to build depth? Or will a contender use the build specifically at one side of the ball to save stamina and roast some poor walk-ons? The possibilities are endless with this build, and it will be maybe the most fun archetype to watch on the field in Season 19.

King of Roses Archetype – Quarterback

Previous CFSL Comparable – Ray Tatum

Likely Popularity – 10/10

If I won the lottery and could choose any of the new Generational Talents to build around, this is the one. Versatile at both the run and pass, extremely smart, this is the type of QB champions are built around. The ceiling for this build is the similar quarterback of Ray Tatum, one of the best to ever play. In today’s CFSL, it will be much tougher to completely take over games like Tatum did, but that is the ceiling for this build. The underrated part of this build is the trucking rating (52). While this build passes and runs maybe a little less than the Ron Mexico build introduced, almost no one in the next era of the CFSL will be able to stop this QB at the line of scrimmage.

Mad Stork – Outside Linebacker/Defensive End

Previous CFSL Comparable – Rocky Dale

Likely Popularity – 7.5/10

This is a pure athlete. In today’s CFSL high-motor, fast linebackers are the leader of any good defense. This build can achieve that and more if tuned correctly. Whether as the leader of a linebacker unit or as a part of a crushing defensive line, this might be one of the most versatile Generational Talents introduced this season. While I suspect the winner of this auction will spec this build into a pure tackler, the build also provides underrated coverage stats and could lead non-defensive backs in interceptions as well. As for whether the winner will make a pure DE or OLB, we will have to wait and see on that one.

Minister Archetype – Defensive End/Defensive Tackle

Previous CFSL Comparable – Cillian MacBride

Likely Popularity – 9/10

Back when multiposition archetypes were first introduced, the most requested builds always seemed to be either WR/CB and DE/DT. Quickly, players emerged that could both stuff the run and blitz the pass anywhere on the line. With incredible strength, this build will be likely the most popular Generational Talent this season on defense. With how important defensive line recruiting has been recently in the CFSL, this is a golden ticket to sacks in this archetype. Not many players will be able to be good enough on defense to build an entire scheme around, but this is certainly a rare exception. Watch out Quarterbacks, this player is on the hunt.

Mr. Stilts Archetype – Wide Receiver

Previous CFSL Comparables – Anthony Delano

Likely Popularity – 6/10

This build might be the double-edged edge sword of the Generational Talents. On the one hand, the archetype is going to be the best pure height and catching option available among the WR Generational Talents. On the other hand, lower strength and speed compared to some other builds might make this archetype less popular in the auction. However, do not underestimate a tall red zone threat. This kind of WR will be a red zone gamebreaker, and it will do so not in pure speed, but simply by outjumping opponents. If you are a fan of “Mossing” CBs, this is the archetype you want.

Prime Time Archetype – Cornerback/Wide Receiver 4

Previous CFSL Comparable – Dorian Chase Miller

Likely Popularity – 7.5/10

The trait that will draw people to this archetype is no doubt the fast speed, game-breaking agility, and top-of-line coverage stats. No doubt, this will be a tough CB to beat no matter where they play. The sneaky part of this build, however, is not the multiposition ability. If someone wants to become a broken WR, there are a few builds available for that. No, it is this build’s return ability. Except for a few schools, wherever this player goes will set some return records if utilized correctly. It almost might be a better idea not to play this build on offense and instead focus on defense and special teams for stamina reasons. That might draw away a few bidders, but will also make this build a draw to others.

Ron Mexico Archetype – Quarterback

Previous CFSL Comparable – KyShawn Williams

Likely Popularity – 9/10

The Ron Mexico archetype is “likely the fastest QB you will ever see in the CFSL.” While previously there has been difficulty in building around a rushing Quarterback, there should be no issues here as the build not only has some great speed (93) but also is still a Balanced tendency QB build. This means the archetype will not scramble too often while providing great pocket awareness. The ceiling to this build is a player such as KyShawn Williams, a true dual threat with the arm strength and smarts to hit receivers in traffic, while also navigating any collapsing pocket. This is the kind of Quarterback an expansion team in Season 19 would love to build an offense around, specifically.

Super Freak Archetype – Wide Receiver

Previous CFSL Comparable – Fozzy Brown

Likely Popularity – 8/10

For when you find speed boring when building a WR, why not grab one who will just shove opposing CBs out of the way? A powerful WR build in multiple senses, this build will be both a 1st down and red zone threat. Combine top of the line acceleration with an impressive spectacular catch ability, and this is a highlight reel WR in the making. While some might look at a slower speed rating compared to other WRs in this auction, that would be a mistake. For my money, this archetype will have more Top 10 plays on Monday than any other Generational Talent.

Who Knows Archetype – Halfback

Previous CFSL Comparable – Conner Darian

Likely Popularity – 6/10

This archetype is what happens when you take the strength and power of Josiah Henry and match it with the speed of a player such as William Tree. This kind of player might play at a position that historically has fewer spots open on teams, but teams are going to make room to get this kind of halfback on the offense. In today’s passing CFSL, an expansion team with this archetype on board will shred opposing pass centric defenses. If this build matches with a pass-heavy QB, expect unstoppable chaos. Still, this build is a power run halfback in a league with maybe two or three true power halfbacks. This is the type of build that will be tricky to perfect, but absolutely worth it when tuned correctly.


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