Season 19 Top 75 Recruits

Ryan Moreland · December 7, 2023


By: Ryan Moreland (@ryanmorland)

This recruiting cycle has been a wild ride and has left many wondering how these recruits will be ranked. Well, thanks to the CFSL Recruiting Service, we have those rankings. Thanks to the guys in the Recruiting Service for their hard work.

The Top 75

75Marquis TownsWRColorado
74Tyrell TrustSSLSU
73Jackson RodgersOLBOregon
72Lucky HendrixDTNorth Carolina
71KaLeo CookDEPittsburgh
70David DavisDTTennessee
69Barak StoneDEIllinois
68Jarred KlineFSBoise State
67Brandon ScottCBAuburn
66Jaylon ShaikhTENorth Carolina
65Lemandon LloydWRKentucky
64Ron QuickSSTennessee
63Houston BegleyWRSyracuse
62Jackson MitchellWRCincinnati
61Emmerson RidleyFSFlorida State
60Corkey WilderCBPenn State
59Buck HunterTEClemson
58Marcelo SouzaWROklahoma State
57Cody HigdonDTTexas
56Perry HarrisonDTWashington
55Justin JamesFSFlorida
54Devon PaulDEAlabama
53Thanatos ShockleyWRTexas
52Noah JohnsonCBCincinnati
51Jack HethertonDTOregon

The Top 50

50Duke GallagherOLBCincinnati
49Connor KeaneTEAlabama
48Ryan CampbellTECincinnati
47Jameson MartinHBColorado
46Chase McDougalHBPenn State
45Isaiah MosleyMLBUSC
44Ace ShepardWRIllinois
43Vincenzo DeVitoDTKentucky
42Caden McCallTEBoise State
41Kendrick SingletonWRCincinnati
40Luke CannonQBClemson
39Owen HudsonDTOklahoma State
38Cole MarksHBKentucky
37Percy KingCBTexas
36Gunnar GatesFSKentucky
35Jace CarterCBLSU
34Jaxon BrooksWRNorth Carolina
33Lance LydeWRCincinnati
32Kekoa RiversDECincinnati
31Nasir PopeWRLSU
30Marcus PadgettQBMichigan
29Chuy BacaCBAuburn
28William AveryHBSyracuse
27Kolten PowellQBUSC
26Jamarcus Simpson IIIWRUSC

The Top 25

#25 WR Aloysius Jefferies

Team: Washington

Jefferies is not your typical CFSL recruit. He has an Ivy League mind, is an excellent golfer, and grew up the son of a New York socialite. But don’t let the glitz fool you, this kid can play. He heads across the country to Washington and the Huskies couldn’t be happier.

#24 OLB Bear Brown

Team: Kentucky

The second-best linebacker in the class is none other than Bear Brown. The favorite son of Pawnee, Indiana is a work-horse that excels in pass coverage. He is headed south to join the reigning champion Kentucky Wildcats.

#23 QB Sky Sanders

Team: Colorado

Sanders has been a household name around the state of Colorado for some time. He decided to stay home and committed to the newly formed Colorado in the CFSL. Odds are he will be a household name across the country very soon.

#22 FS Payson Parker

Team: Washington

The Parker family has been well-known in the CFSL and now they have their third brother in the league. Payson is a ball-hawking safety that is dangerous once the ball is in his hands. Washington landed a game-changer right here.

#21 DT Anthony Grant

Team: Texas

If you look up gap-swallower in the dictionary you will see a picture of Anthony Grant. While he is more than capable of making plays in the pass rush, it is against the run that Grant shines. The Longhorns got a real asset in Grant.

#20 TE Deshaun Booker

Team: Kentucky

Tight ends don’t get as much love as other positions, but having a great one is a game-changer. Kentucky happened to land the best TE in the class. Booker is more of a pass catcher but is still an asset in the running game as well. And with his size and speed, he is nearly unguardable.

#19 FS Jeremy Schultz

Team: Washington

The Schultz family wasn’t done making CFSL legends it seems. Jeremy, the younger brother of Ryan, is an all-around safety who is capable of making plays at every level. Given his pedigree, I think it is safe to say that he will be a great tackler at the next level.

#18 WR Kyle Claxon

Team: Penn State

Kentucky is known for its horse racing, but soon they will be known for the speed of a different animal. Claxon spent his high school career burning corners down the field for big plays. He is now heading to Penn State, where he hopes that speed will continue to help him dominate.

#17 WR Troy Tree

Team: Alabama

Alabama lands another future star in WR Troy Tree. Tree, who comes from Eugene, Oregon, can stretch the field. Given Alabama’s love of the deep ball, Tree was a great addition.

#16 DT Ivar Lund

Team: Florida State

The Alaskan-born Lund might not be a household name yet, but he will be soon. The second-best defensive lineman in the class is headed to Florida State. The Seminoles know something about getting the most out of fantastic defensive linemen.

#15 QB JK Matthews

Team: Syracuse

The Orange are brand new to the CFSL and are looking for the QB to lead them in the future. Well, look no further. Matthews will be the first QB in Syracuse and he looks like the guy to give them a great start.

#14 SS Pierre Eldridge

Team: Auburn

Eldridge is a small-town kid who still has a lot of scouts showing up to see him. And for good reason. He has the talent to make big plays in the passing and running games. He is the highest-rated safety in the class and the Tigers are happy to have him.

#13 CB Bill Bass

Team: Illinois

Bass has been a highly sought-after recruit, but it will be Illinois that lands the excellent coverage corner. Bass is the fourth-best-rated corner in the class and should provide an immediate boost to the secondary.

#12 QB Jay Duke

Team: Texas

Avery Ware is gone and the Longhorns need a new leader on offense. Enter Jay Duke. Texas had a strong class this offseason but landed no one better than Duke. Hopefully, he can keep the Wares at bay.

#11 QB Noir Royal

Team: Illinois

Noir Royal is one of the best QBs in the nation. He has a powerful, live arm and can make plays with his legs as well. He is headed to Illinois to take over where Dylan Shumate left off. Let’s see if Royal can lift the Illini to new heights.

#10 CB Teddy Legend

Team: Kentucky

Living up to the last name Legend is not easy, but safe bet that Teddy can do it. Legend is a lockdown corner who excels in man coverage. Kentucky has gone through a lot of change this offseason, but their secondary appears to be in a great place.

#9 OLB/DE Jesse Stork

Team: Ohio State

The Buckeyes are looking to bounce back after a down season and landing a player like Jesse Stork should make the rebuild a quick one. Stork’s size and athleticism give him the versatility to play either OLB or DE. Wherever he lines up, expect big plays.

#8 WR Buck Stackhouse

Team: Washington

Buck Stackhouse, the cousin of CFSL Legend Cece Range, is set to make his CFSL debut in Washington. The Huskies landed a real weapon in Stackhouse. His size, mixed with his athleticism, should make him a nightmare for opposing secondaries.

#7 CB Tyr Gunderson

Team: Clemson

Tyr Gunderson played both sides of the ball in high school and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him do the same at Clemson. The Gunderson family has another great player in the family and another Clemson Tiger.

#6 HB Bo Yost

Team: Miami

Miami will have a new AD this season, so we aren’t quite sure how they plan to operate. What we do know is that they landed the best running back in the nation. Yost is a powerhouse with breakaway speed. You have to imagine they plan on using him.

#5 DT/DE Owen Moreland

Team: Oklahoma State

The Cowboys have been known for great defensive line play and it appears that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Moreland is the highest-rated defensive lineman and second-highest-rated defensive player in the class. QBs beware.

#4 WR Ahmad Williams

Team: Boise State

This WR class was deep and talented. And there are none better in this group than Ahmad Williams. This freakish athlete should give Boise State’s offense a big boost. McKade Alber is smiling from ear to ear right now.

#3 QB Kevin Price

Team: North Carolina

The Ayden Martinez era is over in North Carolina and it is time for the Tar Heels to get a new signal caller. They did that by landing one of the best players in the class. Price checks all the boxes and looks like the next great CFSL QB.

#2 QB Gunner Rice

Team: West Virginia

The Mountaineers just landed their best recruit in school history. That’s right, the best QB in the class is headed to Morgantown. WVU is coming off their best season to date and things just got a whole lot better.

#1 CB Elijah Pence

Team: Florida State

The top can only belong to one person and this year it is Elijah Pence. The Pence name is legendary in the CFSL and Elijah might be the best of the family. Florida State just cut the field in half for opposing offenses.


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