Murphy Claus Returns: Gifts for the CFSL, Part 1

bigmurph23 · December 21, 2023


By: Nate Murphy (@bigmurph23)

‘Tis the season once again. And as we draw close to the start of Season 19 and Christmas morning CFSL’s very own Murphy Claus is coming to a campus near you. We have already received many gifts from the league itself for Season 19. The addition, and return, of several programs. And the return of the Atlantic Coast Conference. So what’s left in the gift bag for each team in the new conference? Step inside my sleigh and let’s find out!


Merry Christmas Tigers! You get a cannon for an arm. The new Clemson QB Luke Cannon steps in for departing Loki Gunderson and is looking to help blast Clemson into the playoffs in Season 19. Cannon doesn’t have to do it on his own. Duke Peterson is a capable back and the senior is more than good enough to take pressure off of the freshman and put it on the defense. 

Florida State

What do you bring to the AD that has everything? Well, Murphy Claus dropped him off a couple of brand-new wide receivers. Tom, you’re welcome, and to the rest of the ACC… well, I’m sorry. FSU lost Blake Elder, much to the delight of the league. But the Seminoles picked up Draymond Shukur III and Joshua Sims in the transfer portal. Did their receiving corps somehow get better than last season? Time will tell, but it may have. See what happens when you stay on the nice list? 


I always enjoy my visit to South Beach. It gives Murphy Claus time to work on his tan. But I had to remember I had a whole league full of gifts to give out, so I found the campus, dropped off the goods, and headed on my way. But before I left I made sure to leave a big gift for the Hurricane backfield. Sam Dobbins (if you remember this article last year I gifted him to Michigan as Tebow 2.0) and Bo Yost lighten Santa’s load as he leaves them in Coral Gables to run the brand new Hurricane offense as they look to continue to rain points all over opposing defenses. 

North Carolina

I decided for the Tar Heels I would leave a small gift, some roses. But not just any roses, oh no. The KING OF ROSES. It’s one of two generational Talent quarterbacks to hit the league this season. Kevin Price will be asked to lead this Carolina offense to glory over the next four seasons. He no longer has the side of Beef to throw to at TE, but he does have Nic Cal and Rocco Rambo, the transfer from Ohio State, to help him out along with the talented group of receivers he will be throwing it to. Only time will tell if the Price is right. 

Notre Dame

The Irish needed a little help at linebacker. So Murphy Claus delivered!!! And since it’s the holidays Murphy Claus also made sure to help out the secondary. Senior Elite Middle Linebacker Justin Ballard and Elite Senior Safety Jake Rice now call South Bend home. These are only two of the off-season additions for the Irish. But they give the Irish the needed linebackers and a secondary that can shut anyone down. It makes their defense as talented as their offense and makes Notre Dame very dangerous heading into Season 19.


As a rival Murphy Claus is inclined to skip over the campus of the Panthers. But, that isn’t what the holidays are about. So here I am in Steel City looking through my bag to find Pitt something special. Murphy Claus was able to find QB Andrei Belov, he will fit quite nicely in Pittsburgh. The Ohio State transfer will be tasked with being a leader on a team that needs that and more. 


Welcome to the CFSL Syracuse and Merry Christmas. Murphy Claus dropped you off a couple of special gifts upfront. Not one, but two Senior Elite defensive linemen call upstate NY home now. Defensive Tackle Anthony Kuehler and defensive end Fred VanSickle both transfer into Syracuse to don the Orange and help put the squeeze on opposing offenses. Syracuse also got some good talent all over the field as eleven other five-star players dropped out of Murphy Claus’ bag. Those were meant for others around the league, but the Orange got some extra presents this year. 

That was the final stop on my ACC route. So for now Murphy Claus is on his way back to the factory, but don’t worry. I’ll be back to finish delivering gifts to the rest of the CFSL soon. 


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