CFSL Mount Rushmores: Runningbacks

Ryan Moreland · December 22, 2023


By: Ryan Moreland (@ryanmoreland)

The CFSL Mount Rushmore series moves on but stays in the backfield. This time the CFSL Content Team ranked the best runningbacks to ever play. Just like the QBs, this was a group effort. We nominated, analyzed stats, and voted for the four best half-backs. Without further ado, here is the Runningback Mount Rushmore!

Duane Sammons

Sammons was the first unanimous selection to any Mount Rushmore. And that is for good reason. Go ahead on look at the CFSL HB records. All the names you will see have been retired from the league for 10 or more seasons. Well, all but one. There is only one modern half-back that has put up massive numbers and that is Sammons.

The four-time All-American has the most rushing attempts and second-most rushing yards in league history. He also sits sixth in all-time broken tackles. Sammons is also one of just two HBs to ever have four consecutive 1,000-yard seasons.

The Washington, Clemson, and Notre Dame legend was a no-brainer for this list as many consider him to be the best to ever play HB.

Ron Dayne Jr

Washington HB Ron Dayne Jr broke a tackle and scampered for six.

Two HBs were one vote away from being unanimous picks and one of those was Ron Dayne Jr. The CFSL’s all-time rushing leader had an unbelievable three consecutive seasons with over 1,600 rushing yards and 20+ rushing touchdowns. Shockingly, Dayne Jr never made an All-American team, but that isn’t going to stop him from making our list.

The Hawaii and Washington legend stands first in all-time rushing yards and all-time rushing TDs. He is second in carries and eighth in broken tackles. He had an insane 5.8 yards per carry average in his career.

Ron Dayne Jr finished his career in Season 5, but his talent and production are still talked about regularly today. That is a testament to the player he was and the talent he possessed.

Forst Carlson

Ohio Stae HB Frost Carlson ripped through the Clemson defense for a score.

There are only three running backs that are a part of the 5,000 rushing yards club. They are Sammons, Dayne Jr, and Ohio State legend Frost Carlson. Carlson is the only HB to ever run for over 1,000 yards in every season that he played. His consistent success and amazing stats have put him on the CFSL HB Mount Rushmore.

Carlson is a two-time All-American and won the Offensive Player of the Year Award in Season 6. He is third all-time in carries, yards, and rushing touchdowns. But the always-elusive back holds the career record for broken tackles.

For those that have been around long enough to have seen Carlson play, they know just how great he was. He, along with Ron Dayne Jr, was one vote away from being a uniamous selection. Well earned by the man once picked as the best player in the history of Ohio State.

Avery Jordan

Florida HB Avery Jordan broke tackles on his way to the house.

Last, but certainly not least, Iowa and Florida great Avery Jordan. Jordan had his most productive years early in his career with Iowa, but still maintained impressive production at Florida despite a significant drop in touches. Doing the most on fewer touches, Jordan still makes the Mount Rushmore for HBs.

Like Dayne Jr, Jordan was never selected as an All-American, but he did put up big numbers. Jordan is fourth in all-time rushing yards and third in career broken tackles. His 5.9 career yards per carry is the best you will find on this list.

Avery Jordan is the embodiment of making something out of nothing. And he was good enough at it to land on the CFSL’s HB Mount Rushmore.


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