CFSL Mount Rushmores: Quarterbacks

Ryan Moreland · December 20, 2023


By: Ryan Moreland (@ryanmoreland)

The content writing team has been talking about this idea for some time (shout out to Syrok for coming up with it). Who are the four best players to ever play at every position? The Content team nominated players, collected and analyzed their stats, and voted for the four best at each position.

There is no better place to start this series than with the most important position on the field. Many were considered, but only four could be named to the CFSL Quarterback Mount Rushmore. Here are the four best QBs to ever play in the CFSL.

Ray Tatum

Many refer to Tatum as the first superstar in the league. He came into the CFSL in Season 2 with LSU. However, it would be in Texas where Tatum shined the most. He spent three seasons with the Longhorns, including Season 5, which would end with Texas’ only National Championship.

Tatum enjoyed a highly decorated career. He was a two-time All-American, two-time Offensive Player of the Year, and Season 14’s Most Improved Player. In Season 5 he became the first player to ever throw for more than 15,000 yards in a career and the first to eclipse 120 passing yards. No other QB would break those records until Season 12.

All superstar quarterbacks today stand on the shoulders of Ray Tatum. He revolutionized the position. For that, he undoubtedly deserves a spot on the CFSL Quarterback Mount Rushmore.

Ryan Moreland

Oklahoma State QB Ryan Moreland winding up to make the pass.

Ryan Moreland’s career has just ended a few weeks ago, but his legacy is sure to live on. Moreland came into the league in Season 15. He spent his entire career with the Oklahoma State Cowboys. During his time he led the Pokes to three consecutive National Championships, which is a feat that has never been done before. The Cowboys won two of their three trips to the CFSL’s biggest game, cementing Moreland’s place in history.

Moreland wreaked havoc on the CFSL record book this past season. He now holds the the record for more passing attempts, most completions, and the most total touchdowns. He is one of only two players in the modern era to throw for 125+ touchdowns and fewer than 60 interceptions. Moreland sports an 11-2 record in the playoffs, which is a record that is sure to last a long time.

Moreland will likely be best remembered for the team accomplishments Oklahoma State achieved during his time there. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jim Carr

Florida State QB Jim Carr is ready to make the deep pass.

The Carr name has been synonymous with success in the CFSL and no one better represents that than Jim. Carr joined the CFSL in Season 11 with Oklahoma. Despite spending three seasons with the Sooners, it is at Florida State that Carr is best remembered. That, in part, is because of the National Championship he helped them win in his senior year.

Carr was named All-American and won the Offensive Player of the Year in his senior season. He set a passing yards record that stood until this past season. He joins Moreland as the only other modern-era QB with 125+ passing touchdowns and less than 60 interceptions. He is one of only seven players with 150+ total touchdowns. Of that group, only Ray Tatum has thrown fewer interceptions.

Jim Carr was a superstar quarterback in the CFSL. He finished his career with one of the most dominant seasons any team has ever had. He was a no-brainer for this list.

Phil Camit

Phil Camit scrambled away from Iman Porter and a touchdown.

Only a handful of signal callers have won a National Championship as a freshman. Phil Camit is one. Camit joined the CFSL in Season 11. He joined Oregon and he would be a Duck for his entire career. The next great Oregon QB will have a lot of work to do to catch Camit’s records.

Camit may have never won any postseason awards, but his numbers speak for themselves. He is second all-time in attempts and completions. He stands fourth all-time in passing yards and touchdowns. He is one of only four quarterbacks with 158+ total touchdowns.

Camit was the quintessential gunslinger. He was never afraid to throw the ball deep. And his arm was great enough that it worked out far more often than it didn’t. For that reason and many others, he makes the list.

I want to thank all of the CFSL’s content writers for their help on these articles—a special thanks to Gunn for his statistical contributions.


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