Content Team Week One Picks

Ryan Moreland · January 2, 2024


By: Ryan Moreland (@ryanmoreland)

We are just a few hours away from the start of Season 19. The Content Team decided to try our hand at ‘expert’ picks this season.

Every season Legaue Chat is always full of comments about how hard it is to pick games in the opening week. This season was even more difficult to select because the league has so many new teams. However, that didn’t stop us from making our selections. Here is who we think will win these Week One matchups:

GamesWare’s PicksGrin’s PicksEasty’s PicksMoreland’s PicksSyrok’s PicksCole’s Picks
Penn State vs Oklahoma StatePenn StateOklahoma StateOklahoma StateOklahoma StateOklahoma StateOklahoma State
Alabama vs TexasAlabamaAlabamaTexasTexasTexasTexas
Michigan vs GeorgiaMichiganMichiganMichiganMichiganMichiganGeorgia
Pittsburgh vs Ohio StatePittsburghPittsburghPittsburghOhio StatePittsburghOhio State
Clemson vs MiamiMiamiMiamiMiamiMiamiMiamiClemson
Florida vs AuburnFloridaAuburnFloridaFloridaFloridaAuburn
Tennessee vs SyracuseSyracuseTennesseeSyracuseSyracuseTennesseeSyracuse
Baylor vs ColoradoColoradoColoradoBaylorBaylorColoradoBaylor
Oregon vs IllinoisIllinoisIllinoisIllinoisIllinoisIllinoisIllinois
Notre Dame vs Florida StateFlorida StateFlorida StateFlorida StateFlorida StateNotre DameFlorida State
North Carolina vs West VirginiaNorth CarolinaNorth CarolinaNorth CarolinaWest VirginiaNorth CarolinaNorth Carolina
Boise State vs CincinnatiBoise StateBoise StateBoise StateBoise StateBoise StateCincinnati

As you can see the six of us only agreed on one outcome: that Illinois will beat Oregon. However, there are a few lone-wolf picks. Ware was the only ‘expert’ to take Penn State over Oklahoma State in the season opener. Moreland was the only one to take West Virginia and Syrok stands alone in taking Notre Dame. However, the king of the lone wolf is Cole. He was the only person to take Georgia, Clemson, and Cincinnati. Time will tell if this strategy pays off.

We will be back for Week Two with more picks and our records from Week One.


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