Murphy Claus Returns: Gifts for the CFSL, Part 4

bigmurph23 · January 2, 2024


By: Nate Murphy (@bigmurph23)

Just like in the game of football, Murphy Claus’ trip can be broken into four quarters. And we are about to start the fourth quarter, Claus has gotten his pep talk and he is ready to go finish the job. So let’s go! It is time to finish the gift-giving trip around the CFSL with the always self-promoted SEC. 


Alabama is getting a new AD, but an AD with experience. So he didn’t need much from Murphy Claus. But Murphy Claus helped anyway. The Tide was an offensive power last season, so Murphy Claus wrapped up lots of defensive talent for them. Elites at all three levels, Bronco Dukes, Jon Lee, and Ky Williams. Issac Sparks, Devon Paul, Shelby Ware, Bjorn Olafesen, Deuce LcClaire, and Brandon Fry round out all the defensive help that Bama brought in this off-season. 


One of the biggest presents that Murphy Claus left Auburn wasn’t just a player. With the signing of Chuy Baca the Tigers also added Jeff Mel to their coaching staff. And while they had a great staff already, the addition of Jeff I’m sure paid off during recruiting. A former AD Murphy Claus has seen firsthand how JMel’s recruiting ability can turn a program around quickly. 


Florida had an up-and-down season in season 18. But they were a playoff team and they are returning a lot of talent. So what do you give a team that is on the brink? How about one hell of a two-for-one Dale? Okay, so Claus isn’t known for his puns. But adding Bode Dale to the backfield with Beau Dale gives them another option to attack with. Last season Tree was able to do the most with his touches. Expect something similar from Dale. Also, the addition of Ryan Hall to this explosive offense gives the Gators that much more bite on offense. 


New AD Gene Pettijohn did a ton of work in the transfer portal. So Murphy Clause dropped off a couple of new recruits that he missed in the portal. New quarterback Brandon Petty and tight end Ace King Jr. will try to bring a little more than just bark to the Bulldog offense. The Bulldogs were a great story last season, but they want to be more than just a character in someone else’s happy ending in season 19. 


The Wildcats get a new AD…well, kind of. Devan Davis comes home as AD after taking a little break. So for the ‘Cats, a fresh start is what Murphy Claus delivered to Lexington. A new AD and twelve new freshmen will try to defend their title in season 19. There are plenty of new faces with experience and old faces left on the roster to help accomplish that. The Wildcats will be stalking another title this season for sure. 


Even though Murphy Claus thinks AD Derek Hawkins deserves a lump of coal after the mercy rule beating he put on WVU last season Murphy Claus brought him something anyway. He brought them to Kentucky. And while some people may look at this as a slight or a snarky comment. But it speaks to the culture that Hawkins built in his time at Kentucky. Not only was he able to get by in and win a championship he was able to build a bond with his locker room that transcends just the name of the program. And because of this LSU is set up for a run in their first season back. 


What is one thing that Murphy Claus can bring to Volunteer Nation that would make them happiest? Moonshine? Well, maybe. But Murphy Claus has something else in mind. How about a win!?! CJ Furman takes the helm and he is looking to do something that hasn’t been done in Tennessee in quite a while. Murphy Clause isn’t going to say which week the win is coming in. But Murphy Claus has gifted the Vols a win!!! Enjoy it, and any more than one CJ and you’re on your own. 

Well, that is it! Our trip through the CFSL is done. Did Murphy Claus leave you what you wanted? If not too bad. That’s what you get. Don’t waste it or next Christmas season Murphy Claus may not leave you anything. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


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