Season 18 Transfer Rankings

Ryan Moreland · November 29, 2023


By: David Ware (@Ware)

National Signing Day is approaching and one of the largest transfer portals in CFSL history is looking to sort itself out. 162 players will be finding new teams. One of the best parts of the off-season is knowing who the top recruits are and the ultimate bragging rights among rivals and friends. Let’s take a look at the Top 25 players in the transfer portal and see who the top dogs are. 

Note: Players’ stats from last season are weighted against all the players in their position and then ranked.

Top 25

RankPlayerPositionFormer Team
25Cade McClainHBKentucky
24Jon LeeMLBOhio State
23Joshua SimsWRGeorgia
22Fred Thomas HBKentucky
21Draymond Shakur IIWRBoise State
20Ray SeymourDEKentucky
19Ken Dixon IIIWRKentucky
18Cristiano ValentineOLBOhio
17Colt LawrenceMLBGeorgia
16Lane ThomasDEGeorgia
15Mateo WalkerQBMiami
14Jaxson VernalCBOklahoma
13Bronco DukesDTGeorgia
12Topher ForemanQBMichigan
11Rocco RamboHBOhio State

Top 10

#10 DT Anthony Kuehler

Northern Illinois DT Anthony Kuehler bringing Cooksey down for the sack.

The defensive tackle from Northern Illinois is a senior who is looking for his third team in four years. Kuehler has 110 career tackles, 56 tackles for loss, and 33 sacks. An interesting fact is that as a freshman, Anthony had more sacks than the last two years combined as well as forcing two forced fumbles. A change of scenery could be exactly what the doctor ordered for Kuehler.

#9 QB Avery Ware

The gunslinger from Texas will be looking to finish his college career with a bang. He has 11,285 passing yards so far with 86 touchdowns and 50 “Wares” or interceptions as some know it. Ware had his best season when it comes to passing yards and passing percentage last season as well as rushing for 352 yards which surpassed his career total prior to his junior season. Ware could finish in the Top 10 in CFSL history in passing attempts, completions, yards, and touchdowns if he can keep up his career averages.

#8 OLB Robbie Legg 

Florida LB Robbie Legg with the big hit on Rhodes for a fumble.

Legg is another senior looking to finish his career strong and much like Kuehler it will be his third team of his college career. His junior year saw some of his stats fluctuate as his tackles and tackles for loss were lower than his sophomore year, but he did see an increase in sacks and fumble recoveries. Legg is the highest-rated outside linebacker in the portal and is looking to lead a team in tackles and sacks much like he did in high school as a member of the Tomball Cougars.

#7 HB Bode Dale

The second highest-rated halfback in the portal, Dale finished just short of 1,000 total yards last year. He has been consistent throughout his career with at least 600 rushing yards per year. While having at least 350 yards receiving the last two seasons. Dale is sure to be a big-time offensive weapon for wherever he signs.

#6 QB Sam Dobbins

Toledo QB Sam Dobbins fighting off the tackler to power in for a touchdown run.

Dobbins is listed as a QB but he led the league in rushing last year and during the last two seasons has been the best running quarterback in the CFSL. Dobbins rushed for 1,230 yards with 14 touchdowns last year while throwing for 1,828 yards and 10 passing touchdowns. The big left-handed quarterback is very difficult to bring down and crafty on his feet. It’s safe to say that Dobbins will be looking for a team looking to be run-heavy, but never overlook his ability to lead a team downfield for a game-winning drive.

#5 QB Charlie Sammons 

Last season’s championship-winning quarterback Sammons is the highest-rated quarterback in the transfer portal and is capable of airing out the ball. Samons passed for 4,391 yards and 37 touchdowns last year and broke the 10,000 career yards mark. The senior will be looking to build on his solid junior season as he has progressed each and every season of his career so far. During his three seasons so far Sammons has thrown just short of three touchdowns to each interception and has been a model of efficiency. Sammons will provide an instant boost to any offense that he decides to transfer to.  

#4 MLB Jameson Weinrich

Kentucky LB Jameson Weinrich sealed the championship with the pick-six.

Another member of the CFSL Season 18 championship team is in the transfer portal. Weinrich racked up 98 tackles and 18 tackles for loss last year. That’s not even the most impressive stat as he had four interceptions for 155 yards, seven pass deflections, two forced fumbles, and a fumble recovery. Weinrich scored two defensive touchdowns from the middle linebacker spot. Whatever team is lucky enough to pull in this monster to play middle linebacker, will instantly boost their defense to the next level. Very few players can be classified as instant game changers, but this is one of the few that can.

#3 MLB Kirby Sierra

The highest-rated linebacker in the portal has 305 career tackles in his first three seasons. Sierra’s junior season was the first time he did not break the 100 tackle mark, but he did have 20 tackles for loss which is a single-season high for him. Sierra had three sacks, one interception, four pass deflections, two forced fumbles, two recovered fumbles, and a defensive touchdown. Sierra joins an elite company as an instant game changer. One lucky team will get the services of one of the best linebackers in CFSL history. Based on his season average, Sierra will be in the Top 10 in CFSL history for tackles. The big question is what team will be lucky enough to have this monster of a linebacker lined up for them next year?

#2 DT Deon Bordeaux

Kentucky DT Deon Bordeaux getting in the backfield for the sack on Martinez.

The highest-rated defensive tackle in the transfer portal comes from the championship-winning Kentucky Wildcats and is one of three players in the top five from Kentucky. This defensive tackle can cause major havoc as he has 26 tackles for loss and 12 sacks in his career. Bordeaux is a one-man wrecking crew in the trenches and will be the heartbeat of a new defense after National Signing Day.

#1 HB Toby Knerr

Now we come to the highest-rated player in the transfer portal and the top halfback in the CFSL behind only his former teammate Sam Dobbins. Last year Knerr broke 1,100 yards on the season with 18 rushing touchdowns. This was why he won the Most Improved Player after only 449 yards as a sophomore at Georgia. If Knerr can break 1,000 yards again he will be in the Top 10 in CFSL history for rushing yards. His 15 rushing touchdowns will be in the Top 10 all-time as well. Very few teams use the running game, but be ready for whatever team Knerr signs with to be run-heavy next season.

May the chaos of National Signing Day begin and best of luck to each and every player as they look to begin a new adventure. The ADs will have their work cut out for sure to lure all of these top talents.  The rest of the chaos will be in league chat as we debate who the top players in the portal are so let the games begin! 


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