CFSL Season 18 Draft: Rounds 4-7

Ryan Moreland · November 29, 2023


By: Ryan Moreland (@ryanmoreland)

The Season 18 Draft continues with the last four rounds. There are still plenty of great players on the board. There are also a lot of surprises, trades, and wild picks coming your way. Let’s dive in.

Quick note: Due to a clerical error (all my fault) there were three Kentucky players that were added to the Draft Pool that did not graduate this past season. This mistake was not caught until after the draft, so they stand as is. Sorry for the mistake and enjoy being drafted early for those three players.

Round 4

1Miami Dolphins
(via Carolina)
WareCB, Silus Riggs, Boise State
2New York GiantsSyrokCB, Zay Martinez, Illinois
3Baltimore Ravens
(via New England)
Jacobb2WR, Thane Lewis, Auburn
4New York Jets
(via Arizona)
SilentxNinjaTE, Justin Duke, Texas
5Chicago BearsjmelFS, Adam Sala, West Virginia
6Baltimore Ravens
(via Tennessee)
Jacobb2CB, Hershel Duke, Oklahoma State
7Atlanta FalconsTankasaursrexDE, Scott Reichle, Florida State
8Tampa Bay BuccaneersCole MantellDT, Pierce Parker, Boise State
9Baltimore RavensJacobb2OLB, Thomas Schultz, Notre Dame
10Denver BroncosSkyballrTE, Daniel Begley, Michigan
11Los Angeles ChargersStephensHB, Gabriel Zeigler, Miami
12Cincinnati BengalsGreg CookseyWR, Nasir Kooper, Clemson
13New Orleans SaintsCody.smithDT, Kade Padgett, Michigan
14Pittsburgh SteelersBeatitdownbMLB, Wes Finy, North Carolina
15Dallas CowboysWookieCB, Noah Shaikh, Miami
16Cleveland BrownsVinnyTrillSS, Colby Ray Walker, Florida
17Carolina Panthers
(via Miami)
DanielGunnFB/TE, Juni Winter, Florida State
18Seattle SeahawksBradenbDE, Mike Donlin, Pittsburgh
19Tennessee Titans
(via San Francisco)
RyanMorelandMLB, Troy William, Alabama
20Baltimore RavensJacobb02WR, Demetrius Reese, Clemson
21Philadelphia EaglesStmacSS, Brandon Catchings, Illinois

Round 5

1Carolina PanthersDanielGunnDT, Jeff Knight, North Carolina
2New York GiantsSyrokCB, Luca Hudson, Illinois
3New England Patriots409KayWR, JJ Lang, Kentucky
4New York Jets
(via Arizona)
SilentxNinjaMLB, Devin Rudisell, Oklahoma State
5Chicago BearsjmelWR, Johnathan Blanton, Eastern Michigan
6San Francisco 49ers
(via Tennessee)
SGEastyMLB, Luke Davis, Oklahoma
7Atlanta FalconsTankasaursrexWR, Bastille LaRue, Auburn
8Tampa Bay BuccaneersCole MantellCB, Brady Boutwell, Kentucky
9Arizona Cardinals
(via New York Jets)
LoganFS, DJ Hanson, Florida State
10Denver BroncosSkyballrDE, Muhammad Smith, Pittsburgh
11Los Angeles ChargersStephensCB, Cletarius White, Illinois
12Cincinnati BengalsGreg CookseyQB, Tony Ellis, West Virginia
13New Orleans SaintsCody.smithDE, Mikie Gold, Clemson
14Pittsburgh SteelersBeatitdownbSS, Brandon Daniels, Northern Illinois
15Dallas CowboysWookieOLB, Wesley Bellomy, West Virginia
16Cleveland BrownsVinnyTrillTE, Butch Hetherton, Oklahoma
17Carolina Panthers
(via Miami)
DanielGunnDE, DeAndre Gross, North Carolina
18Seattle SeahawksBradenbQB, Loki Gunderson, Clemson
19San Francisco 49ersSGEastyDE, Jimmy McKirdy, West Virginia
20Baltimore RavensJacobb02TE, Joseph Bautista, Auburn
21Philadelphia EaglesStmacWR, Bryson Stamper, Illinois

Round 6

1Baltimore Ravens
(via Carolina,
New England)
Jacobb02DE, Dior Washington, Kentucky
2New York GiantsSyrokOLB, Henry Pate III, Boise State
3New England409KaySS, Rolf Altmann, Texas
4Arizona CardinalsLoganK, Salvador Cruz, Florida
5Chicago BearsjmelCB, Maddie Wine, Bowling Green
6San Francisco 49ers
(via Tennessee)
SGEastyHB, Demario James Garcia, Florida State
7Atlanta FalconsTankasaursrexDE, Joshua Bolton, Auburn
8Tampa Bay BuccaneersCole MantellSS, Daxton Moore, North Carolina
9New York JetsSilentxNinjaFS, Deuce Palmer, Oklahoma
10Denver BroncosSkyballrMLB, Jason Porter, Pittsburgh
11Los Angeles ChargersStephensFS, Frank Mason, Illinois
12Cincinnati BengalsGreg CookseyCB, Kenneth Narwick, Pittsburgh
13New Orleans SaintsCody.smithWR, BrySon Homan, Kentucky
14Pittsburgh SteelersBeatitdownbWR, Gary Harrison, Kent State
15Dallas CowboysWookieWR, Jack Keane, Pittsburgh
16Cleveland BrownsVinnyTrillOLB, Haisten Kai, Ohio State
17Miami DolphinsWareFB, Corbin Archer, Ohio State
18Seattle SeahawksBradenbWR, AJ Ragland, Oklahoma
19Tennessee Titans
(via San Francisco)
RyanMorelandWR, Jason Miller, Pittsburgh
20New England Patriots
(via Baltimore)
409KayOLB, John Smith, Miami
21Philadelphia EaglesStmacWR, Rocky Franklin, Auburn

Round 7

1New Orleans Saints
(via Carolina)
Cody.smithCB, Ted Zelenock, Illinois
2New York GiantsSyrokFS, Kendrick Jarrett, Auburn
3New England Patriots409KayK, Luca Rivers, Kent State
4New York Jets
(via Arizona)
SilentxNinjaWR, Trey Meekins III, Oregon
5Chicago BearsjmelK, Waylon Wright, Miami
6San Francisco 49ers
(via Tennessee)
SGEastyTE, Teddy Roberts, North Carolina
7Atlanta FalconsTankasaursrexK, Pacer Smith Miller, Alabama
8Tampa Bay BuccaneersCole MantellWR, Jimmie Brown, Notre Dame
9Baltimore Ravens
(via New York Jets)
Jacobb02TE, Ted Krzysik, West Virginia
10Denver BroncosSkyballrK, Preston Rhude, Oklahoma State
11Los Angeles ChargersStephensK, Guy Blewitt, Texas
12Cincinnati BengalsGreg CookseyDE, Rex O’Brien, Illinois
13New Orleans SaintsCody.smithMLB, Andrew Cannedy, Oklahoma State
14Pittsburgh SteelersBeatitdownbDE, Jaiden Carter, North Carolina
15Dallas CowboysWookieK, Alexi Kear, Florida State
16Cleveland BrownsVinnyTrillFS, Rich Johnson, Notre Dame
17New Orleans Saints
(via Miami, Carolina)
Cody.smithK, Freddie Franklin, North Carolina
18Seattle SeahawksBradenbK, Hugo Calderon, West Virginia
19San Francisco 49ersSGEastyFS, Ray Baker, Michigan
20Baltimore RavensJacobb02WR, Richard Cassell, Pittsburgh

Congrats to all of our draftees! I would also like to once again thank all of our General Managers for their help in making this possible. I hope you all enjoyed this.


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