CFSL Mount Rushmore: Wide Receivers

Ryan Moreland · January 4, 2024


By: Ryan Moreland (@ryanmoreland)

It is time for us to focus on the pass catchers. The CFSL has had no shortage of great WRs, but only four could make this list. This one was not easy. Thanks again to the content team for their help in making this happen. Without further ado, here are the four best wideouts in CFSL history.

Anthony Delano

There was only one WR to be a uniamous choice: the Oregon and Texas legend Anthony Delano. Delano came into the league in Season 11 and was making plays from the beginning. After three seasons with the Ducks, Delano transferred to Texas for his final two seasons. (Season 11 was cut short because of COVID, so that season didn’t count against eligibility).

Delano was a two-time All-American (once with each school) and was the Season 15 Offensive Player of the Year. I will never forget his last game. Alabama was outplaying Texas, but they never could truly put them away because Delano kept torching the secondary. The Crimson Tide would win the game, but Delano had 334 yards (sixth most in a single game ever) and four touchdowns on only eight catches. It was only one game from a historic career, but it shows his dominance.

Delano currently sits second in all-time receiving touchdowns (48) and third in all-time receiving yards (4,962). He did this without being Top 10 in receptions. This is why the content team all felt he deserved to be on this list. Well earned Anthony.

JT Cass Jr

Florida WR JT Cass Jr broke off the tackle at the goal line for the touchdown.

JT Cass Jr was only one vote away from being a uniamous pick. The Florida and Oklahoma State legend put up huge numbers, won a lot of awards, and dominated defenses. He is one of just two WRs on this list who had over 1,000 yards in every season of his career.

Cass Jr earned an All-American in each season except for his freshman year. He won a National Championship in that freshman season. He finished his career with the most receiving yards in league history. He also finished second in receptions, third in receiving TDs, and fourth in pancakes. He is the only person on this list to appear on the top 10 career pancakes list.

At 6’3″, 269 lbs, Cass was an imposing figure on the field. He used that rare combination of size and speed to bully defenders and put up huge numbers. We will likely never see a player built like him ever again. Congrats to Cass.

Titus Price

Alabama WR Titus Price tapped both feet down for the touchdown.

There is no better example of a walking touchdown in CFSL history than Titus Price. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Price is him in the endzone. Price had 63 career touchdowns, which is the most in league history. That is 15 more than any other player. Alabama’s touchdown machine was a no-brainer choice for WR Mount Rushmore.

The two-time All-American was more than just an automatic TD. He caught for more than 1,000 yards in all four seasons of his career. He finished his career with the second-most receiving yards ever amassed in the CFSL. He was also seventh in All-Time receptions.

In the time it took me to write the last two paragraphs Price scored three more touchdowns. Just playing, but he scored that quickly many times in his career. The Walking Touchdown had to be on our list for many reasons. Defenses across the league celebrated when Price retired.

Jared Tetonis

TCU WR Jared Tetonis caught the pass over his shoulder and broke free for a touchdown.

We will likely get accused of recency bias (but the stats back this list up), but there is one WR on our list that didn’t play in the modern era. Tetonis was the first true superstar WR in the CFSL and his numbers stood for a long time. For that reason, he had to make our list.

The LSU, Florida State, and TCU standout was a three-time All-American. He set his records in Season 5. His receiving touchdown record stood until Season 12 (he is currently sixth). His record for receiving yards lasted until Season 15! The only WRs to ever pass his yardage total are on this list. There were generations of WRs that could never live up to the numbers that Tetonis put up.

Most great wideouts from the early days of the league cannot compare to the current stars’ stats. That isn’t the case for Tetonis. He was a player far beyond his time. He is the fourth member of the CFSL WR Mount Rushmore.


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