Murphy Claus Returns: Gifts for the CFSL, Part 3

bigmurph23 · January 2, 2024


By: Nate Murphy (@bigmurph23)

Two conferences down and two more to go. Murphy Claus is starting the final half of his trip around the CFSL. The bag is full once again so let’s take a look at what the reformed Big 12 is being gifted.


When looking at another new program Murphy Claus wondered what would the best gift be. How about a strong offensive core!?! That is exactly what Murphy Clause left in Waco. A pair of five-star running backs Senior Dorian Hunter and Junior Christian Davis and a five-star wide receiver BJ Shark, only a sophomore, will take the weight off of the shoulders of a freshman quarterback being asked to lead a brand new program. Not to say that five-star talent Windham Carter can’t handle the pressure. But knowing he has some veterans on offense he can lean on will be a big help.

Boise State

Quarterback McKade Alber has had an up-and-down career. So Murphy Clause wanted to help him out for his senior season. And Murphy Claus has always believed that a good running game is a quarterback’s best friend. So Murphy Claus left Toby Kneer for the Broncos. Kneer was good at Georgia, but last season he was great at Toledo in a playoff run. How the Broncos use him is yet to be seen, but they have the potential to have one of the best running games in the CFSL.


Similar to his trip to Waco, Murphy Claus took a core concept to the Bearcats. But Claus’ focus was not on the offense this time. Of the 11 transfers that Cincinnati was able to wrangle, nine of them are on the defensive side of the ball. The experience there will help this defense give fits to opposing offenses in the Big 12. 


Murphy Claus loves Boulder. It reminds him a little bit of home with all the mountains. So Murphy Claus dropped off what could be a prime time performer. If Sky Sanders performs like the name suggests he might the Buffs could have a high-power offense. Murphy Claus also wrapped up what could be a brand-new rivalry game for the Buffalos. So watch out for that in the weeks to come. 

Oklahoma State

What does Oklahoma State really need? Don’t they have enough? Murphy Claus kind of agrees with that. But it is the giving season so Murphy Claus checked his bag and found something with the Cowboys’ name on it. Quarterback Terry Oliff is what Claus came up with. Olliff is taking over for the one and only Ryan Moreland, and while no one expects Olliff to be the next Moreland, he has experience and the Cowboys aren’t starting over with a freshman quarterback at least for this season. This allows them to continue to push forward and potentially win the newly reformed Big 12. 


Texas may or may not be back, that depends on who you ask. But Texas is one of the favorites to win the conference. So what does Murphy Claus have for the Longhorns? Stars, and lots of them. Texas brought in twelve new faces, enough for every day of Christmas (don’t worry, I won’t start singing). Of those twelve new Longhorns only one of them is a three star. Maybe there is something to the rumor in League Chat. Should Murphy Claus put Texas on the naughty list?

West Virginia

West Virginia undoubtedly had their best season ever in Season 18. The Mountaineers still have some leftover talent from that squad, so Murphy Claus needs to give them something that will help continue to build the program. And he may have found it. One other generational talent at quarterback was sitting around the shop in the London branch. Murphy Claus made some calls, had it shipped to the states, and dropped him squarely into the empty spot in Morgantown. Gunner Rice will be the new gunslinger for the Mountaineers. Will WVU be able to take advantage of the new talent? Time will tell. 

Well, one more trip through the CFSL to go! Murphy Claus may not be as quick as the real Santa since he can do it all in one night. But Murphy Claus hasn’t figured out the space-time continuum thing quite yet (Yeah, take that Mike, my WVU education was able to work the word continuum into an article). So Claus will be back with the SEC. 


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