CFSL Season 18 Draft: Round 1

Ryan Moreland · November 27, 2023


By: Ryan Moreland (@ryanmoreland)

As you learned from Cole’s articles, the CFSL Pro League is not coming back. This is just a draft to see where graduating seniors might go if there was a pro league. I want to make that part clear before we dive into the fun part.

Now, time for the good stuff. 21 people around the league choose to represent an NFL team and draft CFSL players based on their team’s needs in real life. The draft included every graduating senior from Season 18. The draft order was decided by the actual NFL draft order as it currently stands (with real-life trades taken out). Teams were given a week to execute pick trades (and you will see a lot of them).

There were seven rounds in this draft and this article is just the first of three that will come out this week covering these rounds. Without further ado, he is the CFSL Season 18 Draft’s 1st round!

Round 1, Pick 1

Team Selecting: New England Patriots (via Carolina)
GM Selecting: 409Kay
Pick: QB, Ryan Moreland, Oklahoma State

409Kay knew the direction he wanted to take the Pats and he didn’t wait to make it happen. This was not only the first trade you will see in this draft, but it was also the first trade executed. 409Kay traded his 3rd overall and his 3rd round pick to DanielGunn of the Panthers for the 1st overall and a sixth-rounder.

After securing the pick 409Kay knew who he wanted to lead the Patriots in the future. He drafted Moreland, who is a proven winner and talented quarterback to replace the ever-average Mac Jones.

Round 1, Pick 2

Team Selecting: New York Giants
GM Selecting: Syrok
Pick: QB, Cece Range, Alabama

The second pick of the draft is the first pick that wasn’t traded. The Daniel Jones experiment is coming to a close and the GMen need a new signal-caller. And they were in a great place to get one. There were two record-setting QBs in this class and only one could be taken before this pick.

With Moreland gone, Syrok selected Alabama’s Cece Range. Range has gone down in history as one of the best QBs to ever play in the CFSL. The future of the Giants looks great in his hands.

Round 1, Pick 3

Team Selecting: Atlanta Falcons (via New England, Carolina, Miami)
GM Selecting: Tankasaursrex
Pick: DT, Fetu Apatu, Auburn

This is an interesting pick for so many reasons. First off, this pick was traded several times (as I am sure you have noticed). Four different teams held the third overall, but it was the Falcons that would use it.

The next reason it was interesting is because of the selection. No draft is complete without a shocking pick and we didn’t have to wait long to get one. With players like Laci White, Ezra Rogalski, and Israel Jordan Ward still on the board, Tankasaursrex decided to go with Apatu. While this fills a need (and Apatu is a solid player) one has to think they could have done better with this pick. Tony Papol will have his Team Draft Grades article coming out later this week and I can’t wait to see how this pick affects the Falcons’ grade.

Round 1, Pick 4

Team Selecting: Arizona Cardinals
GM Selecting: Logan
Pick: QB, Shaker Mayflower, Pittsburgh

And it didn’t take long to get our second shocking pick. Although I am sure he had offers, Logan doesn’t trade his pick. He decided that Kyler Murray isn’t the guy moving forward and he wants a QB. With Moreland and Range off the boar,d one might think Logan would target Loki Gunderson or Derrick Power.

However, Logan decides to march to the beat of his own drum. He instead takes CFSL journeymen Shaker Mayflower. This is another selection that I can’t wait to see Tony analyze.

Round 1, Pick 5

Team Selecting: Chicago Bears
GM Selecting: jmel
Pick: QB, Derrick Power, Oklahoma

The Bears were another team looking for a QB and a great one fell into their lap at five. Derrick Power had a fantastic career and put up stellar numbers despite sharing starting time as a freshman.

Fields is out and Power is in for Chicago. Could he be the guy that finally ends the QB woes for the Bears?

Round 1, Pick 6

Team Selecting: Carolina Panthers (via Tennessee, Miami)
GM Selecting: DanielGunn
Pick: WR, JT Cass Jr, Florida

Gunn and his Panthers have a promising young signal caller, so he wisely decided to trade back in favor of more draft capital. This move pays off in a big way as the best WR in the class is still available after trading back twice.

The Cass/Young connection should help the young QB and make the Panther offense one to keep an eye on. Perhaps being a Panther fan might not suck anymore, Gunn.

Round 1, Pick 7

Team Selecting: Miami Dolphins (via Atlanta)
GM Selecting: Ware
Pick: TE, Cadbury Wellington, North Carolina

Is there anything more scary than the Miami Dolphins getting another dominant weapon on offense? Well, thanks to Ware they do. “Beef” Wellington comes off the board 7th overall to pair alongside Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle.

While 7th overall is historically very high for a TE, there is no denying Wellington’s greatness. Wherever Tua is right now, he is smiling.

Round 1, Pick 8

Team Selecting: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
GM Selecting: Cole Mantell
Pick: OLB, Tymundus Bell, Florida

The second Gator to go in the draft is none other than Tymundus Bell. The former Defensive Player of the Year joins a Tampa Bay team that has been known for great linebacker play in the 2000s.

Now teams will have to deal with the tandem of Shaq Barrett and Bell breathing down their QB’s necks and creating havoc in the running game. Thank god I got drafted into the AFC.

Round 1, Pick 9

Team Selecting: New York Jets
GM Selecting: SilentxNinja
Pick: DE/DT, Laci White, Miami

I spoke too soon. Now there is a nightmare in my division. 409Kay, I demand a trade.

It is shocking to me that Laci White fell this far, but you won’t hear SilentxNinja complain. He lands the record and QB-breaking defensive linemen that is sure to make his defense even better. This was a huge get for the Jets and one they couldn’t have expected to fall this far.

Round 1, Pick 10

Team Selecting: Denver Broncos
GM Selecting: Skyballr
Pick: WR, Titus Price, Alabama

There are a lot of directions Denver could have gone with this selection, but getting a homerun threat at wideout is always hard to pass up. Price will join the ever-puzzling Russell Wilson experiment and see if he can’t be the missing piece that makes it great.

Either way, Skyballr has to be happy that Price fell to him.

Round 1, Pick 11

Team Selecting: Los Angeles Chargers
GM Selecting: Stephens
Pick: WR, Trystin Haynes, Florida

Florida was the first team to have two players taken and now they are the first to hit number three. While there are more pressing needs for LAC (like Corner) this is still a great pickup. They have put all their eggs in the Justin Herbert basket, so why not get him some more toys to play with?

One could argue that Blake Elder was the better pick here, but Haynes is still a great WR with homerun abilities. I am sure Stephens isn’t going to lose sleep over it.

Round 1, Pick 12

Team Selecting: Cincinnati Bengals
GM Selecting: Greg Cooksey
Pick: DT, Israel Jordan Ward

Too bad you can’t draft offensive linemen, right?

Cooksey has to be excited to land a talent like Ward at this spot. Just like the previous selection, one could argue there was a better player available (Ezra Rogalski), but this is still a great pick.

The AFC North is normally known for stout defenses and the Queen City Kitties just got a mauler.

Round 1, Pick 13

Team Selecting: New Orleans Saints
GM Selecting: Cody.Smith
Pick: QB, Ayden Martinez, North Carolina

This was an interesting selection. The Saints put $150 million into Derek Carr, but Cody.Smith is obviously not impressed with his level of play. The Saints get their QB of the future in Martinez.

This could be considered another selection that could have gone to a different player (Loki Gunderson), but Smith is confident in his selection.

Round 1, Pick 14

Team Selecting: Pittsburgh Steelers
GM Selecting: Beatitdownb
Pick: MLB, Ryan Schultz, Alabama

The first thing I said when this pick was made was, “Doesn’t this feel like a Pittsburgh selection?” The hard-nosed and productive linebacker will join a team with a long history of hard-nosed, productive linebackers.

At pick 14, Schultz has to be considered a steal. This was a great value pick, something the Steelers are also known for.

Round 1, Pick 15

Team Selecting: Dallas Cowboys
GM Selecting: Wookie
Pick: WR, Blake Elder, Florida State

The Cowboys just got another weapon for Dak. But that is not all, they also have an electric return man who is a touchdown threat. This is Devin Hester who can run clean routes.

While there may be more pressing needs for the Cowboys, this was a hard player to pass up.

Round 1, Pick 16

Team Selecting: Cleveland Browns
GM Selecting: VinnyTrill
Pick: DE, Jay Gates, Miami

The second Miami defensive lineman is off the board and heading to Ohio. The pairing of him and Myles Garrett is enough to send shivers down the spine of any opposing QB.

Once again Ezra Rogalski falls. Being overlooked is something he is used to by now, right?

Round 1, Pick 17

Team Selecting: Tennessee Titans (via Miami)
GM Selecting: Ryan Moreland
Pick: CB, Rishaun Rylan, Oklahoma State

The Titans are in need of a lot but decided to trade back from the 6th pick in favor of more draft capital. They will be rewarded for that by still being able to land the best CB in the draft class. Rylan is one of only three players with over 20 interceptions in CFSL history.

While WR is likely a more pressing need for Tennessee, it is hard to pass up a sure-fire corner for a team that desperately needs one.

Round 1, Pick 18

Team Selecting: Seattle Seahawks
GM Selecting: Bradenb
Pick: DT, Jordan Baker, Florida State

The Roggie slide continues as the Seahawks take Baker to be their gap swallower in the middle. No disrespect to Baker, who had a fine career of his own, but this was a missed opportunity to be sure.

However, Baker is sure to still give this aging defense a big boost in the middle of the line.

Round 1, Pick 19

Team Selecting: San Francisco 49ers
GM Selecting: SGEasty
Pick: CB, Trevor Austin, North Carolina

The 49ers come into the draft with every few holes to fill. The only real hole is at corner. So SGEasty had to be salivating when only one CB was off the board at 19.

Austin is a ball hawk who will also provide plenty of excitement in the return game. The always humble SGEasty might not want to grade his team too high on his Draft Grades article, but go ahead and give yourself an A+ on this pick.

Round 1, Pick 20

Team Selecting: New England Patriots (via Baltimore)
GM Selecting: 409Kay
Pick: WR, Tatiana Hoops, North Carolina

409Kay took Ryan Moreland first overall and now trades back into the first round to land Moreland a weapon.

While the Patriots have a nice history of not taking first-round WRs (and missing when they do) they land a great one here. Or at least it better be. 409Kay sold the farm to land Moreland and Hoops.

Round 1, Pick 21

Team Selecting: Philadelphia Eagles
GM Selecting: Stmac
Pick: CB, Shawn Adams, Georgia

The last pick of the first round belongs to the juggernaut Eagles. They decided to bolster the secondary with a former All-American Shawn Adams.

This pick filled a need, had great value, and they didn’t need to trade up to get their guy. This didn’t feel like a Howie Roseman pick at all! Jokes aside, great pick.

First Round Wrap-Up

This brings an end to the first round of the Season 18 CFSL Draft. There are still plenty of great names left on the board (poor Roggie), but they will have to wait until tomorrow when the second and third rounds are released. Congrats to all those who were drafted and thank you to all the names above for making this idea possible. See you all tomorrow!


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